BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #166 – Sworn is coming to Class Comics!


Good morning my friends…

A few issues ago, I promised I’d start posting about the exciting new titles that are coming out from Class Comics this year, and I thought I’d kick things off with the next two titles we’ll be releasing: Porky #3 (more on this book next issue!) and Sworn #1.

Let me introduce you to the world of SWORN.

Written by C.J. Evans and illustrated by Silvano, Sworn is the epic, homo-erotic saga of CALAIS and SLAMMER, sworn enemies who have fallen in love with one another.  They must keep their love affair a secret from their respective teams and families at all costs.


Calais is a member of the super hero group called the SAVIORS.  The Saviors are led by ARGONAUT, Calais’ father.

Slammer is a member of the super villain team known as the ULTIMEN.  The Ultimen are lead by Slammer’s father, the evil FRAC.

The Saviors and the Ultimen are bitter enemies and engaged in ongoing battle.  The idea that members of each team might feel compassion for one another is unheard of… until now.

Calais realizes that there is more to Slammer than crime, and that beneath the tough-guy exterior lies a heart that is aching to be loved and accepted.  After a heated battle, both young men end up entangled in one another’s arms.  The sex is amazing and electric, and the sparks fly. But what of the consequences of this act?  How long can they keep their relationship secret?


SWORN is a series that melds exciting superhero adventure with fantastically hot sex scenes and erotica.  These characters are as compelling as they are attractive.

The first issue is heading to press really soon, and I want to tell you why I am personally so very excited about this comic.  I think this book is the perfect blending of the superhero comic and gay erotic comic genres.  Finally, this is the kind of title I LONGED for when I was growing up, discovering that I was gay.  It’s a great superhero comic that has complex gay characters that are believable and that you can relate to on several levels. This book accomplishes what the mainstream superhero comic producers have yet to manage.  It gives you the action comic you crave with the kind of gay characters you have always dreamed of seeing included in comics.


And then there’s the oh-so incredibly, intensely hot sex.  For Calais, having sex with Slammer is his first time having gay sex ever… and wow.  You really feel his excitement, his nerves, and his overall joy at finally expressing what’s been inside him for so long.

I have to commend C.J. Evans for creating such brilliantly written characters.  The man knows what he’s doing.  And Silvano brings each and every one of them to such incredibly beautiful life!  Each character has his own unique look, and the costumes and designs in this series are stellar!  This series is off to a terrific start and promises to be an amazing title.


If you wanna know more about Sworn and its cast of characters, check out THE OFFICIAL SWORN MINI SITE.  We’ve just completed it and it has a ton of previews, info and even some cool freebies!

Next issue I’ll talk about the title that will be released at the same time as Sworn #1, the highly anticipated and deliciously raunchy Porky #3.  You guys are in for a DOUBLE WHAMMY of a treat!

Enjoy Sworn’s mini site, and I’ll keep you posted on official release dates!

Hugz + Kisses,
Patrick XOXO

Sworm © Copyright 2009, Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.
Sworn created by C.J. Evans and Silvano. © Copyright 2009.  All rights reserved.

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