Congratulations Michael Kirwan!

Hello everyone!

I’ve missed you all!  It’s been a busy 2012 so far and I’ve been away for a little while. Great news — Fraser and I got married officially on the 16th of March, and we recently went away on a honeymoon-esque vacation!

I’m back now, and I have a lot planned for this blog, but first, I want to THANK everyone who voted for Class Comics in the 2012 Gaybies.  While Class Comics didn’t win this year, we’re SUPER PROUD of Michael Kirwan for winning “best Comic/Art Book” with his “Just so Horny” art book! CONGRATS Michael, you deserve it! :D

Congratulations from everyone at Class Comics to Michael Kirwan, winner 2012 TLA Gaybie for "Best comic/art book"!

Also, big CONGRATULATIONS to our pals Eric Arvin, J.C. Herneson and Michael Breyette for winning in their respective categories! We’re super proud of you all, guys! Congrats to ALL the other winners and nominees! Bravo everyone!

So stay tooned because I have a bunch of cool stuff I plan on posting in the next little while. More art, more toons, more sex, more fun! It’s gonna be great! See you soon!

Hugz + kisses, Patrick XOXO

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