BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #204 – The Christmas Issue!

My goodness!  Is it really that time of year again?  LOL!  Yup!  The Holidays are here once again.  Normally, I am all aglow with Christmas Spirit… but this year, I’ve hardly had 2 seconds to even realize that Christmas is back!   Fraser and I are moving.  Yup!  You don’t often hear of folks moving during the Holiday Season, but I assure you, it does happen.  Come January, we’re getting new digs.

Class Comics Christmas 2010 Choir Boys - 1680 X 1050

Class Comics Christmas 2010 Choir Boys - 1280 X 1024

Normally, I do a big “Top 10 Holiday Must List” for the BTM Christmas issue, but since I’m in such a wacky state of mind this year, I thought I would simply offer up my Christmas 2010 drawing and revisit past Holiday illustrations as fun computer screen wallpaper designs. Rather than draw something festively raunchy, I thought it would be nice to go with a nice, serene ensemble piece. I hope you enjoy my Class Comics Christmas Choir Boys.  I sure wouldn’t mind seeing them caroling at my door!  LOL!

Merry Christmas 2009 Deimos - 1280 x 1024

Merry Christmas 2009 Deimos - 1680 x 1050

Merry Christmas 2008 Zahn - 1680 x 1050

Merry Christmas 2008 Zahn - 1280 x 1024

Merry Christmas 2006 Camili-Cat - 1280 x 1024

Merry Christmas 2006 Camili-Cat - 1680 x 1050

Merry Christmas 2007 Naked Justice - 1680 x 1050

Merry Christmas 2007 Naked Justice - 1280 x 1024

I’m also posting an illustration of my pal Leon’s characters, Amron and Sabell.  I penciled the image for Leon this past summer, and he inked and colored it beautifully and surprised me with the finished piece.  Given the spirit in which this image came together, I think it makes a lovely Holiday addition to this issue.  For more beautiful art by Leon de Leon, check out his DeviantArt page right here!

Amrom and Sabell. Pencils by Patrick Fillion. Inks and Colors by Leon de Leon.

I do love Christmas, and although this year is a rather unusual one, at least Fraser and I will have a few days off to celebrate the Holidays with my folks at their home.  That will make it seem a bit more normal to me… and it’ll prepare me for all the packing and upheaval that January will undoubtedly bring.

Season’s Greetings to all of you, dear friends.  I wish you all the best the Holidays have to offer! Love, Peace, Joy, and Health to you all!

Holiday Hugz + Candy Cane Kisses,
Patrick XOXO

All Class Comics characters © Copyright and TM 2010, Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.
Amron and Sabell © Copyright 2010 Leon de Leon.  All rights reserved.

Space Cadet meets Jacko the Halloweener – A post a day – Day 14

A special Halloween STRIPSHOW episode: Space Cadet meets Jacko the Halloweener.

Happy Halloween again, gang!

Well, I sorta changed my mind. Not only did I decide that I should round out my posting spree to 14 days and do a posting this evening, I also decided to share the “Space Cadet meets Jacko the Halloweener” STRIPSHOW episode with all of you here on BTM.  I had so much fun drawing and coloring this little comic, I just had to post it. It was really cool getting to draw Space Cadet in my Bryce Peters style for the first time.  It’s a silly little strip, but one very suited to the season I think!

Anyhow, I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful evening loaded with frightful fun!  Lots of luv to you all, and I’ll have more goodies coming up for you here very shortly, so stay tooned!

BIG BIG Hugz + Halloween Kisses! Patrick XOXOX

Space Cadet & Jacko the Halloweener © Copyright and TM 2010 Patrick Fillion / Class Comics inc.  All rights reserved.

BIG news about Space Cadet #2 – A post a day – Day 5

Hello my friends!

Every year around this time, Fraser and I get together and have a BIG Class Comics meeting to figure a few things out.  We look at the-up of books for the coming year, and we look at the books we’ve released in the past 10 to 12 months or so.  We see what titles did well, what books received the best reception from you guys etc, etc…  You know, essentially, we plan.

We’ve made a decision in regards to the Space Cadet series. I will be WRITING AND DRAWING SPACE CADET #2.

It seems that although Bob Grey did a great job illustrating Space Cadet #1, most folks ABSOLUTELY expected that Space Cadet should be drawn by me.  I even received a few emails from fans that stated I “HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY to draw Space Cadet”.  WHOA!  How can I possibly ignore a statement like that?!

The truth is that I intended to draw Space Cadet #1 all along, but because of time constraints and other projects on the go, I felt that we’d all see Byron get his first book faster if I passed him along to another artist.   But it seems that unlike a lot of my other characters, such as Deimos and Naked Justice, Space Cadet is expected by my hand!

Space Cadet met Vallan officially in RAPTURE #3. They'll be reunited in Space Cadet #2, with art and story by Patrick Fillion.

And you know what?  I take that as a great compliment and I thank you all for voicing your opinions.

I absolutely LOVE Space Cadet. As a character, I find him a great joy to write.  He’s infinitely complex and has so much potential and all of this cool untapped backstory.  It’s so exciting to see him rise to the front of the Class Comics lineup of heavy hitting characters.  It’s absolutely where he deserves to be.

The official cover to SPACE CADET #1. Cover art by Patrick Fillion. Interior art by Bob Grey.

Drawing him is a dream.  He’s a beautiful Boytoon, striking in every way.  There’s a fluidity – an exotic essence about him that I just love depicting. I am so stoked about this and really looking forward to drawing SPACE CADET #2.

So as you can see, your messages and comments do not fall upon deaf ears. You spoke, Fraser and I listened. You felt strongly that Space Cadet is a Fillion creation and you want to see me draw an entire Space Cadet comic… You feel it’s my DUTY to do so!!! Well my friends, brace yourselves, because I am stepping up!  I ‘ve completed the script for issue #2 and it’s gonna be completely INSANE!

Prepare yourselves for Space Cadet’s showdown with the twisted and evil Baron Von Phallus, my way.  I’m gonna give Space Cadet all my love and attention and deliver a SPACE CADET #2 that will (hopefully) blow your socks (and underwear) off!  HA! HA! HA!

There is something insanely sensual about Space Cadet! Drawing SPACE CADET #2 will be an absolute pleasure!

I’ll keep you nice and posted on the book’s progress, but if all goes right, Space Cadet #2 will be out next year! Stay tooned, folks!

Hugz + kisses, Patrick XOXOX

Space Cadet, Vallan, Baron Von Phallus © Copyright and TM 2010, Patrick Fillion / Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #201 – The Gift of Art!

Hello my friends…

It’s been a while since I last posted.  It’s been quite a busy September.  I’ve been working like a madman on LOCUS #1, and you’ll be glad to learn that the book is officially HALF done. Yup, I’m twelve completely penciled and inked pages in, and boy-o-boy, I am really stoked about this one.

But enough about Locus for now — today, I want to share some terrific artwork with you. It was my birthday in August, and a bunch of my friends and fans got together to create some exceptionally beautiful birthday art gifts for me.  Many of them arrived via the wonderful Dinosaurprince, while others came from colleagues and pals, such as the amazing Eric Mars (who is currently hard at work drawing SPOT and the ANI-MALES #1, written by yours truly! I’ll have more on that subject for you shortly!)

Spot getting it on with Imanno! So many Class Comics fans dream about this particular team-up, now made reality by the amazing Eric Mars.

This stunning illustration of Zahn was drawn by the wonderful Aneros, based upon a concept by Dinosaurprince.

This time Aneros drew Incubus, the sexy son of Diablo!

I was so moved by all of these gorgeous art gifts.  You guys know how much I ADORE fan art, so needless to say, these were the perfect gifts for the boy who loves to see how other artists interpret his characters.

While some of these beautiful pieces weren’t strictly sent as birthday gifts to me, they did arrive around the time of my birthday, so I thought it would be nice to show them off here as well.

The wickedly talented JOTTO decided to give Ghostboy a gift this year, and designed him a sexy new costume!

A truly magnificent illustration of Zahn getting off, courtesy of the amazing Porkchopz-r-us!

Lucky Locus meets the gorgeous Jedi, Kit Fisto! Way to use the force, dude! Wicked art by Fallen based on a concept by Dinosaurprince.

And speaking of Kit, check out this adorable Chibi version of him by the lovely Demona.

We all know Cam loves Basketball. This very sexy illustration of a younger Cam comes form the fertile imagination of Dinosaurprince and was drawn by a very talented young artist named Karulox.

SUH-WEEET! The incredible Ink-B drew me a super sexy, electrifying male version of STORM!!! AWESOME!!

Here's anotehr superb pic from Fallen. This time he's created a rendition of Meezok from Zahn #2. Love those Priests of Ajul!

This beautiful illustration of the sultry Space Cadet and his hung-like-a-horse pal, Strider is brought to us by the fabulous Dinosaurprince and the incredible Maduinshorn.

Spot arrests Dinosaurprince's sexy boxer, Joey. So THAT's what those sticks are for! LOL! A gorgeous piece of art courtesy of Dinosaurprince and the incredibly talented Leon de Leon!

And speaking of Leon, get a load of this HOT HOT HOT pic of Diablo and a delicious Birthday cake with creamy filling! Leon apparently wanted to try the Bryce Peters/Boytoon Adventures style of art since he first saw the book, and this is the SUPERB result!

And now, the sexy variant, featuring the cocks of Locus and Mako Finn! Which candle would you BLOW first? HA! HA! HA!

Enjoy my friends. I will try to post on a more regular basis… but you all know what I need, don’t you?  Yup.  More hours in my days!  HA! HA! HA!

Love to you all, and thanks so very much to all of the wonderful artists who took the time to create these superb drawings for me!  You guys ROCK!

Hugz + kisses,
Patrick XOXO

GREAT BIG THANKS to the following artists for these incredible gifts:

Leon de Leon (Urbanmusiq)
Jotto (sadly no website available yet!)
Eric mars (sadly no website available yet!)
Fallen (FallenAngel7)
Aneros (Voider)
Ink B

All Class Comics characters © Copyright and TM 2010, Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.
All other characters © Copyright 2010 their respective owners and creators.  All rights reserved.


Space Cadet in BLACK PRIDE. By Patrick Fillion. Colors by Hernán Cabrera and Patrick Fillion.

Happy Black Pride and Happy Gay Pride everyone.  I hope you all enjoy your celebrations and events.

To celebrate, I thought I’d post this latest little Space Cadet STRIPSHOW comic strip I whipped up. I lovingly dedicated this one to BELASCO, because the man is a MASTER and the absolute, undisputed KING of male Afro-Erotica… that and I absolutely ADORE his gorgeous work.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t signed up for the Class Comics newsletter, you really should.  You can do so here! It’s not just an e-flyer, honest!  You receive a lot of fun goodies with it, including exclusive wallpaper for your computer, AND your monthly STRIPSHOW comic strip, featuring various artists like yours truly, and the fabulously talented Leon de Leon. The Incredible Jacob Mott even has some episodes coming up.  Trust me you don’t want to miss any of these.

Of course, if you do miss some, you can catch up by checking out the STRIPSHOW archive over on the Class Comics website.  Every time a new episode is released, the previous one gets added to the archive.

Enjoy my friends, and again, Happy Pride to everyone!

Space Cadet #1 is HOT OFF THE PRESS!

Hello my friends.  Hope you’re all having a great weekend!

I’ve got some great news for you today!  Hot off the press, Space Cadet #1 is now shipping!

Class Comics' SPACE CADET #1 is Hot Off the Press!

Ever since his first appearance way back in “the Incredibly Hung Naked Justice #2”, Space Cadet has been a fan favorite.  He is a powerful, handsome hero with a unique look and personality which many readers can identify with.

Now in his very own mini series, Space Cadet will prove once again why he is so popular with fans.  Called upon to help liberate the oppressed satyrs from the evil Baron Von Phallus, Space Cadet dives into action employing his amazing new super powers to fight the good fight.

Space Cadet #1 picks up after the events in Rapture #3, and plunges Space Cadet deep into the mystical realm of Ordovica.  You’ll meet sexy new characters, such as Strider, the King of the centaurs and get re-acquainted with familiar faces such as Vallan and Baron Von Phallus.

The official SPACE CADET mini iste is now live!

Space Cadet #1 is written by yours truly, and beautifully illustrated by Class Comics newcomer, Bob Grey.  I also created 4 new art pieces for the front, back and inside covers of the book.  For more info on this wicked new mini series, check out the official Space Cadet Mini Site.  It was designed by Nookiedog and he did a gorgeous job with it.  It’s absolute eye-candy! And to learn more about Space Cadet, check out his newly updated character bio.

Enjoy the comics, my friends.  I’ve got some cool new stuff coming up for ya shortly.  And that Naked Justice: Beginnings #2 preview is coming up soon too, so stay tooned!

Hugz + kisses, Patrick XOXOX

All characters © Copyright and TM 2010 Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #191 – The NEW and IMPROVED Class Comics Website!

Hello my friends…

Today I want to let you know that the brand new Class Comics website is now up and running.  This overhaul was LONG overdue, and the new version of the site has a lot more in the way of user friendliness, info and hot,horny Boytoon bling.  It’s also WAY easier for us to maintain and update, so you can count on more frequent posts.

It makes total sense that the Class Comics website is where you would go to get all the latest info on our current and up-coming titles.  With that in mind, we think you will really enjoy a new feature on the site we call “First Looks” as part of our News section.  That’s where you’ll see reports on our forthcoming projects and even get cool, sneak previews of art, stories etc…

Get your first look at Space Cadet #1 on the new and improved CLASS COMICS website!

Speaking of “First Looks”, the soon-to-be-released Space Cadet #1 is currently previewed on the site.  You can take a look at the gorgeous artwork that Class Comics newcomer, artist Bob Grey created for the interior of the book.  I myself drew 4 brand new art pieces for this very special issue, including the front and back covers, and inside covers.  Plus, the preview gives you a little overview of what you can expect from Space Cadet’s first solo adventure.

And do keep your eyes peeled, because we’re preparing an exclusive sneak preview of NAKED JUSTICE: BEGINNINGS #2 for the site.  You won’t want to miss your first look at the INCREDIBLE and jaw droppingly HOT HOT HOT art by Jacob Mott from the book. Also in the works is a ZAHN #2 preview… so be sure to check back often.

Soon to come on the new Class Comics website, your first look at NAKED JUSTICE: BEGINNINGS #2.

You’ll also notice that we have added a TON of cool contributor bios.  If you want the skinny on creators like Johnny Murdoc, TJ Wood, Lizz Ventura, Leon de Leon and Nicolas Brunet, all you gotta do is check out the newest additions to the contributors section.

Fans of the Class Comics universe of characters will also be thrilled to learn that new character bios have been added, and that more bios are planned as regular updates.  New to the section this month are Stephane and Catnip.

Learn all about Stephane by reading his bio, on the new CLASS COMICS website.

There’s also plenty of other cool stuff and more is planned for future updates.  For example we want to add to the goodies section – you know, the place you can get all sorts of free stuff.  So expect free wallpaper, animations, videos and other cool treats and surprises to be added shortly.

And lastly, but certainly not least, we want to hear from you.  Feel free to leave your comments on the website.  Discuss articles.  Ask questions if you like.  We love hearing from all of you boys and girls.  You guys matter a great deal to us, so don’t be shy!  Speak up!

Check it out and enjoy!  More from me soon, my friends!
Hugz + kisses,
Patrick XOXO

Space Cadet and the Satyrs, Naked Justice, Size King and Stephane are © Copyright & TM 2010, Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #188 – On my drawing board – A post a day – Day 2

Boytoons Magazine #188 cover

Hello friends…

I’ve been at my drawing table for a few weeks now, and I am happy to report that my post-Holiday blues (also known as the bitch called artist block!) seems to be coming to an end.  And you know what that means… I’ve been feeling creative again.

Of late, I’ve been concentrating on Zahn #2 primarily.  Book #2 picks up a few weeks after the end of the first issue, and almost directly after the events that happened in Striptease #1. You remember… when Zahn and Jonah meet Cauldron for the first time.

Zahn and Cauldron set out to assemble a great army of Varda. An excerpt from Class Comics' up-coming Zahn #2.  Story and art by Patrick Fillion, colors by Golden Key.

Zahn and Cauldron set out to assemble a great army of Varda. An excerpt from Class Comics' up-coming Zahn #2. Story and art by Patrick Fillion, colors by Golden Key.

So Zahn decides that he needs to assemble an army to protect Varda from the evil metal beasts that threaten it.  Naturally, he wants only but the best on this army of his, and Cauldron knows where they might find four men who would make perfect additions to this army of Varda.  So off they go in search of these fellow gay barbarians.

Zahn gets it on with Cauldron in Class Comics' up-coming Zahn #2. Artwork by Patrick Fillion.

Zahn gets it on with Cauldron in Class Comics' up-coming Zahn #2. Artwork by Patrick Fillion.

An excerpt from Class Comics' up-coming Zahn #2.  Artwork by Patrick Fillion.

An excerpt from Class Comics' up-coming Zahn #2. Artwork by Patrick Fillion.

Jonah still doesn’t seem to trust Cauldron, while Zahn is more than happy to fuck both of them… A LOT!  And I do mean a lot!  LOL!

I am sort of making it a personal/creative challenge for myself to write in and draw as much mansex as I possibly can fit in this issue.  Hey, I know what you guys like.  But don’t worry, because as I always say, sex scenes don’t have to come at the expense of a good story, and I have written an issue that really deepens the mysteries set in motion in issue #1… I even answer a few of the questions posed in book #1 along the way.

The cover to Class Comics' up-coming Space Cadet #1. Art by Patrick Fillion, colors by Hernán Cabrera and Patrick Fillion.

The cover to Class Comics' up-coming Space Cadet #1. Art by Patrick Fillion, colors by Hernán Cabrera and Patrick Fillion.

Meanwhile, Space Cadet’s first issue is nearing completion.  I wrote it and Bob, a new artist to Class Comics, illustrated it.  Bob’s job is done (and what a fantastic job he’s done!!) and the 1st issue is absolutely gorgeous.  Now I just have to complete the cover for it.  I love Space Cadet so much as a character, and even though I didn’t draw the interior art, I wanted to do the covers so that I could still be involved in the art in at least a small way.

Space Cadet’s 2-issue mini series is set in Ordovica, the realm of the satyrs.  If you recall the events that happened in Rapture #3, Vallan asked Space Cadet for help against the evil Baron Von Phallus.  Eager to really test out his new powers, Space Cadet accepted the plea for help.  But few things ever go as planned when you’re a sexy gay superhero it seems, and when Space Cadet arrives in Ordovica, he’s in for a BIG surprise.

Bob’s art is truly lovely and does Space Cadet great justice.  As for me, it’s such a HUGE thrill to have the opportunity to feature Class Comics’ most popular and prominent African American character in his very own series.  I think you guys will really love it.  I’ll devote an issue of BTM to Space Cadet #1 and give you a sneak peek at Bob’s art shortly.

Spot makes his first official appearance in Class Comics' up-coming "Stephane's Funhouse of Fornication" #1.

Spot makes his first official appearance in Class Comics' up-coming "Stephane's Funhouse of Fornication" #1.

An inked page from Spot's introduction in Class Comics' up-coming "Stephane's Funhouse of Fornication" #1. Art by Patrick Fillion.

An inked page from Spot's introduction in Class Comics' up-coming "Stephane's Funhouse of Fornication" #1. Art by Patrick Fillion.

Also on my drawing table is Stephane’s Funhouse of Fornication #1.  Though I have yet to draw Stephane’s parts of this book, I have drawn an awful lot of pages that feature Spot… you know, my sexy dog boy.  He’s on the cover of today’s issue… and he gets officially introduced in this book, and I am having a blast exploring this very fun character.

While I have yet to take a real chunk out of this book, it’s cool to see it finally come together after having it in the back of my head for such a long time.

Deimos meets his match in two horny college geeks in the Boytoon Adventures-inspired story "The Spell".  Art by Patrick Fillion, drawing as Bryce Peters.  Colors by Golden Key.

Deimos meets his match in two horny college geeks in the Boytoon Adventures-inspired story "The Spell". Art by Patrick Fillion, drawing as Bryce Peters. Colors by Golden Key.

In a nutshell, these are my big projects.  I will admit that I am also already working on what will potentially become Boytoon Adventures #2.  At this time I’m focusing on a Deimos story called “the Spell”.  Speaking of Deimos, Logan’s work on Deimos #2 is INCREDIBLE!!!  I will be sharing some of that with all of you very soon as well.

And what kind of writer/artist would I be if I didn’t have a few other projects/ideas on the go in the background as well?  Well, maybe one that would actually release projects more quickly, but certainly not one who would feel as creatively fulfilled as this one!  LOL!

More from me soon, my friends!
Hugz + kisses,
Patrick XOXO

A portrait of Zahn, from Class Comics' up-coming Zahn #2.  Art by Patrick Fillion, colors by Golden Key.

A portrait of Zahn, from Class Comics' up-coming Zahn #2. Art by Patrick Fillion, colors by Golden Key.

Zahn, Space Cadet, Deimos, Cauldron, Baron Von Phallus, Selar, Spot and all other characters are © Copyright & TM 2010 Patrick Fillion / Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.

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