BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #213 – RAPTURE #4… Behind the Scenes!

RAPTURE #4 is finally out and available from Class Comics, and I thought it would be a great deal of fun to give you good people a little behind the scenes glimpse at this very exciting book!

Why am I SO EXCITED about RAPTURE #4? Easy! It’s because this book marks three amazing CLASS COMICS firsts that are pretty damn memorable.

To begin with, the brilliant LOGAN draws ZAHN for the very first time in this issue. I was so thrilled when Logan agreed to take on a story for RAPTURE #4 that I wrote him a very special story called “The Altar of Szabarnak”. In this story, Zahn wants to communicate with the Vardan Spirit World. This leads him to meeting a strange little wizard named ZULLBA who informs him that to do this, he must commune with the mystical Altar of Szabarnak – an ancient artifact that requires Zahn’s sperm in order to come to life! Dontcha hate it when that happens?! LOL!

Unfinished art by LOGAN, from the RAPTURE #4 Zahn story, "The Altar of Szabarnak". RAPTURE #4 now available from Class Comics.

Completed art by LOGAN, from the RAPTURE #4 Zahn story, "The Altar of Szabarnak". RAPTURE #4 now available from Class Comics.

What’s so awesome about this story is that it permitted Logan to come up with the very unique looks of three amazing and incredibly sexy new barbarian characters; ROAN, LAKOZA and YTLA! Logan really ROCKED the design on these three Vardan Hunks, and they put Zahn through one Hell of a fuckfest!

Character concept designs for the RAPTURE #4 Zahn story, "The Altar of Szabarnak". Art by LOGAN.

The art in “Szabarnak” is absolutely superb, and it’s such a treat seeing the Son of Winter drawn in Logan’s style. Zahn is beautifully muscled and smooth, and more than up to the challenge of satisfying three hot and horny Barbarian spirits who want a piece of his ass. The colors Logan employed are truly beautiful as well, and give a nice “chilled” feel to the story. It’s a great piece, and I’m sure that fans will appreciate Logan’s fantastic take on Zahn and his new companions.

SOTO makes his Class Comics debut drawing Deimos in RAPTURE #4. Pencils by Soto.

SOTO makes his Class Comics debut drawing Deimos in RAPTURE #4. Finished art by Soto.

Secondly on RAPTURE #4, I had the chance to collaborate with an artist I have admired for a very long time. Of course I’m referring to the incredible SOTO, who illustrated a fresh new DEIMOS story I wrote for him, called “Deimos’ Inferno”.

Soto’s take on Deimos is brilliant. The Taro Demon is gruff, rugged, manly and completely hot. Soto’s art is itself beautifully moody and atmospheric, and this suits the story perfectly. In “inferno”, Deimos decides to try and take BOB by surprise by infiltrating Hell and attacking him where he least expects it… on his home turf. Naturally, not all goes Deimos’ way, and our hero’s plans are foiled by the demon HEMEC and his lackeys.

SOTO makes his Class Comics debut drawing Deimos in RAPTURE #4. Pencils by Soto.

SOTO makes his Class Comics debut drawing Deimos in RAPTURE #4. Finished art by Soto.

Soto created the looks for Hemec’s demonic pals and I did a truly superb job of it. The twin demons, GAUL and BILE are really wicked looking with their inversed snapped horns, tribal tats, and opposing eye-patches, while BELAGAUZ is just too monstrous for words!

I love this story because it finally shows a more submissive side to Deimos, who becomes the power bottom of the day for these four nasty demons. But don’t get too accustomed to Deimos’ submissive side… he’s soon on top of things again!

This story is wonderfully “Deimos” and I couldn’t be happier with Soto’s take on the character and the story. You’ll see for yourself just how rich and detailed this wonderful artists’ work really is.

Camili-Cat pencils from the story "Changes" in Class Comics' RAPTURE #4. Pencils by Patrick Fillion.

A completed Camili-Cat page from the story "Changes" in Class Comics' RAPTURE #4. Art by Patrick Fillion. Colors by Hernan Cabrera and Patrick Fillion.

And lastly, RAPTURE #4 features the very – and I do mean VERY (in fact I’ve received a number of very angry letters and hate mail about it) CONTROVERSIAL – Camili-Cat short story “CHANGES”, in print for the very first time. It’s a real pleasure seeing this Cam story on the printed page. I feel it’s such a turning point – a real defining chapter in his life. Seeing it in the pages of RAPTURE #4 just reminds me of how integral to the Class Comics Universe Camili-Cat really is. It’s a story I loved writing and one I truly enjoyed illustrating.

If you’re wondering WHY “Changes” is so controversial, then you don’t already know and I won’t spoil it for you. Suffice it to say that Cam gets an EXTREME new look, and some fans love it, some fans HATE IT… and probably also hate ME for making it happen… but you know, Cam needed a change… and this is a doozy!

The CONTROVERSIAL story "Camili-Cat: Changes" is in print for the very first time in the pages of Class Comics' RAPTURE #4.

On top of all of that, the wonderful HERNAN CABRERA and I once again worked together to bring Camili-Cat to colorific life in “Changes”, and RAPTURE #4 is beautifully lettered by the fabulous JOHNNY MURDOC! I tells ya, a TERRIFIC issue!

RAPTURE #4 is now shipping form Class Comics, and it’s available as a Printed Comic or as a Digital Comic, so you’re free to pick your poison. I will say this, the issue is one of my favorite installments of this series so far. I’m very pleased with and proud of all three stories. This book gave me the opportunity to work with some truly talented people, and for that I am truly grateful. This is why I make comics! LOL!

RAPTURE #4 is now available from CLASS COMICS!

Enjoy the book, my friends. It’s a WHOPPER! And stay tooned, I’m still preparing a MEGA FAN ART issue, and I’ll be posting some awesome BENT-CON photos and stuff when I get back from the Con in December.

Enjoy your weekend! SMOOCHES to all!  Patrick XOXOXO

RAPTURE #4 now available from CLASS COMICS!

All characters and art © Copyright & TM 2011, CLASS COMICS INC. All rights reserved. 

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #187 – A new home for Soto.

Boytoons Magazine #187 cover

Hello my friends…

Most of the time when I talk about an artist here on Boytoons Magazine, I provide a link to his or her homepage.  But sometimes, I have no such link to provide.  Some artists don’t have home pages and it can be difficult to see their work unless they post on communities or forums.

Naturally when I learn of an official website for an artist whose work I admire, I am ecstatic.  It means I can see their latest creations and keep up to date on their projects.  It also means I hurry and share the information with you good people!

If you’ve been following BTM for a while, you’re probably familiar with the amazing artist, Soto.  I devoted BTM issue #136 entirely to him.  Soto is most recognized for his brilliantly choreographed tentacle  fantasy art, and his beautifully raunchy depictions of Hellboy.  Recently he even created a truly superb erotic fan comic starring Hellboy entitled “Unchained Lust’.  To say this is a brilliant creation is a gross understatement.

Soto loves to draw the Beast from the X-Men. Here Hank enjoys a little time off from crime fighting!

Soto loves to draw the Beast from the X-Men. Here Hank enjoys a little time off from crime fighting!

Since issue #136, I’ve received a lot of comments and emails concerning Soto and the question most often asked is “does Soto have a website?”.  Well, at the time of BTM #136’s publication, he didn’t… but good things come to those who wait.  Soto now has a website devoted entirely to his wonderful body of work. Enter THE ART OF SOTO!

The Art of Soto is set up as a forum with galleries, and you’ll be very pleased to find a lot of his past work, as well as some new pieces.  Soto works both traditionally and digitally, so there’s a cool mix of his illustrative and 3D work on the site.

A little excerpt from Soto's Beast fan comic. Hank runs into some trouble in the danger room.

A little excerpt from Soto's Beast fan comic. Hank runs into some trouble in the danger room.

To date, he hasn’t posted “Unchained Lust” on the site, but I have noticed that he’s prepared a “comics” section, so I imagine that it’s only a matter of time.  I once also saw some panels from a Beast of the X-Men fan comic he did.  Poor old Hank was being “trained” in the danger room by some rather probing sentinel.  Yummy!  Let’s just say that it was pretty darn hot!  Hopefully, gems like that one will also make it onto Soto’s site.

Page 5 of Soto's Hellboy fan comic "Unchained Lust".

Page 5 of Soto's Hellboy fan comic "Unchained Lust".

There is certainly a great deal more to come from Soto on his new website, but for starters, what is already there is sure to blow your mind.  It’s definitely worth checking out Soto’s new home on the net, and making sure that you bookmark it.  Trust me, you won’t want to miss any updates.

For more of Soto’s superb artistry, you can check out his gallery on the Y! There he posts under the user name “Hellboy”!

Enjoy my friend,
Patrick XOXO

All Artwork © Copyright 2010, Soto.  All rights reserved.

Hellboy © Copyright and TM Mike Mignola.  All rights reserved.

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #136 – Soto puts HELLBOY through his paces!

Good morning folks…

I understand what it’s like being a fan of pop culture.  I myself am a self-proclaimed ENORMOUS Star Wars fanatic.  I have admired and cherished Storm of the X-Men since I was a wee lad.  I have drawn several Star Wars and Storm fan arts.  Fan art is an expression of love.  It says, “Hey!  I admire you and appreciate the impact you’ve had on my life!”  I think that is way cool, and find it quite wonderful and flattering to receive fan art myself.

Recently, a pal of mine, Soto, an absolutely fantastic artist, has begun to express his love for Hellboy in a manner that is simply incredible.  He has written and begun to illustrate a fan comic strip called “Hellboy: Unchained Lust”, and lemme tell ya, you feel the love!

Never before have I seen such devotion to any one pop culture icon by anyone.  The amount of work Soto has put into “Unchained Lust” is very nearly mind-boggling!  His work is so incredible, that if it weren’t for the adult content you might think it was actually an official Dark Horse production.  He is really taking this project very seriously!

As an artist, one can reproach Soto very little, if anything at all.  His style is graphically intense and tasty candy for your eyes!  His men are always buff and dripping with sex appeal.  They are incredibly masculine.  His settings are dark and brooding, and I just love that about his stuff.  Each backdrop is richly textured and painstakingly detailed.

Soto’s take on Hellboy is extremely loyal.  His depiction is as flawless as it is sexy.  Red is gorgeous in his masculine, gruff way.  He’s hung the way you expect him to be, and he’s so delicious you’ll want to lick your computer monitor.  And yet, Soto’s depiction illustrates a vulnerable side to the character.  Of course, putting Hellboy through his paces is half the fun, and Soto seems to revel in showering his icon with naughty delights!

Thus far, Soto has produced 8 stunning pages of his Hellboy homage, and each one is crazy full of detail and dripping with fan boy love!  It’s beautiful to behold!  You can check out Soto’s devotion to Hellboy right here! Or join his Yahoo group here! But while you are there, save some of your drooling for the other works Soto has on display.  He has a thing for the big blue Beast from the X-Men and isn’t shy about sharing that with us, much to my delight!

So until the next episode of “Unchained Lust”, I say thanks to Soto for bringing our collective Hellboy fantasies to life so incredibly well!

Hellboy, © Copyright and TM 2008, Mike Mignola.  All Rights Reserved.
All artwork by Soto. © 2008, All Rights Reserved. Intended as fan art.

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