BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #181 – Dangerously Sexy: Rubo Art!

Boytoons Magazine #181 cover

Hiya Gang…

Today I want to talk about a fantastic artist that is very much at ease in the digital art and traditional art realms.  If you are not already familiar with his work, allow me to introduce you to Rubo Art and his magnificent creations.

Rubo Art is an illustrator based in Spain. Though he is currently working for “Kiss Comix” creating straight erotic comics, he’s been drawing gay erotica for years and hopes to have the opportunity to create even more of it since that is where his heart lies.

A romantically calssical piece by Rubo Art. Narciso y Acis.

A romantically calssical piece by Rubo Art. Narciso y Acis.

It’s not hard to see why this artist’s beautiful work is in demand.  His men and his women are gorgeous, and extremely sensual. I love that he depicts several body types in his men, from the naughty twinks, to the muscle hunks to the sexy bears!  He nails his subjects every time with expert ease.

You’ll note a certain romantic classical flavor to some of his work, as well as a terrific touch of modern pop art.  It’s a wonderful balance that gives Rubo Art his well-rounded appeal.

MAC-hos by Rubo Art.

MAC-hos by Rubo Art.

I was very tempted to show more of his work here, but I think you’ll enjoy visiting his blog for yourselves.  There are several beautiful pieces there for you to appreciate.  Whether you are a fan of classic pencil, ink and paint techniques, or the digital art approach, I think you will agree that Rubo Art has a terrific flare and talent for both.  It’s an exciting crossover that makes me look forward to seeing more art from this very talented artist.

Hugz + kisses
Patrick XOXO

All artwork © Copyright 2009, Rubo Art.  All rights reserved.

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