PROMETHEUS Engineer Nude!

NOTE: Possible Small PROMETHEUS Spoilers ahead! 

If you’re like me, you’re a massive ALIEN film franchise fan, and learning that Ridley Scott was making PROMETHEUS, a “possible” prequel to ALIEN sent you squealing in fits of fanboy delight.  I skipped out on work the day that PROMETHEUS opened so that I could see it as soon as I possibly could. Did I love the film? YES! Without a doubt! Did I think it was a perfect film? Well, not necessarily, but in all honesty, I walked into that cinema with expectations the size of the Nostromo. So while it was bound to be hard for it to live up to that, the first hour of the film made me feel like I was actually a part of the crew of the PROMETHEUS, on this insane expedition to LV-223.  It left me absolutely spellbound.

But this is not a review of the film. Fraser and I agreed that the “Engineers” were possibly some of the sexiest aliens we’d ever seen in mainstream science fiction. The opening sequence in which we’re introduced to the “sacrificial Engineer” left both Fraser and I incredibly inspired. We both agreed that I simply HAD to draw an Engineer. This fan art is the result.

I opted for simple cel shading because it offers such a striking contrast on my Engineer’s skin and of course I HAD to do two different versions — one in a loincloth, like in the film, and one completely nude.

PROMETHEUS ENGINEER NUDE variant by Patrick Fillion

PROMETHEUS “Sacrificial Engineer” NUDE fan art by Patrick Fillion.


PROMETHEUS “Sacrificial Engineer” fan art by Patrick Fillion.

His physiology completely fascinated me. In the film, he’s very buff, and while he’s also closely human, you can definitely see some anatomical variations that differ greatly from a human being. I played with those, and it’s pretty obvious in my nude variant that this Engineer is very definitely NOT of this Earth… and yet, close enough that we might be distant relatives.

Surprisingly, the background was a ton of fun to draw. I wanted it feeling cold and primordial, the way the setting felt in the film.  Many, MANY layers later, I felt relatively pleased with the result.

PROMETHEUS ENGINEER detail by Patrick Fillion

PROMETHEUS “Sacrificial Engineer” fan art by Patrick Fillion. Face and torso detail.

Whether you enjoyed PROMETHEUS or not, I do hope you’ll enjoy my take on the Engineer. I for one loved the film and hope to see these tall, pale alien hunks in future movies to come. Thank you Ridley Scott! :D

Hugz + kisses, Patrick XOXO


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