What better way to start 2012 than with Hotcha’s incredible new website!  YES!  After many years of admiring Hotcha’s gorgeous and supremely sexy art via the Y!Gallery, you can now enjoy it on the official Hotcha website; HOTCHA WORKS!

The site’s lovely and clearly designed with ease of navigation in mind.  All the illustrations are presented in large, easy-to-drool-over sizes which really emphasize the beauty of Hotcha’s art.  Hotcha even takes the opportunity to treat us to some personal notes on most of the art, revealing what inspired him to draw them.  He turns us on further by providing some narratives and written context which set up some of the illustrations perfectly.  Clearly, Hotcha is an artist who loves to share his work and that’s good for us the fans, because the treats keep on coming.

Meet DRAKE, Hotcha's sexy signature character!

From his original characters like the ultra-fuckable Drake and his equally to die for counterparts, Ike and Eli, to his Dragonball fan art, his  interpretations of fellow artist Ephorox’s stable of studs, and even his stunning Class Comics fan art, Hotcha delivers the eye candy in his usual spectacular manner. HOTCHA WORKS does not disappoint, and most of Hotcha’s classic and recent pieces are there to be adored by us ravenous fans.

Hotcha draws Drake fucking the Hell outta Ephorox's sexy feline character, Tyon!

Now a couple of years ago, Hotcha was in Vancouver and Fraser and I got to meet up with him.  I absolutely love this boy!  He’s as sweet as he is talented, and the opportunity to chat with him in person was truly amazing.  He’s so down to Earth and talking erotic comics and art with him was a real blast.  His love of his craft is apparent, and his raw and unabashedly raunchy works are charged with an erotic power that you can’t help but admire.

Poor Drake can't take much more from this horribly horny cyclops!

But Hotcha’s work isn’t without context.  He’s careful to set up a back story for every image he creates, which is what I love most about him. That really charges his work with a palpable sense of sensuality that is hard to ignore.

So while the Holiday Season may be over, I personally consider HOTCHA WORKS as a Christmas present, one that I’ve been wanting for years, and one that I most certainly was NOT disappointed to finally receive.  And best of all, knowing how prolific this super talented artist is, I know it’s a gift that’s gonna keep on giving.

Do yourself a favor, and head on over to HOTCHA WORKS RIGHT NOW!  If you don’t already know Hotcha and his signature character Drake, you’re not gonna want to miss out a minute longer. And if you’re a long-time Hotcha fan, you’ll love revisiting Hotcha’s classic works, and discovering his latest offerings!

Ike gets it on with a sexy serene angel! Beautifully erotic art by HOTCHA!

All artwork © Copyright 2012, HOTCHA!  All rights reserved.  Drake, Ike, Serene Angel, the Cyclops © Copyright 2012, Hotcha. All rights reserved. 

Tyon © Copyright 2012, Ephorox.  All rights reserved. 

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #178 – Hotcha does Class Comics!

Boytoons Magazine #178 cover

Hiya Folks…

I’m extremely pleased to tell you that we’ve just posted a HUGE helping of super sexy, totally raunchy Class Comics fan art by the incredible HOTCHA over at the Class Comics website!

Hotcha takes on Deimos, Zahn, and Naked Justice, and really puts Locus through his paces.  He created a wicked Locus mini comic in which our favorite lean, green, sex machine is putty in the gangster Slavva’s hands!

Locus Mini Fan Art Comic, written and illustrated by Hotcha.

Locus Mini Fan Art Comic, written and illustrated by Hotcha.

These images that Hotcha so lovingly created couldn’t have come at a nicer time and has put a HUGE smile on face… and in my pants!  HA! HA! HA!  So Hotcha if you’re reading this, I just wanna say an enormous thank you to ya, buddy!  These absolutely ROCK!!!

Seriously folks, this incredible bounty of amazing fan art has to be seen to be believed!  So head on over to Class Comics and check it out! And for more  Hotcha and his brilliant art, check him out on the Y!Gallery!

Hugz + kisses
Patrick XOXO

Deimos. Locus © Copyright & TM 2009, Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.

Hotcha Does Locus!

Hiya guys…

My pal Hotcha has done it again.  This time, he’s drawn Locus taking it up the arse for the first time the way he did in Rapture #2.  That would be Captain Jung and Disco double dipping our favorite lean, green sex machine!  I just love this latest image!  Hotcha is truly talented and nails my guys (no pun intended, I swear!!!) every time he draws them!  I encourage you all to check out his gallery! He’s drawn some extremely sexy stuff.

And if you’re just tuning in, check out his rendition of Zahn getting some much needed attention from Drake, Hotcha’s very own tattood creation!

Thanks for this latest image, Hotcha! As I’ve said before, you rock my friend! Feel free to draw my Boytoons ANYTIME! As for this yummy illustration, I think it really does go to show that though it may not be easy being green, it can definitely be a lot of fun! LOL! ;)

Hugz + Kisses, Patrick XOXO

Illustration by Hotcha. © Copyright 2008.

Locus, Disco & Captain Jung © Patrick Fillion/Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.

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