BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #136 – Soto puts HELLBOY through his paces!

Good morning folks…

I understand what it’s like being a fan of pop culture.  I myself am a self-proclaimed ENORMOUS Star Wars fanatic.  I have admired and cherished Storm of the X-Men since I was a wee lad.  I have drawn several Star Wars and Storm fan arts.  Fan art is an expression of love.  It says, “Hey!  I admire you and appreciate the impact you’ve had on my life!”  I think that is way cool, and find it quite wonderful and flattering to receive fan art myself.

Recently, a pal of mine, Soto, an absolutely fantastic artist, has begun to express his love for Hellboy in a manner that is simply incredible.  He has written and begun to illustrate a fan comic strip called “Hellboy: Unchained Lust”, and lemme tell ya, you feel the love!

Never before have I seen such devotion to any one pop culture icon by anyone.  The amount of work Soto has put into “Unchained Lust” is very nearly mind-boggling!  His work is so incredible, that if it weren’t for the adult content you might think it was actually an official Dark Horse production.  He is really taking this project very seriously!

As an artist, one can reproach Soto very little, if anything at all.  His style is graphically intense and tasty candy for your eyes!  His men are always buff and dripping with sex appeal.  They are incredibly masculine.  His settings are dark and brooding, and I just love that about his stuff.  Each backdrop is richly textured and painstakingly detailed.

Soto’s take on Hellboy is extremely loyal.  His depiction is as flawless as it is sexy.  Red is gorgeous in his masculine, gruff way.  He’s hung the way you expect him to be, and he’s so delicious you’ll want to lick your computer monitor.  And yet, Soto’s depiction illustrates a vulnerable side to the character.  Of course, putting Hellboy through his paces is half the fun, and Soto seems to revel in showering his icon with naughty delights!

Thus far, Soto has produced 8 stunning pages of his Hellboy homage, and each one is crazy full of detail and dripping with fan boy love!  It’s beautiful to behold!  You can check out Soto’s devotion to Hellboy right here! Or join his Yahoo group here! But while you are there, save some of your drooling for the other works Soto has on display.  He has a thing for the big blue Beast from the X-Men and isn’t shy about sharing that with us, much to my delight!

So until the next episode of “Unchained Lust”, I say thanks to Soto for bringing our collective Hellboy fantasies to life so incredibly well!

Hellboy, © Copyright and TM 2008, Mike Mignola.  All Rights Reserved.
All artwork by Soto. © 2008, All Rights Reserved. Intended as fan art.

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