BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #219 – The Halloween Issue!

Hello my friends…

I trust you’ve all been well!  How appropriate that BOYTOONS MAGAZINE should be back from the dead, on this day of all days…  HALLOWEEN!  MWAH-HA! HA! HA! Yes, I’ve been away from this blog for several months now, and while there are several important and legitimate reasons for this, I simply could NOT miss doing a Halloween issue.

The BOYTOONS MAGAZINE HALLOWEEN ISSUE has always been one of my favorite to put together each year. I absolutely LOVE Halloween, and writing about all the things I find personally horrifically satisfying is something I always look forward to. So let’s jump right back in, shall we! LOL!

I want to start by making a very personal, and important announcement. Last year I had the distinct pleasure of meeting the incredible CLIVE BARKER in person. While at Bent-Con, my partner Fraser and I were invited to come see him at his home. You all know that NIGHTBREED is one of my all-time favorite films. I love the book and source material CABAL, and must have read it at least a dozen times. So, suffice it to say that meeting Mr. Barker was more than a dream come true… in fact all this time after the fact, thinking of it still leaves me buzzed. I should point out that Mr. Barker is a big fan of Class Comics, and he had some incredibly wonderful and deeply touching things to say about what Class Comics and its group of creators have accomplished. As I said — still buzzed!

Devil Lude, Leroy Gomm and Kinski from Clive Barker’s NIGHTBREED. Fan Art illustration by Patrick Fillion.

Anyway, one thing led to another, and now Mr. Barker and I are collaborating on a VERY SPECIAL comic project together. I know you’ll hate me for this, but I don’t want to reveal anything further at this point. Please bear with me, there is still much work to be done, and I just want to leave it at that for now. What I can tell is that working with Mr. Barker is a BLAST, and I’m finding myself with the opportunity to draw characters I’ve LOVED for a very, VERY long time. I can’t even begin to tell you how OVER THE MOON I am with this. Mr. Barker is one of my heroes and working with him and his creations is quite frankly one of the greatest joys of my artistic career. I promise to keep you all posted on the project we’re working on together in the months to come. In the meantime, here’s an illustration of Devil Lude, Leroy Gomm and Kinsky of the Nightbreed. I drew this image for Mr. Barker as a gift of thanks and appreciation for receiving Fraser and I into his home last December. I couldn’t be prouder to say that the original and a color print of this piece hang framed in Mr. Barker’s studio.

Class Comics’ DEIMOS battles a demon by moonlight. Artwork by LOGAN!

Next on my Halloween list (not that this is particularly Halloweeny, but I had to mention it…), I want to talk about that always-impressive God of Gay Erotic Comics; LOGAN! It may surprise you to know that despite the fact that Logan and I have known each other for several years and that we’ve collaborated on the Deimos series and other comic projects on a number of occasions, I had up till now, never heard his voice before. Yup — we do everything via email. LOL! This morning I was treated to an awesome 2-part interview with Logan on Dr. Dick’s Sex Advice Blog. Dr. Dick interviewed Logan and asked him a ton of really great and intelligent questions, and Logan gave very insightful and thoughtful answers. It was a pure delight hearing Logan talk about his work and his artistic process. If you’re a Logan fan, you MUST listen to the interview. It’s a fabulous podcast…  And Logan has one HELL of a sexy voice! XD Part One is here, and Part Two is here. 

Logan is currently hard at work on PORKY #4 and #5… and if you LOVE his illustration of Deimos which I posted above, you’ll be thrilled to learn that he is also preparing to take on DEIMOS #3. Naturally, I couldn’t be more excited… so I’ll be sure to keep you all posted on that as well.

Jacko the Halloweener takes on Camili-Cat in Class Comics’ 2012 Halloween STRIPSHOW episode… EXOTIC CANDY. Art by Jacob Mott. Story by Patrick Fillion.

Speaking of artists I admire and love to work with, the spectacular JACOB MOTT and I collaborated this year on the Class Comics Halloween STRIPSHOW episode. Seems that Jacko the Halloweener was in the mood for a little something… “exotic” this year, so he decided to have a go at Camili-Cat! LOL!  Cam of course doesn’t really know what Halloween is. He’s an alien after all… But the action between he and Jacko is MIGHTY HAWT!  Not surprising really, since everything that Jacob does is scorching, erotic perfection. This strip was especially fun for both of us since Jacob had never worked with Cam before. I couldn’t be more thrilled with his depiction of my beloved Felinoid… and I love the way he captured Cam’s sexy new look. So naturally, I simply HAVE GOT to post the episode here for all of you to enjoy.  It’s just TOO FABULOUS not to!

Jacob Mott draws some of the sexiest Halloween man-beasts EVER and posts them on his BIG WATCH BOIZ Tumblr Page.

You may also wanna do yourself a very large favor and visit Jacob Mott’s BIG WATCH BOIZ Tumblr page. He’s been whipping up some of the hottest Halloween Hunks you’ve ever seen and posting them there for our enjoyment. Definitely my kind of HALLOWEEN TREAT!

Meanwhile, if you’re a Class Comics fan, you probably already know about the CLASS COMICS HALLOWEEN SPECIAL Meaty #3 that was just released this month. But just in case you haven’t checked out the Class Comics website in a little while, or aren’t subscribed to the Class Comics newsletter, let me just fill you in on this amazing Meaty. Actually, the Class Comics Halloween Special is a two-volume Digital Comic that features all your favorite Class Comics characters, and the work of almost 80 wicked and mind-blowingly talented artists. This is Class Comics’ BIGGEST Halloween celebration to date, and I strongly encourage you to download both the TRICK EDITION and the TREAT EDITION.

The Class Comics Halloween Special Meaty #3… Download the TRICK Edition and the TREAT Edition now from the Class Comics website.

Each book is completely different and features 70 pages of all new mini comics and pin ups by some of the most gifted artists working in Gay Erotic Comics today! Yours truly has even created several new illustrations for the Halloween Special, including my first ever official drawing of Glow Worm… I had such a great time lighting that jack o’ lantern with his glow stick that I simply HAD to put him on the cover of this BTM Halloween issue. I’ve also drawn new Trip, Diablo, Locus and Camili-Cat art… and here’s a little teaser from a piece I call “The Dead are Horny”! LOL! Clearly the dead have great taste in men!

“The Dead are HORNY” and after Camili-Cat’s bone! Art by Patrick Fillion from the Class Comics Halloween Special Meaty #3.

I tell ya, the Class Comics Halloween Special is a FANTASTIC way to celebrate Halloween, and Fraser and I both want to thank each and every artist and creator who submitted artwork for this smashing 2-volume Meaty from the bottom of our black, black hearts! LOL!  Be sure to check out the complete list of creators and artists here… and be sure to check out their websites and blogs and give them some love. They all deserve it!

Incidentally, the very talented Steven Bereznai, writer of the fantastic novel Queeroes recently interviewed me via Skype regarding the Class Comics Halloween Special. You can check that out over here on YouTube.

American Horror Story Asylum… a perfectly FRIGHTENING delight!! Now on FX!

It wouldn’t be a BTM Halloween issue if I didn’t gush about a few horror themed films or television shows worth seeing on Halloween night! Dare I say that I love this season of FX’s deliciously sacrilegious American Horror Story even MORE than I loved the last one. This year’s Asylum is creepy/cool beyond the telling of it, and if Jessica Lang’s hatefully twisted/hypocritical Sister Jude doesn’t scare the crap outta you, the exorcisms and bloody faces definitely WILL! 

But quite by accident, Fraser and I discovered and rented a film called Red Lights. The movie stars Sigourney Weaver, Robert DeNiro and Cillian Murphy and it’s captivating from start to finish. A real gem of a find, more thriller than horror, but smart, brilliantly acted and chillingly compelling… we couldn’t tear our eyes away from it.

“Two investigators of paranormal hoaxes, the veteran Dr. Margaret Matheson and her young assistant, Tom Buckley, study the most varied metaphysical phenomena with the aim of proving their fraudulent origin. Simon Silver, a legendary blind psychic, reappears after an enigmatic absence of 30 years to become the greatest international challenge for both orthodox science and professional skeptics. Tom starts to develop an intense obsession with Silver, whose magnetism becomes stronger with each new manifestation of inexplicable events. As Tom gets closer to Silver, tension mounts, and his worldview is threatened to its core.”

Red Lights is brilliant, and a perfectly thrilling Halloween affair you will be glad you popped into your Blu Ray or DVD Player.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this year’s BOYTOONS MAGAZINE HALLOWEEN issue… and know that I will be back again very soon. I want to freshen up my template and make this blog fun to do for me, and fun to read for you once again. So stay tooned… and HAPPY HALLOWEEN to you all.

Spooky Hugz and Halloween Kisses, Patrick XOXOX


Halloween art by JOTTO!

I got a little surprise in my inbox this morning, just in time for Halloween!

The always-inventive and super creative JOTTO whipped up another one of his FABULOUS Halloween illustrations and was kind enough to share it with me. I absolutely LOVE the sexy hunk in his WAY COOL Camili-Cat costume… CAN I HAVE ONE OF THOSE!  LOL!  And the LIGHT SWITCH Cutie is hilarious… and of crazy sexy!

Happy Halloween, from JOTTO! Where can I get one of those cool Camili-Cat costumes?

You know me, I’m a big fan of Jotto’s beautiful art, and sharing it here with you good people is always a pleasure. So just for the fun of it, I’ve re-posted Jotto’s fantastic Halloween piece form last year as well.  Enjoy, my friend… and a million thank you’s to Jotto for the terrific artwork!

BOO! Trick or treat Halloween illustration by JOTTO!

Stay tooned… I have a ton of new goodies coming up… including a very special fan art issue and MORE!

Hugz + Kisses, Patrick XOXOX

Artwork © Copyright 2010-2011, JOTTO.  All rights reserved. 


Hello spooky Trick or Treaters!

It’s Halloween again, admittedly, one of my favorite times of year. Every October, I look forward to putting together my Halloween top 10 list for my spooktacular Halloween BTM issue… but this year, I thought I might do a little something different. I invite you all to celebrate the Halloween spirit with me!


A few weeks back, my good pal Dinosaurprince reminded me of my love of Classic Horror comics and magazines, such as Eerie, Terror Tales and of course, Witches’ Tales! Seems he stumbled upon a wonderful video over on You Tube that he was kind enough to send my way. The video in question actually takes illustrations from the covers of some of those very Classic Horror magazines and animates it – brilliantly I might add – to the tune of the Johnson-Smith Novelty Company “Horror Record”. This is a fantastic trip down memory lane, and I have to say that for me, it was a great way to kick off this year’s Halloween season. Check this out. It’s well worth sitting through the entire thing.

Some of us remember those old black and white magazines that scared the poop out of us as kids. My parents were quite clear: I wast NOT supposed to have copies of these magazines. I didn’t care! Like most kids, I had them anyway, secretly hiding them under my mattress and waiting until bedtime to read them. And then, the nightmares began! LOL! Of course as I got older, the Horror magazines under my mattress were replaced by porno magazines, but these Classic Horror gems always held a very special palace in my heart.

Classic Horror magazine covers! FRIGHTENING STUFF!

I couldn’t wait to share this year’s Halloween issue cover with you! It’s a liberal reinterpretation of the “Witches’ Tales” March 1972 cover. I replaced the helpless damsel with a helpless – and less clothed – young hunk. I employed some artistic license with the vampire and werewolf/hunchback characters to come up with this deliciously horrific and evil cover concoction. Yes, it’s violent… yes it’s frightening! Yes… it’s HALLOWEEN!

Being an adult now (most of the time at any rate), it also occurred to me that the covers to these Classic Horror magazines regularly perpetrated bloody violence against cowering, helpless women. So those of you who may find this year’s Halloween issue cover a tad… I dunno… “OUCH”… should keep in mind that sometimes, a role reversal is fair game. HA! HA! HA!

Thank you to Dinosaurprince for sending this link to me and for reminding me that these now rare and cherished magazines were a huge part of my Halloween dreams as a kid.

This year's BOYTOONS MAGAZINE HALLOWEEN issue cover was inspired by the cover of WITCHES' TALES, March 1972 issue cover.


It doesn’t have to be Halloween for me to get excited about Zombies. They are my favorite fictional (fictional up to this point, anyhow… you just never know the way the world is going! Mwah-ha! Ha!) monsters and thanks to their recent comeback, now they even star in television’s number 1 show. Of course I am referring to AMC’s fantastic WALKING DEAD! Season 2 just started up, so be sure to tune in.

I love Zombies and seek them out in books, movies and video games like some rabid freak.  But can Zombies be sexy! Ewwww… I kinda don’t think so… and yet, BEHOLD the brand new ZOMBIE DILDO, fresh… or not so fresh… from the freaky minds of the Fleshlight folks! What can I tell you, there is something undeniably desirable about this rotted, decomposing, undead member. I swear, I want one only to keep it on my desk in my studio… because I dunno if I could actually bear the thought of uhm, playing with it. LOL!

The Fleshligh freaks "Zombie Dildo"! Get your decomposing member today!

The Fleshlight folks have thought of everything, and also offer up a lovely rotten Zombie vagina Fleshlight for those of you preferring the undead of the female gender! The sculpting on these things is brilliant, and actually incredibly artistic. They’re fantastic… and fantastically CREEPY!!! :D  The Zombie Dildo is part of the “Fleshlight Freaks” line or horrific dills, which also features an alien, drac, Frankenstein and cyborg model, all equally alluringly creepy!

If you still need proof that Zombies can be sexy, then have a look at this hunky walker, beautifully created, and attentively (and morbidly :D) detailed by the lovely and talented Caravaggia. Hey… don’t feel weird if you pop wood looking at this stud… you won’t be the first to do so. Erm… or so I’m told!

"Speeerrrm!" Is there such a thing as a Sexy Zombie? You be the judge! Art by Caravaggia.


Nothing scares the crud out of you more than a truly well crafted Horror Novel, and I LIVE to read these things, especially around Halloween. I just finished reading an incredible book entitled “OUTPOST” by Adam Baker, and I literally could not put it down. And believe me, if I get bored at any point during a book, to the fringes it goes, unfinished and forgotten. I almost cried when I finished Outpost… like saying goodbye to a great friend, that’s how sad I was that I’d finished it so quickly! LOL!

Any book that opens with the line… “Jane woke, stretched, and decided to kill herself” is coming home with me! OUTPOST is about the end of the world, and Baker’s spin on the demise of mankind is like nothing I’ve ever read before. I am a HUGE fan of post-apocalyptic horror novels… so believe me when I say, I’ve read a ton and this one is FRESH!

“They took the job to escape the world. They didn’t expect the world to end. Kasker Rampart: a derelict refinery platform moored in the Arctic Ocean. A skeleton crew of fifteen fight boredom and despair as they wait for a relief ship to take them home. But the world beyond their frozen wasteland has gone to hell. Cities lie ravaged by a global pandemic. One by one TV channels die, replaced by silent wavebands. The Rampart crew are marooned. They must survive the long Arctic winter, then make their way home alone. They battle starvation and hypothermia, unaware that the deadly contagion that has devastated the world is heading their way…”

"OUTPOST" written by Adam Baker. One of the most thrilling Horror books I've ever read!

What’s so bloody magnificent about this book is that Baker’s writing style is as stark and bold as the story he’s telling. I LOVE THIS MAN’S WRITING! You know how some authors are in love with the sound of their own pens? Not Baker. He gets to the point. Beautifully and skillfully so, without pretension. He writes for his reader, and his characters are superbly flawed, and yet undeniably real. You can’t help but to put yourself in their snowboots!

Fans of John Carpenter’s “The Thing” and of Zombie apocalypses (though Zombies aren’t what’s going on in this creatively-fresh page turner), READ THIS BOOK! If you love a compelling and frightening read that deals with the end of times, you will love “Outpost”. Mr. baker, if you read this, please oh please write more books soon! I believe I’m quite addicted to your writing!


Getting into the Halloween spirit doesn’t just mean buying spooky books, decaying dildos or watching scary movies. In fact, one of my favorite Halloween activities is touring Halloween attractions. Fraser and I decided this year that we would go to the infamous DUNBAR HAUNTED HOUSE in Vancouver. All proceeds from the attraction are donated to local charities, and believe me when I tell you that the organizers of this event go ALL OUT and pull no punches!

The 7th Annual Dunbar Haunted House! Great, spooky fun for adult trick or treaters!

We met our 4 friends for dinner at a restaurant called “Transylvania”!!! I KID YOU NOT! How’s that for a Halloween theme. After dinner we headed to the warehouse district where the Halloween Haunted House attraction was set up. The line-up wasn’t too bad (as it was still several days before Halloween), and actually a lot of fun anyway, because there were zombies and killer clowns stalking people in the line!  I got a photo with a particularly gruesome zombie, and I don’t mind telling you, it’s a HORRIBLE photo of yours truly, so I must really love you guys to post this here! LOL! Special thanks to my lovely friend Maggie for snapping this hideous photo of me! Can you feel my fear, folks… or my many chins?!?! YIKES! LOL!

This could possibly be the very WORST photo of me, EVER... but what the Hell, I'm in the Halloween spirit so I choose to scare you with it! HA! HA! HA! And my Zombie pal was AMAZING!

The attraction itself was a blast. This year, it seemed that demented clowns were a big part of their theme (hence why I’m including my fan art of Shivers from the movie Fear of Clowns in this post!).

Shivers the Clown from the wicked film "Fear of Clowns"! Fan Art by Patrick Fillion.

Anyway, back to the haunted house… I don’t mind telling you I was the bravest of us 6! My friends Isabelle and Mickael practically wet themselves and kept screaming like 3 year old girls, but in their defense, it was all rather frightening. My poor Fraser screamed himself hoarse! LOL! Everything was super well set up… movie-quality props and the owner went all out. On top of things, you never knew what was not real, and what was actually a person underneath the makeup, ready to jump out at you and freak the crap out of you. A particularly disgusting chainsaw maniac chased us down a corridor… it was AWESOME! This place was “no children allowed” on account of how scary it was… So believe me when I tell you the level of horror was truly TOP NOTCH!

If you get the opportunity to check out a Halloween attraction in your area, I highly recommend it. As adults, we can’t really trick or treat any more, but we can still be big kids at heart, and these hunted house attractions are the perfect way to have a great time getting into the spirit of things!


Of course one of my favorite things about the Halloween season is all the sexy artwork it inspires. Creators of homo erotic art let their imaginations run wild around this time of year, and the results are perfectly spooky eye candy for all to feast upon!

Take a look at Cray‘s delicious werewolf hunk, you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. I love this image! So festive and sexy and HAWT! Imagine running into that gorgeous creature of the night on your way to a Halloween party! YUMMY! :D Beautiful work, Cray! Thanks so much for treating us to this hunky wolfboy!

A super sexy Werewolf hunk created by the very-talented Cray!

If you head on over to Dinosaurprince’s Kingdom, you’ll feast upon a whole slew of sexy Halloween-themed artwork featuring some of his studliest creations as illustrated by a veritable army of artists. In fact, Belvadar, my favorite of Dinosaurprince’s boys is heavily featured this year. He’s such a sexy character, I couldn’t help myself last year… I HAD to draw him myself!

BELVADAR fan art by Patrick Fillion. Belvadar © Copyright 2011 Dinosaurprince. All rights reserved.

Yours truly gets very inspired around Halloween. You may remember how I introduced Class Comics fans to JACKO THE HALLOWEENER last year? He’s back this year again, and this time he’s giving Ghostboy a Halloween night to remember.

This fun little animation created by a pirate... And I'm not talking about his Halloween costume, either!

Ghostboy and Jacko the Halloweener in "Halloween Moon". Art and Story by Patrick Fillion.

Normally this STRIPSHOW episode would be released with the Class Comics Halloween newsletter, but I couldn’t wait for that. I had to share it with you today!


However you choose to celebrate Halloween, I wish you all a wonderfully memorable one. I hope you’ve enjoyed this year’s Halloween issue of BOYTOONS MAGAZINE, and I leave you tonight with a batch of wallpaper designs featuring this year’s cover artwork as well as some of my past Halloween artwork! Enjoy, dear friends, and Happy Halloween to you all!

Unpleasant dreams to you all! Mwah-Ha! ha! ha!
Patrick XOXOX

Happy Halloween Camili-Cat! Widescreen 1680 x 1050

Happy Halloween Camili-Cat! Standard Screen 1280 x 1024

Happy Halloween 2011! Widescreen 1680 x 1050

Happy Halloween 2011! Standard Screen 1280 x 1024

Happy Halloween Stephane! Widescreen 1680 x 1050

Happy Halloween Stephane! Widescreen 1280 x 1024

Happy Halloween Ghostboy! Widescreen 1680 x 1050

Happy Halloween Ghostboy! Standard Screen 1280 x 1024

Happy Halloween Jacko! Widescreen 1680 x 1050

Happy Halloween Jacko! Standard Screen 1280 x 1024

All Class Comics characters are © Copyright and TM 2011 Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.

All other characters © 2011 their respective owners.

The BOYTOONS MAGAZINE Halloween 2011 issue!

Space Cadet meets Jacko the Halloweener – A post a day – Day 14

A special Halloween STRIPSHOW episode: Space Cadet meets Jacko the Halloweener.

Happy Halloween again, gang!

Well, I sorta changed my mind. Not only did I decide that I should round out my posting spree to 14 days and do a posting this evening, I also decided to share the “Space Cadet meets Jacko the Halloweener” STRIPSHOW episode with all of you here on BTM.  I had so much fun drawing and coloring this little comic, I just had to post it. It was really cool getting to draw Space Cadet in my Bryce Peters style for the first time.  It’s a silly little strip, but one very suited to the season I think!

Anyhow, I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful evening loaded with frightful fun!  Lots of luv to you all, and I’ll have more goodies coming up for you here very shortly, so stay tooned!

BIG BIG Hugz + Halloween Kisses! Patrick XOXOX

Space Cadet & Jacko the Halloweener © Copyright and TM 2010 Patrick Fillion / Class Comics inc.  All rights reserved.

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #202 – The Halloween Issue! A post a day – Day 13

Happy Halloween my friends!!!

Ah!  Day 13!  What a great number to end my latest posting spree upon, AND to have coincide with my annual Halloween issue! LOL!  Hopefully you lovely people all have some wonderful and spooktacular things planned for this weekend. Fraser and I are touring local HAUNTED HOUSES… not real ones, mind you… haunted houses put on by neighbors. People get really creative and it’s always a blast to see what they’ve done and encourage their efforts.

Also, this year I decided to cook up an official “Halloween Class Comics character”.  Meet Jacko, the Halloweener!!!  LOL!  Be sure to snag up his wallpaper for your computers at the end of this issue!

And now, without further delay, here is my TOP 10 Halloween TRICKS and TREATS of 2010 – in no particular order, but all horrifyingly fun nevertheless. Enjoy dear friends!!

#1 – The Walking Dead!

Because dreams really can come true, The Walking Dead premieres on Halloween night! Zombies are invading and the series depicts the survivors of a zombie invasion who have to deal — violently — with some very gnarly undead. (AMC, Sundays, 10 p.m.).  Oh my God!  I am SO HOOKED – and I haven’t even watched a single episode yet! But really – they had me at “Zombies”!

#2  – “The Horror in Dunwich Hall” by Johnny Murdoc

If you like sexy College Guys and scary monsters, then you are going to LOVE Johnny Murdoc’s “The Horror in Dunwich Hall”.  Johnny is the writer and co-creator of the Class Comics title “Crash Course” and with Dunwhich, he proves once again that he is a superb author. Can anyone say TENTACLES?? SUH-WEET!  And the sex scenes are scorching!  This is a fabulous read that will get you horny and freaked out all at once!

There are two options for reading The Horror in Dunwich Hall. You can read a barebones version online or, for a mere $2.00US, you can download a high-resolution, print-ready PDF of the story, complete with design and stylish typesetting by Murdoc himself.

“I get that there’s an entire genre of porn dedicated to tentacles wrapping around things and penetrating them. Whatever gets your rocks off, right? But a real life tentacle, with suckers and everything, wrapped around your real life dick? Horrifying.”

#3 – Jezza Smilez

Okay. Seriously, folks.  It should not be legal to be this hot!  LOL!  But if the only Halloween-themed thing you do this Season is use your eyes to devour this delicious photo of artist Jezza Smilez in his Halloween getup, you’ll be that much happier for it. Man oh man, he looks like he could be a character in my Zahn series. HA! HA! HA!

Check out Jezza’s blog if you haven’t already, because the boy isn’t only beautiful, he’s super talented as well!

#4 – Ghostbusters 1 & 2 AND the new Ghostbusters video game.

According to the Wikipedia (so you know it’s absolutely true!), they (whoever “they” are) are making a third Ghostbusters film due out in 2012.  WICKED!  Recently Fraser picked up the new Ghostbusters video game for the Xbox 360, and watching him play has reminded me of just how much I loved the original films and how long it’s been since I last saw them.  Promptly, I set out to the local Best Buy and picked up the Ghostbusters 1 & 2 double feature gift set. Both films for a very low price, a super cool “making of the films” booklet and a great way to revisit a couple of super fun films from my childhood.

As for the Ghostbusters game, Fraser LOVES it (in fact he’s playing it right now!).  “It’s like being in a Ghostbusters film” he keeps telling me.  Maybe I’ll have to give it a shot myself at some point.  The animation looks amazing and the voices are all provided by the original movie cast!  Who you ganna call?


One word – AMAZING!  I first discovered this fantastic zombie/end of the world mini series thanks to my dear friend Reikro (and I will be eternally grateful to him for this!!). Dead Set is a critically acclaimed BAFTA-nominated horror drama created by English writer Charlie Brooker. The series is set in the Big Brother house, and was first aired on E4 on 27 October 2008. The five episodes, aired over five consecutive nights, chronicle a zombie outbreak that strands the housemates and production staff inside the house, which quickly becomes a shelter from the undead.

Dead Set is  funny in parts — hilarious really — and absolutely HORRIFIC in other parts.  We’re talking sleep with the lights on and jump at the slightest little sound kind of sleep with the lights!

Dead Set is currently only available on DVD Region 2, but now that it’s aired in North America, I am sure that we’ll be seeing a region 1 version very soon!

#6 – “A gathering of Crows” by Brian Keene

Well, you all know I think Brian Keene is a GOD amongst authors – he is EASILY my favorite author —  and it seems that every year I have to include one of his novels in my Halloween top 10… but honestly, if you have never read a Brian Keene novel and you’re a horror fan, then you are REALLY MISSING OUT!  The man is an exceptional writer, and his books are always so beautifully fleshed out and perfectly paced, they are next to impossible to put down.

His latest novel “A gathering of crows” may not necessarily reinvent the “trying to get out of dodge before something nasty that’s killing everybody in dodge kills you too” wheel, but it’s incredibly action packed and the horrific details are rich and sublime. And while an ex-Amish man may seem an unlikely protagonist for such a novel, I assure you that the wonderful character of Levi Stoltfuz is not to be trifled with.

Those of you who like to start from the beginning will want to read “ Dark Hollow” and “Ghostwalk” before “crows” as these terrific novels introduce you to Levi and, to a lesser extent, prepare you for the events that occur in “A gathering of crows”.

As night falls, five demonic, shadowy figures descend on Brinkley Springs to feed as they have for centuries, in a feast of carnage and murder. Before the night is through the town will be decimated, and terror—and blood—will run in the streets.

#7 – “Snow” by Ronald Malfi

I like variety in my authors, but all the books I read have to be well written and contain strong and beautifully fleshed out characters. I was browsing the horror section at my local Chapters store a few months back, and happened upon “Snow” by Ronald Malfi, quite by accident.  I admit, the cover caught my eye.  I wasn’t familiar with Malfi’s work, but the book description on the back cover convinced me to buy it.

I will never play in the snow again!!! (O-o)

This novel is set in the dead of winter.  You actually feel frozen to the bone reading this.  Malfi’s ability to set the scene and to weave heart-stopping suspense is incredible.  The originality of his creatures is quite impressive and incredibly scary. They are frightening and oddly captivating all at once.

But I think what I loved best about “Snow” is it’s endearing cast of wonderful characters.  You’ve known them all at some point in your life, that’s how real these people feel.  Sure you don’t know who’s gonna make it from one chapter to the next, but that’s why it all works so well.  When these people die – and trust me, a whack-load of them do – you will feel heartbroken.

When a group of travelers have their flight canceled due to bad weather, they rent a car and begin a treacherous journey home. They find themselves stranded in a seemingly deserted town. However, there’s something alive in the snow…and it’s hungry!


Those of you who found season 5 of Supernatural to be about as cheerful as season 3 of Millennium (UGH!), raise your hands! Look, I am all for end of the world, grand apocalypse stories, but the hunky brother duo of Sam and Dean work best when they find a little time for humor amidst their monster/spook hunting.

Season 5 was originally slated as the final year of Supernatural, but the powers that be at the CW decided that they wanted the show back for a sixth season.  And so far, so good! Last week’s “Live Free or Twihard” was a refreshing take on Vampires.  God knows that Vampires need to stop being so frikkin’ sappy, and Sam and Deans’ bloodsuckers are the kind I like best – the SCARY kind.

So far, Supernatural season 6 has been quite good and promises some really wicked episodes in the months ahead.  And hey, even if the whole theme of the show isn’t your thing, Sam and Dean are really, REALLY easy on the eyes, and make each episode that much easier to watch!

Supernatural Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 are currently available on DVD, and a great way to catch up on all the fun! Alternatively you can get Seasons 1 – 4 on DVD in one great priced bundle from Amazon!


Oh yeah baby – Zombies and Star Wars in one book!!!  WICKED! Look, the truth is that I have yet to read Death Troopers.  I’ve been waiting for the paperback edition to come out, but now that it has, I can’t wait to dig in.

“When the Imperial prison barge Purge—temporary home to five hundred of the galaxy’s most ruthless killers, rebels, scoundrels, and thieves—breaks down in a distant part of space, its only hope appears to lie with a Star Destroyer found drifting and seemingly abandoned. But when a boarding party from the Purge is sent to scavenge for parts, only half of them come back—bringing with them a horrific disease so lethal that within hours nearly all aboard the Purge die in ways too hideous to imagine.

And death is only the beginning.

The Purge’s half-dozen survivors will do whatever it takes to stay alive. But nothing can prepare them for what lies waiting aboard the Star Destroyer. For the dead are rising: soulless, unstoppable, and unspeakably hungry.”

This is a stand alone SW tale by Joe Schreiber, so it doesn’t require that you read a billion other books to get up to speed. The reviews for this have been really good, and really – zombies and the Star Wars universe – what else do you need to know?  It’s available in hard cover or as a paperback!  Pick your poison!

#10 – Sexy Halloween Costumes

Looking at the very sexy Jezza Smilez all done up as a gorgeous cave man made me realize that one of my favorite parts of the Season are the costumes. Most folks like to keep things modest, but occasionally, those with big guns and washboard abs AND the guts to show them off can really get sexy keeping the Halloween spirit in mind!

Fraser discovered 3 Wishes, this terrific adult costumes website.  They have something for everyone, and a lot of very sexy choices. Show as much skin, or as little as you like!

I think you’ll all agree that while most of the outfits are an excuse to parade around mainly nekkid, they are still beautifully put together and will make your eyeballs pop out of their sockets.

Who knows, maybe next year, I’ll actually have the courage to try get one of them for myself.  I especially like the Fire marshal outfit…  Then again, October in Vancouver is pretty chilly.  That’s one costume choice I might live to regret!  LOL!

Jacko The Halloweener - 1280 x 1024

Jacko The Halloweener - 1680 x 1050

Have a wonderful Halloween, boys and girls. Have fun, be safe, and thanks for reading.  I’ll see you again very soon!
Hugz + kisses,
Patrick XOXOX

Jacko the Halloweener, © Copyright & TM 2010, Patrick Fillion / Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #177 – The Halloween issue!

Boytoons Magazine #177 cover

Good Evenink!

Welcome, dear friends to the 2009 Halloween issue of Boytoons Magazine.  It’s the issue where I wax eloquent about all the crazy, cooky, creepy things I’m lovin’ the most this season.  Plus it’s the frikkin’ Halloween issue – and Halloween is one of my favorite time of year – so you know I just love putting this issue together.  And hey, I even got to draw a new pic of Ghostboy with a stack of jack ‘o lanterns for this issue’s cover.  What fun!!!  Without further delay, let’s kick things off with my TOP 10 HALLOWEEN LIST for 2009! [Read more…]

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #140 – The Halloween Issue!

I love Halloween!  I love it as much as I love Christmas, and that is saying a lot!  I thought it would be fun to do a special Halloween issue this year, counting down my personal 10 recent fave Halloween treats.  And to celebrate the occasion, I thought I would draw a cover Boytoon that seems to scare a whole lot of you! Behold Stephane riding his Jack O Lantern! What you all have against clowns, I’ll never know!  LOL!

So without further delay, here are my fabulously scary top 10 Halloween Treats of 2008!

Written and Directed by the very crafty Spierig brothers, this is one of those low budget films that manages to look like a multi-million dollar budget flick.  This movie is so fun and so slick, you forget you’re watching something that cost about $1.50 to make.  In the tongue-in-cheek spirit of The Evil Dead and Dead Alive, Undead maintains the gore-drenched zombie horror tradition as five survivors take shelter in an isolated farmhouse to battle their way through a plague of walking dead.  It’s original and gives the Zombie genre a whole new twist that I just adored! That’s why this little beauty is my #1 Halloween treat of 2008!

#2… Jack Brooks Monster Slayer

What if Buffy had been a boy — A sexy, redneck boy with a real bad attitude and a great set of abs (well, at least on the DVD cover!)?  That’s essentially what this bizarre yet hilariously gory Horroromidy is all about.  And with Robert Englund chewing up the scenery, this one is headed straight for Cult Movie Status! Tentacle porn anyone?

#3… The Monster Trilogy
Okay, so I didn’t care for the second book as much as the first and third, but man o man, can David Wellington ever write a scary trilogy!  His Zombie saga is terribly engrossing and keeps you holding your breath!  Monster Island sees New York become a graveyard of voracious yet frighteningly smart zombies.  Monster Nation, though very cool in its own way, has a lot of military stuff in it (which I seldom like!).  Monster Planet makes you want to sleep with the lights on!  Fantastic reading!

#4… Crossed
Published by Avatar Press, this is one freaky comicbook!  Of course it is, it’s written by Garth Ennis and illustrated by Jacen Burrows.  It’s the bloody end of the world alright, and the “infected” or whatever the fuck they are like to rip you apart and then do things to your body part!  Seriously nasty – and seriously addictive! Though be warned, this little blood fest is NOT for the feint of heart!


Because not everything Halloween has to be about Zombies, blood and mischief, the UGLYDOLLS are the coolest stuffed thing-a-majigs to hit the shelves in a long, long time. Uglydolls are plush, lovable characters that show us that being UGLY means accepting our differences and embracing our flaws. They’re so ugly, they’re adorable.  They come in several different sizes and there are a ton of characters to choose from!

#6… Day of The Dead

I will confess, this is the one Zombie flick that features army stuff that I actually really liked.  It’s no academy award winner by any stretch, but it’s mighty entertaining.  Nick Cannon, Mena Suvari and Ving Rhames star in this horror film based on the George A. Romero classic zombie film. A mysterious virus has infected the small town of Leadville, Colorado, and the military is brought in to enforce a quarantine and stop the spread of the disease. As people perish, survivors realize that the virus is creating the walking dead who crave human flesh. Only a small number of people are immune to the virus, and those few survivors must battle to fend off the infected zombies while trying to make it out of town alive. Great gory fun!

#7… The Ruins
I went into this film with “0” expectations and found myself surprisingly entertained.  Populated by the most insufferable and annoying 20-somethings you could possibly imagine, you actually begin to care for each one of the characters as their doom seems rather inescapable.  Sufficiently creepy to make you keep your feet on the couch, and rather believable in its decent into madness plot line!  Read the book by Scott Smith or watch the movie, but either way, you ought to check this one out!

#8… Fangland
Trust me – this one is Vampires with (at last) a new twist!  Written by John Marks, Fangland has to be read to be believed.  Anything else I tell you here would only spoil the fun and surprises the book holds in store!

#9… Monster Quest
Finally on DVD, this fantastic series is a must for all of you who have ever wondered about the truth behind stuff like Big Foot, Giant Squids, Werewolves, and Sea Monsters!  The series is intelligent and unbiased, and is guaranteed to keep you entertained and actually maybe even teach you something new.  But don’t expect proof beyond a doubt of the existence of the show’s elusive creatures of the week – that sort of thing would make headline news before ending up on a show put together by the History channel!  Still, well worth shelling out for the complete first season!

#10… The Big Penis Book
Okay – so the Big Penis Book isn’t so much about Halloween, but trust me when I tell you it’s DEFINITELY about monsters! Monster cocks, that is.  In The Big Penis Book we explore the centuries-old fascination with the large phallus, a fascination common to men and women alike. This hefty book is profusely illustrated with over 400 historic photos of spectacular male endowments, including rare photos of the legendary John Holmes. The majority of the photographs are from the 1970s, when the sexual revolution first freed photographers to depict the male entirely nude. Photographers include Bob Mizer of Athletic Model Guild, David Hurles of Old Reliable, Colt, Falcon, Sierra Domino, Third World, and Champion Studios, with each of these iconic photographers interviewed or profiled, along with information about each of their models. The Big Penis Book is written and compiled by Dian Hanson and published by Taschen.

So there you are, dear friends – my top 10 Halloween Treats of 2008!  If you get around to sampling any of them ( or if you already have) do let me know what you think!  You know me!  I love discussing this stuff!

Happy Halloween!
Hugz + Kisses,
Patrick XOXO

Stephane © Copyright 2008 Patrick Fillion / Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.

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