Hello Boys and Girls!

Every now and then I come across a new artist that blows me away with his talent, his concepts and the ease with which he creates. The fabulously talented EVO SAPIEN is such an artist.  He’s someone who seamlessly infuses a beautiful mixture of mainstream comic book flare with hot, cutting edge male erotica into his work . The results are pretty darn superb!

Sexy studs getting dirty in the shower. Beautiful artwork created by EVO SAPIEN!

The delicious APEX, one of Evo's OC's. I do so love sexy Bug Boys! Art by EVO SAPIEN!

Spidey pounds the Human Torch! Super sexy Marvel fan art by EVO SAPIEN!

When you first look at his portfolio, you may get a sense that Evo has an appreciation for the late Michael Turner, comics (of course) as well as Japanese Animé art, and that’s absolutely not a bad thing because those are great inspirations to have. But Evo takes his inspirations and adeptly weaves in his own special touch, creating unique art in a wonderful style all his own, with powerfully potent results. There’s a very clean elegance to his work.  Evo’s well-rounded artistic ability allows him to create extremely accessible gay male erotica that has such a beautiful mainstream flare to it, you’d expect to be able to buy his work off any comic book rack. That’s something I truly love about his stuff – it effortlessly bridges the gap between mainstream and erotica!

An excerpt from EVO SAPIEN'S superbly HAWT Spider-Man fan art comic "SHOOTERS"! Check out the rest of the comic on Evo's website.

Look at his illustration of Spidey giving it to the Human Torch. It could be the cover to an issue of Marvel Team-Up and the art easily measuring up to anything Marvel has put out. And if you love Evo’s take on Spidey (as I’m sure you do!), you’ll love his SHOOTERS comic, in which he pits a hopelessly outmatched Spidey against the incredibly horny Venom who wants nothing more that to bone his arch-nemesis in every way imaginable! It’s the wet dream cum true of every Spider-Man fan who’s ever fantasized about seeing their friendly neighborhood web-slinger getting down and dirty. Trust me, it’s FREAKIN’ HAWT!

Evo seems equally comfortable drawing Furry guys as he is drawing human dudes. In fact, his furry art is some of the most striking I’ve ever seen. It’s playful and sensual, and always drawn and colored with super skill.  Who’s a good dog? The hunk below sure is! ;)

Fabulous Furry Dog-Boy art by EVO SAPIEN!

EVO SAPIEN'S line art and his beautiful colors make a winning combination. What a view!

And so, all of Evo’s beautiful Spider-Man art, his fabulous Furry work and of course his massive collection of scorchingly sexy male art made me absolutely want to work with him on some Class Comics projects. This is an artist who is as professional as he is talented, and our first project together was the STRIPSHOW episode “The Voodoo that you do”. Evo’s take on Ghostboy is wonderful, and his rendition of the Prick, a character that has been absent from recent Class Comics is truly fantastic. Part one is superb, but just wait until you see part 2 (and be sure you’re signed up to the Class Comics monthly newsletter — that’s where you’ll see it first!). Evo draws Diablo for the first time in part 2 and he looks absolutely delicious.  Just wait and see!

GHOSTBOY falls prey to the PRICK in "The Voodoo that you do" part 1 of a 2-part STRIPSHOW. Art by EVO SAPIEN. Story by Patrick Fillion.

You know, I could go on and on about this artist that I love as a creator and as a new pal. His work is so lovely and always brings a big smile to my face and a big bulge to my pants! LOL! But again, why take it from me when you can see for yourselves. His website is absolutely brimming with stunning art, and Evo himself is really great at up-keeping his Blog entries, keeping us abreast of his latest projects and showing us the latest art he’s creating. I love that about him – so talented and so prolific. It’s a great combination in an artist.

"Twisted Fate" illustration by EVO SAPIEN!

So check out this artist who is so adept at drawing, coloring and conceiving of this amazingly sensual art. For my part, I promise you’ll see more of his work with Class Comics very soon. When someone is this gifted and this great to work with, I just can’t stay away. He does all this wonderful artwork, AND also reviews cool Gay interest and comic book stuff on his site as well. EVO SAPIEN’s talents are diverse and I’m a big fan for life!

Hugz + kisses,
Patrick XOXOX

All artwork and original characters © Copyright 2012, Evo Sapien. All rights reserved.

Ghostboy and the Prick © Copyright & TM 2012, Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved. 

Spider-Man, Venom and the Human Torch © Copyright & TM 2012, Marvel Characters Inc. All rights reserved. 



The official "Ghostboy and Diablo 7 Days!" mini comic promo poster. Art by Patrick Fillion for Class Comics.

Hey Gang…

I’ve very excited to show you all the Promo Poster for my all new GHOSTBOY & DIABLO mini comic, coming February 2012 from Class Comics. The mini is called “7 Days” and I wrote and drew it. In this story, Diablo gets kidnapped by an obsessive fan and it’s up to Ghostboy to find his boyfriend before it’s too late.  This story is a little prequel to GHOSTBOY AND DIABLO #1 and is only going to be available as a Class Access digital mini comic, until it’s eventual release in Rapture #5.

You GB&D fans are NOT gonna want to miss this.  I’ve done my best to pull out ALL THE STOPS in this little gem, and trust me when I tell you that Diablo gets put through major paces for an entire week while Ghostboy searches for him!

I’ll keep you posted and let you know when it becomes available.  In the meantime I hope you enjoy the poster.

Hugz + kisses, Patrick XOXOX

Ghostboy and Diablo are © Copyright & TM 2012, Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved. 


Hello spooky Trick or Treaters!

It’s Halloween again, admittedly, one of my favorite times of year. Every October, I look forward to putting together my Halloween top 10 list for my spooktacular Halloween BTM issue… but this year, I thought I might do a little something different. I invite you all to celebrate the Halloween spirit with me!


A few weeks back, my good pal Dinosaurprince reminded me of my love of Classic Horror comics and magazines, such as Eerie, Terror Tales and of course, Witches’ Tales! Seems he stumbled upon a wonderful video over on You Tube that he was kind enough to send my way. The video in question actually takes illustrations from the covers of some of those very Classic Horror magazines and animates it – brilliantly I might add – to the tune of the Johnson-Smith Novelty Company “Horror Record”. This is a fantastic trip down memory lane, and I have to say that for me, it was a great way to kick off this year’s Halloween season. Check this out. It’s well worth sitting through the entire thing.

Some of us remember those old black and white magazines that scared the poop out of us as kids. My parents were quite clear: I wast NOT supposed to have copies of these magazines. I didn’t care! Like most kids, I had them anyway, secretly hiding them under my mattress and waiting until bedtime to read them. And then, the nightmares began! LOL! Of course as I got older, the Horror magazines under my mattress were replaced by porno magazines, but these Classic Horror gems always held a very special palace in my heart.

Classic Horror magazine covers! FRIGHTENING STUFF!

I couldn’t wait to share this year’s Halloween issue cover with you! It’s a liberal reinterpretation of the “Witches’ Tales” March 1972 cover. I replaced the helpless damsel with a helpless – and less clothed – young hunk. I employed some artistic license with the vampire and werewolf/hunchback characters to come up with this deliciously horrific and evil cover concoction. Yes, it’s violent… yes it’s frightening! Yes… it’s HALLOWEEN!

Being an adult now (most of the time at any rate), it also occurred to me that the covers to these Classic Horror magazines regularly perpetrated bloody violence against cowering, helpless women. So those of you who may find this year’s Halloween issue cover a tad… I dunno… “OUCH”… should keep in mind that sometimes, a role reversal is fair game. HA! HA! HA!

Thank you to Dinosaurprince for sending this link to me and for reminding me that these now rare and cherished magazines were a huge part of my Halloween dreams as a kid.

This year's BOYTOONS MAGAZINE HALLOWEEN issue cover was inspired by the cover of WITCHES' TALES, March 1972 issue cover.


It doesn’t have to be Halloween for me to get excited about Zombies. They are my favorite fictional (fictional up to this point, anyhow… you just never know the way the world is going! Mwah-ha! Ha!) monsters and thanks to their recent comeback, now they even star in television’s number 1 show. Of course I am referring to AMC’s fantastic WALKING DEAD! Season 2 just started up, so be sure to tune in.

I love Zombies and seek them out in books, movies and video games like some rabid freak.  But can Zombies be sexy! Ewwww… I kinda don’t think so… and yet, BEHOLD the brand new ZOMBIE DILDO, fresh… or not so fresh… from the freaky minds of the Fleshlight folks! What can I tell you, there is something undeniably desirable about this rotted, decomposing, undead member. I swear, I want one only to keep it on my desk in my studio… because I dunno if I could actually bear the thought of uhm, playing with it. LOL!

The Fleshligh freaks "Zombie Dildo"! Get your decomposing member today!

The Fleshlight folks have thought of everything, and also offer up a lovely rotten Zombie vagina Fleshlight for those of you preferring the undead of the female gender! The sculpting on these things is brilliant, and actually incredibly artistic. They’re fantastic… and fantastically CREEPY!!! :D  The Zombie Dildo is part of the “Fleshlight Freaks” line or horrific dills, which also features an alien, drac, Frankenstein and cyborg model, all equally alluringly creepy!

If you still need proof that Zombies can be sexy, then have a look at this hunky walker, beautifully created, and attentively (and morbidly :D) detailed by the lovely and talented Caravaggia. Hey… don’t feel weird if you pop wood looking at this stud… you won’t be the first to do so. Erm… or so I’m told!

"Speeerrrm!" Is there such a thing as a Sexy Zombie? You be the judge! Art by Caravaggia.


Nothing scares the crud out of you more than a truly well crafted Horror Novel, and I LIVE to read these things, especially around Halloween. I just finished reading an incredible book entitled “OUTPOST” by Adam Baker, and I literally could not put it down. And believe me, if I get bored at any point during a book, to the fringes it goes, unfinished and forgotten. I almost cried when I finished Outpost… like saying goodbye to a great friend, that’s how sad I was that I’d finished it so quickly! LOL!

Any book that opens with the line… “Jane woke, stretched, and decided to kill herself” is coming home with me! OUTPOST is about the end of the world, and Baker’s spin on the demise of mankind is like nothing I’ve ever read before. I am a HUGE fan of post-apocalyptic horror novels… so believe me when I say, I’ve read a ton and this one is FRESH!

“They took the job to escape the world. They didn’t expect the world to end. Kasker Rampart: a derelict refinery platform moored in the Arctic Ocean. A skeleton crew of fifteen fight boredom and despair as they wait for a relief ship to take them home. But the world beyond their frozen wasteland has gone to hell. Cities lie ravaged by a global pandemic. One by one TV channels die, replaced by silent wavebands. The Rampart crew are marooned. They must survive the long Arctic winter, then make their way home alone. They battle starvation and hypothermia, unaware that the deadly contagion that has devastated the world is heading their way…”

"OUTPOST" written by Adam Baker. One of the most thrilling Horror books I've ever read!

What’s so bloody magnificent about this book is that Baker’s writing style is as stark and bold as the story he’s telling. I LOVE THIS MAN’S WRITING! You know how some authors are in love with the sound of their own pens? Not Baker. He gets to the point. Beautifully and skillfully so, without pretension. He writes for his reader, and his characters are superbly flawed, and yet undeniably real. You can’t help but to put yourself in their snowboots!

Fans of John Carpenter’s “The Thing” and of Zombie apocalypses (though Zombies aren’t what’s going on in this creatively-fresh page turner), READ THIS BOOK! If you love a compelling and frightening read that deals with the end of times, you will love “Outpost”. Mr. baker, if you read this, please oh please write more books soon! I believe I’m quite addicted to your writing!


Getting into the Halloween spirit doesn’t just mean buying spooky books, decaying dildos or watching scary movies. In fact, one of my favorite Halloween activities is touring Halloween attractions. Fraser and I decided this year that we would go to the infamous DUNBAR HAUNTED HOUSE in Vancouver. All proceeds from the attraction are donated to local charities, and believe me when I tell you that the organizers of this event go ALL OUT and pull no punches!

The 7th Annual Dunbar Haunted House! Great, spooky fun for adult trick or treaters!

We met our 4 friends for dinner at a restaurant called “Transylvania”!!! I KID YOU NOT! How’s that for a Halloween theme. After dinner we headed to the warehouse district where the Halloween Haunted House attraction was set up. The line-up wasn’t too bad (as it was still several days before Halloween), and actually a lot of fun anyway, because there were zombies and killer clowns stalking people in the line!  I got a photo with a particularly gruesome zombie, and I don’t mind telling you, it’s a HORRIBLE photo of yours truly, so I must really love you guys to post this here! LOL! Special thanks to my lovely friend Maggie for snapping this hideous photo of me! Can you feel my fear, folks… or my many chins?!?! YIKES! LOL!

This could possibly be the very WORST photo of me, EVER... but what the Hell, I'm in the Halloween spirit so I choose to scare you with it! HA! HA! HA! And my Zombie pal was AMAZING!

The attraction itself was a blast. This year, it seemed that demented clowns were a big part of their theme (hence why I’m including my fan art of Shivers from the movie Fear of Clowns in this post!).

Shivers the Clown from the wicked film "Fear of Clowns"! Fan Art by Patrick Fillion.

Anyway, back to the haunted house… I don’t mind telling you I was the bravest of us 6! My friends Isabelle and Mickael practically wet themselves and kept screaming like 3 year old girls, but in their defense, it was all rather frightening. My poor Fraser screamed himself hoarse! LOL! Everything was super well set up… movie-quality props and the owner went all out. On top of things, you never knew what was not real, and what was actually a person underneath the makeup, ready to jump out at you and freak the crap out of you. A particularly disgusting chainsaw maniac chased us down a corridor… it was AWESOME! This place was “no children allowed” on account of how scary it was… So believe me when I tell you the level of horror was truly TOP NOTCH!

If you get the opportunity to check out a Halloween attraction in your area, I highly recommend it. As adults, we can’t really trick or treat any more, but we can still be big kids at heart, and these hunted house attractions are the perfect way to have a great time getting into the spirit of things!


Of course one of my favorite things about the Halloween season is all the sexy artwork it inspires. Creators of homo erotic art let their imaginations run wild around this time of year, and the results are perfectly spooky eye candy for all to feast upon!

Take a look at Cray‘s delicious werewolf hunk, you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. I love this image! So festive and sexy and HAWT! Imagine running into that gorgeous creature of the night on your way to a Halloween party! YUMMY! :D Beautiful work, Cray! Thanks so much for treating us to this hunky wolfboy!

A super sexy Werewolf hunk created by the very-talented Cray!

If you head on over to Dinosaurprince’s Kingdom, you’ll feast upon a whole slew of sexy Halloween-themed artwork featuring some of his studliest creations as illustrated by a veritable army of artists. In fact, Belvadar, my favorite of Dinosaurprince’s boys is heavily featured this year. He’s such a sexy character, I couldn’t help myself last year… I HAD to draw him myself!

BELVADAR fan art by Patrick Fillion. Belvadar © Copyright 2011 Dinosaurprince. All rights reserved.

Yours truly gets very inspired around Halloween. You may remember how I introduced Class Comics fans to JACKO THE HALLOWEENER last year? He’s back this year again, and this time he’s giving Ghostboy a Halloween night to remember.

This fun little animation created by a pirate... And I'm not talking about his Halloween costume, either!

Ghostboy and Jacko the Halloweener in "Halloween Moon". Art and Story by Patrick Fillion.

Normally this STRIPSHOW episode would be released with the Class Comics Halloween newsletter, but I couldn’t wait for that. I had to share it with you today!


However you choose to celebrate Halloween, I wish you all a wonderfully memorable one. I hope you’ve enjoyed this year’s Halloween issue of BOYTOONS MAGAZINE, and I leave you tonight with a batch of wallpaper designs featuring this year’s cover artwork as well as some of my past Halloween artwork! Enjoy, dear friends, and Happy Halloween to you all!

Unpleasant dreams to you all! Mwah-Ha! ha! ha!
Patrick XOXOX

Happy Halloween Camili-Cat! Widescreen 1680 x 1050

Happy Halloween Camili-Cat! Standard Screen 1280 x 1024

Happy Halloween 2011! Widescreen 1680 x 1050

Happy Halloween 2011! Standard Screen 1280 x 1024

Happy Halloween Stephane! Widescreen 1680 x 1050

Happy Halloween Stephane! Widescreen 1280 x 1024

Happy Halloween Ghostboy! Widescreen 1680 x 1050

Happy Halloween Ghostboy! Standard Screen 1280 x 1024

Happy Halloween Jacko! Widescreen 1680 x 1050

Happy Halloween Jacko! Standard Screen 1280 x 1024

All Class Comics characters are © Copyright and TM 2011 Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.

All other characters © 2011 their respective owners.

The BOYTOONS MAGAZINE Halloween 2011 issue!

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #211 – Johnny M reviews GHOSTBOY and DIABLO #1


If one thing is constant in the universe — any universe — it’s change. Nothing stays the same forever, and this is especially true when it comes to humanity. Hearts and minds can change on a whim, and often without explanation. Change is also at the heart of Ghostboy and Diablo #1.

At first glance, Ghostboy and Diablo may seem to be an unlikely combination. The very much gay Ghostboy and the presumably straight Diablo may have been one of the last couples that one would expect to find in the Class Comics universe. However, after Ghostboy’s personality took a slight turn for the harder after he had his body usurped by Daddy Longlegs, the two of them seem highly compatible. Even then, it was a huge surprise when their story in Boytoons Adventures #2 ended with a passionate kiss.

GHOSTBOY AND DIABLO #1 now available from Class Comics.

The two heroes do work well together, both in daring deeds and in romance. Their rapport is established very quickly in the pages of their first comic as a couple, and it seems entirely natural almost immediately. After breaking up with the much more flamboyant and occasionally flippant Naked Justice, Diablo’s more steady and steely personality seem like a better match for Ghostboy, and this is clear even in the mostly dialogue-free love scene in the middle of the book. This isn’t just sex: it’s passion.

What also brings the two together is the fact that both of them are not 100% out of the closet. Ghostboy’s never told his mother, and Diablo is just now starting to question his sexuality…and how to break the news to his wife. As in the lives of many gay men, the truth comes out in the most unexpected and unplanned ways. We’ve all had speeches prepared, worked our courage up to say “I’m gay” to our loved ones, often to have the whole thing backfire when we’re outed under much less controlled circumstances. Circumstances couldn’t be less controlled than what happens here.

Ghostboy and Diablo's relationship feels like a "First Love". Excerpt from Class Comics' GHOSTBOY and DIABLO #1.

Like in all Class Comics, there’s a strong degree of sympathy for the reader in the pages of this book. All of us have been in Ghostboy’s or Diablo’s shoes, at least when it comes to the proper time, place, and way to come out. Even though both Ghostboy and Diablo have both had relationships before, this feels like a first love for them both, and it has all the hallmarks of the beginnings of that first, heady relationship that most of us know. Sure, one of these guys can walk through walls and the other is literally a horny devil, but we can all see where they’re coming from.

Ghostboy and Diablo: Together at last!

The story isn’t the only great thing about the book, though. Jacob Mott does fantastic work here, giving Patrick Fillion’s story the same vivid immediacy that he did for the Naked Justice Beginnings series. Like those books, this title has a style a little less detailed than Patrick’s signature look, but it’s nonetheless compelling and eye-catching. It’s Disney-esque in all the best ways, from the curls on Ghostboy’s head to the literally tooth-shattering blow Diablo gives to a thug. It compliments the words beautifully and gives the book an exciting energy.

Hope you know a good dentist!

Patrick has also laid the seeds for what may prove to be one of his most interesting titles. The unusual combination of Ghostboy and Diablo, as well as the almost effortless chemistry that the characters seem to have, make their romance very intriguing. The revelations about Ghostboy’s past also spark a lot of questions that you’ll just be dying to have answered. There’s a lot going on under the surface here, and it’s going to be difficult to wait to see what happens.

Ghostboy and Diablo have effortless chemistry! Excerpt from Class Comics' Ghostboy and Diablo #1.

In the meantime, I plan on studying the full-page panel on page 11. What? It’s purely academic, I swear. It’s not just because it’s one of the hottest, most erotic pictures in the Class Comics universe ever. Why don’t you believe me?

Johnny M, October 2011.

Johnny M recently penned the six-part series of insightful essays, “Thursdays with Patrick”,  based upon the characters of the Class Comics Universe for the FANBOYS OF THE UNIVERSE website.  His recent JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS retrospective is not only inspired, but it will propel you back to your childhood with panache and flare. A million thank yous to ya Johnny for this wonderful review of GHOSTBOY and DIABLO #1! Smooches to you, my friend!  — Patrick XOXOX


GHOSTBOY, DIABLO and all other characters © Copyright and TM Class Comics Inc. All Rights Reserved.  Art by Jacob Mott. 

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #205 – Happy 2011!!

Time sure flies when you’re moving.  I know, I know – who’s ever heard of people moving into a new home in the middle of December, January?  Well, it does happen.  I just did it.  And boy am I glad it’s over!! I’m very pleased to announce that I am now happily settled into my new digs and I am absolutely over the moon happy.

Of course you know what else comes with happiness, don’t you? That’s right.  Creativity!  And boy-O-boy am I feeling a crap load of that right now… which is good, because I have some really exciting plans for 2011.

I thought I’d kick the New Year off with a new look for Boytoons Magazine.  The cover of this issue sports the new logo treatment and I must confess, though the change is quite drastic – cutting down from the name of the mag to it’s bare initials – I am finding it nicely refreshing.

Locus' impressive wares are inspected by two potential customers in Class Comics' up-coming "LOCUS #1", with art and story by Patrick Fillion.

Look for Class Comics' up-coming "LOCUS #1" in early 2011!

And while I will give you a much more in-depth look at up-coming projects like “Locus #1” in the coming weeks, for now I will simply settle for whetting your appetite with a little hint of the filthy pleasures to come this year.

So yes. “Locus #1”. I am so in love with that book and I can’t wait to share it with you.  If all goes well, I am hoping to see the issue hit the stores by March/April of this year.  I really feel it’s high time Locus got his own title, and this comic will finally give him the lime-light he deserves.  Don’t expect Locus to get off easy, either.  This issue definitely puts him through his paces! And as an added bonus, you’re gonna get to see how how he and Camili-Cat met for the very first time. Jolly good times!

Has Diablo met his match? The School Girl sure thinks so! Excerpt from the up-coming Class Comics title "GHOSTBOY AND DIABLO #1". Art by Jacob Mott. Story by Patrick Fillion.

Also coming up this year is the long-awaited “Ghostboy and Diablo #1”, written by yours truly and brilliantly illustrated by the fantastic Jacob Mott.  This issue is gonna be really big, and is finally going to give you a closer look at the two lead characters, as well as expose you to the most intimate details of their personal lives.  Oh and did I mention the sex in this book is nothing short of spectacular?! Yup. S-P-E-C-T-A-C-U-L-A-R!!! Just you wait and see! ;) All that and some awesome character cameos are gonna make for a scorching-hot first issue!

Prince Allen enjoys being the King in Javi Cuho and Silvanno up-coming "LOST KINGDOM #1".

The incredibly talented Javi Cuho and Silvano Cernunno team up to bring us the absolutely breathtaking “Lost Kingdom #1”. This action-packed title blends mystery, fantasy with torrid sex and chronicles the struggle between the Kingdom of Piros and the Kingdom of Paggo.  These two peoples have been at war for countless years, and now they’re hoping that the marriage of their respective royal heirs, the hunky and passionate Prince Allen and the enigmatic Princess Naiah (who is not all “she” appears) will at last put an end to the bloodshed and strife.

Allen better watch his back side, or his rule as King will be cut very short in "LOST KINGDOM #1". On sale soon from Class Comics.

Of course nothing ever goes according to plan, and Turgoloth, a mysterious interloper crashes the wedding and all Hell breaks loose as he unleashes his horrific hordes onto the happy couple.  I freakin’ LOVE LOVE LOVE this comic!  I am not just saying that, either!!  I am literally DYING to see it in print! It’s a fantastic read and an INSTANT turn-on!! I’ll have more for you on this superb series in the weeks to come.

Meanwhile, there are several other wicked projects planned for 2011, and I’ll fill you in on those later as well, but before I go for now, I thought you’d like to know that the STRIPSHOW episodes are also heating up in 2011.  Watch closely as Mako Finn gets his own adventure, and look for more Zahn and Space Cadet mini stories this year as well.

Mako meets marine biologist Akeno Mori in an up-c0ming epsiode for Class Comics' "STRIPSHOW". Art by Jacob Mott. Story by Patrick Fillion.

That’s all for me today, folks. I hope you’ve enjoyed this teasing look at what’s in store for the New Year. Stay tooned, my friends, ‘cause I’ll have some more cool stuff to share with you very soon!

Hugz + kisses and a Happy 2011 to you all!!

Patrick XOXOX

All Class Comics characters and artwork © Copyright and TM 2010, Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.

I LOVE Halloween – A post a day – Day 9


I love it as much, if not more in some ways than Christmas. It’s so much fun with all the candy and the costumes and the horror movies and the golden opportunities to draw special Halloween-themed illustrations!  I love it all.

Camili-Cat celebrates Halloween! Art by Patrick Fillion.

In the past, I’ve always created a special illustration of one of my boys for the Boytoons Magazine Halloween issue cover ( not to worry, this year’s Halloween issue is coming up in just a few days), but this year, I thought I would go even further and create a BRAND NEW CHARACTER for the occasion.  You’ll be meeting JACKO the HALLOWEENER (yes. Pun intended!) very soon, and I promise you he is all about the Halloween spirit — spooky, but being a Class Comics character, also VERY hot!! LOL!

Sweet Treat, a Halloween Themed illustration by Patrick Fillion for the pages of Black Inches, 2005.

Jacko is even gonna meet SPACE CADET for the first time in this month’s STRIPSHOW episode, which will premiere with the October 2010 Class Comics newsletter, heading out later this week (be sure to sign up for our newsletter if you haven’t already. That way you won’t miss the episode!).  I thought, why not really get into the Halloween spirit this year and do a bit more than just a solo image for the occasion.  The other awesome thing about this STRIPSHOW episode is that I did it in my BOYTOON ADVENTURES drawing style (BELIEVE ME! it REALLY suits the Holiday), and it’s the very first time we get to see Space Cadet in that style (beyond being a poster in a dorm room!)!  How cool is that?

Stephane celebrates Halloween. Art by Patrick Fillion.

There are still a few days to wait for Jacko to arrive on the Halloween issue cover, but in the meantime, I thought it might be fun to revisit a few of my past year’s Halloween illustrations! I hope you enjoy my Halloweenized Cam, Stephane, Ghostboy and of course my “sweet treat” African-American Halloween Hunk.  I’ll see you back here tomorrow for Day 10!


Ghostboy celebrates Halloween. Art by Patrick Fillion.

Camili-Cat, Stephane, Ghostboy and Sweet Treat © Copyright & TM 2010, Patrick Fillion / Class Comics.  All rights reserved.

Ghostboy and Diablo #1 Special Sneak Peek – A post a day – Day 3

Good evening, guys and gals!

You may recall a few months ago I mentioned that a GHOSTBOY and DIABLO mini series was in the works?  The first issue picks up after some of the events that happened in BOYTOON ADVENTURES #1.  GB and Diablo’s relationship has taken on a new direction, to say the least.  This series will really explore and flesh out  these two characters who for too long have been second bananas to other more mainstream Boytoons.

Personally I think it’s about time these two got a little limelight.  They are both characters that I created in the early 90’s and I’ve always adored them. I know that they are big fan favorites too.  I am CRAZY EXCITED to show you some art from GHOSTBOY and DIABLO #1 today, by none other than the ultra-talented JACOB MOTT.

Jacob and I have such a wonderful working relationship.  I dare say we are extremely in sync with one another creatively, and when I write projects I know he’s gonna draw, I really do my best to keep his style and artistic likes in mind.  The Naked Justice: Beginnings series is turning out so very well and I am thrilled to have this project to collaborate with him on as well.

GHOSTBOY and DIABLO #1, art by Jacob Mott, story by Patrick Fillion. Coming 2011 from Class Comics.

In this page, we find Diablo modeling “Horny Devil” underwear at a special store opening.  Obviously something has gone terribly wrong, and the School Girl ( I FRIKKIN’ LOVE HER!!!) shows up looking for some payback after what happened to her boyfriend, Daddy Longlegs, back in Rapture #3. Poor Diablo gets caught up in a battle with her and well… loses his expensive new underwear!  LOL!

A cool Sneak Peek at GHOSTBOY and DIABLO #1 interior art, by Jacob Mott.

Jacob is working very hard on the pages for this book, and you can expect GHOSTBOY and DIABLO #1 out next year. But in the meantime, enjoy the little sneak peek, and in case you missed it in our Class Comics Spetember 2010 Newsletter (sign up folks — there’s lots of monthly fun in our newsletter to be had!!), check out the wicked STRIPSHOW episode that prequels Diablo’s side story as the spokes model for Horny Devil underwear.

Diablo gets a new job! STRIPSHOW episode "Horny Devil" - story by Patrick Fillion, art by Jacob Mott.

See ya tomorrow, gang!  Have a great evening!
Hugz + kisses, Patrick XOXO

Diablo, Schoolgirl, Ghostboy, Lavollay and all other characters are © Copyright 2010, Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #201 – The Gift of Art!

Hello my friends…

It’s been a while since I last posted.  It’s been quite a busy September.  I’ve been working like a madman on LOCUS #1, and you’ll be glad to learn that the book is officially HALF done. Yup, I’m twelve completely penciled and inked pages in, and boy-o-boy, I am really stoked about this one.

But enough about Locus for now — today, I want to share some terrific artwork with you. It was my birthday in August, and a bunch of my friends and fans got together to create some exceptionally beautiful birthday art gifts for me.  Many of them arrived via the wonderful Dinosaurprince, while others came from colleagues and pals, such as the amazing Eric Mars (who is currently hard at work drawing SPOT and the ANI-MALES #1, written by yours truly! I’ll have more on that subject for you shortly!)

Spot getting it on with Imanno! So many Class Comics fans dream about this particular team-up, now made reality by the amazing Eric Mars.

This stunning illustration of Zahn was drawn by the wonderful Aneros, based upon a concept by Dinosaurprince.

This time Aneros drew Incubus, the sexy son of Diablo!

I was so moved by all of these gorgeous art gifts.  You guys know how much I ADORE fan art, so needless to say, these were the perfect gifts for the boy who loves to see how other artists interpret his characters.

While some of these beautiful pieces weren’t strictly sent as birthday gifts to me, they did arrive around the time of my birthday, so I thought it would be nice to show them off here as well.

The wickedly talented JOTTO decided to give Ghostboy a gift this year, and designed him a sexy new costume!

A truly magnificent illustration of Zahn getting off, courtesy of the amazing Porkchopz-r-us!

Lucky Locus meets the gorgeous Jedi, Kit Fisto! Way to use the force, dude! Wicked art by Fallen based on a concept by Dinosaurprince.

And speaking of Kit, check out this adorable Chibi version of him by the lovely Demona.

We all know Cam loves Basketball. This very sexy illustration of a younger Cam comes form the fertile imagination of Dinosaurprince and was drawn by a very talented young artist named Karulox.

SUH-WEEET! The incredible Ink-B drew me a super sexy, electrifying male version of STORM!!! AWESOME!!

Here's anotehr superb pic from Fallen. This time he's created a rendition of Meezok from Zahn #2. Love those Priests of Ajul!

This beautiful illustration of the sultry Space Cadet and his hung-like-a-horse pal, Strider is brought to us by the fabulous Dinosaurprince and the incredible Maduinshorn.

Spot arrests Dinosaurprince's sexy boxer, Joey. So THAT's what those sticks are for! LOL! A gorgeous piece of art courtesy of Dinosaurprince and the incredibly talented Leon de Leon!

And speaking of Leon, get a load of this HOT HOT HOT pic of Diablo and a delicious Birthday cake with creamy filling! Leon apparently wanted to try the Bryce Peters/Boytoon Adventures style of art since he first saw the book, and this is the SUPERB result!

And now, the sexy variant, featuring the cocks of Locus and Mako Finn! Which candle would you BLOW first? HA! HA! HA!

Enjoy my friends. I will try to post on a more regular basis… but you all know what I need, don’t you?  Yup.  More hours in my days!  HA! HA! HA!

Love to you all, and thanks so very much to all of the wonderful artists who took the time to create these superb drawings for me!  You guys ROCK!

Hugz + kisses,
Patrick XOXO

GREAT BIG THANKS to the following artists for these incredible gifts:

Leon de Leon (Urbanmusiq)
Jotto (sadly no website available yet!)
Eric mars (sadly no website available yet!)
Fallen (FallenAngel7)
Aneros (Voider)
Ink B

All Class Comics characters © Copyright and TM 2010, Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.
All other characters © Copyright 2010 their respective owners and creators.  All rights reserved.

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