The Gay Comic Geek reviews MAKO FINN #1

Good morning friends.

Paul, the sexy Gay Comic Geek has just posted his review of MAKO FINN #1. It seems Paul finds Mako’s penile fin… disturbing! LOL!  What do you guys think? XD

You can check out all of Paul’s reviews on his site. 

The Gay Comic Geek now on Fanboys of the Universe!

Hey Gang!  I have some really awesome news for ya, this morning!  The Gay Comic Geek has just set up shop on one of my FAVORITE blogs, Fanboys of the Universe.  He’s posted his first, UNCENSORED video, and it’s a review of Striptease #1!!!!  You gotta check it out!!


And make sure you add FANBOYS to your faves folder.  It’s an amazing Blog, and now that my boy the Gay Comic Geek has joined them, it’s gotten even better!!!!

Thanks so much for the awesome review, Paul!  It’s so great to see that you’ve found a new place to post your vidz and that you don’t have to worry about being censored all the time!

More from me soon, my friends!
Hugz + kisses,
Patrick XOXO


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BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #147 – An Interview with the Gay Comic Geek!

He reviews comics that contain gay content with great gusto, enthusiasm and awareness.  He really knows his stuff!  He is, after all a self-proclaimed “Gay Comic Geek”!  There are those who might say that anyone can review anything, but this is where I would have to disagree.  What sets Paul aside as a critic is his vast knowledge of the medium, and his love of comics.  He has a keen eye for noticing the nuances.  He is able to put together what a lot of people might overlook.  He gets it, and he tells it like it is.

When I told Paul I was interested in interviewing him for Boytoons Magazine, he seemed surprised that I’d like to hear what he has to say.  Let’s not miss the point.  Paul, in his role as the Gay Comic Geek is quickly becoming a familiar name to all of us out there who not only create gay-themed comics, but who also love and read the material!  A heck of a lot of folks tune in for his reviews, and look forward to them.  Paul is becoming legend, and I had questions for him.

If you are not familiar with the Gay Comic Geek, this is your chance to become so!  Check out his reviews on YouTube.  The boy is cool, he’s fun, and he’s a total hottie, which is real nice for the eyes!  But mostly, he’s a guy who knows comics and is unabashed about his love of comics.  Way cool!

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