BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #127 – The Art of Humbuged!

It’s quite likely that everyone who reads this Blog is familiar with this artist. I’ve discussed about him before, after all. His stuff is so visually striking and he has such a unique flavor to his style. I am talking about the amazing HUMBUGED, of course!

For those of you who are not familiar with Humbuged, you will most certainly be thrilled to discover his work. He’s been creating his artwork for quite some time now, and he is quite well known for his beautifully conceived and colored fan arts and personal creations. And with good reason!

He has created several characters that are simply bubbling with personality and sensuality. There’s Keric, a sexy elf-boy who seems quite naïve about his own sex appeal. There’s Arus, a lusty and sometimes almost kinda goofy monkey boy, (who I personally hope we get to see more of). And then there are Xerude, a hot muscle boy with emerald green hair, and the twinkish Cyl who loves to lust after Keric!

As I mentioned above, Humbuged is also well known for his fan art. His commissions schedule is always full, and if you’re interested in a piece of art, you gotta get to him early – the sign of a well respected and admired artist! Some few months back, Humbuged was sweet enough to draw me his version of Camili-Cat, which graces this issues’ cover. His Cam blew me away! The way he managed to so expertly capture Cam’s essence is completely brilliant. This piece remains one of my fave Cam fan arts to date!

Upon perusing The Humplex, Humbuged’s home on the net, you’ll find more than plenty of succulent eye candy. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Humbuged is not only a prolific and gifted illustrator, he’s also one of those rare artists who can bring animated life to his illustrations. He excels at creating racy and raunchy games that feature his own characters as well as characters from pop culture. His latest character masturbation game features Final Fantasy’s Wakka. I have to tell you, this game not only impressed me from an artistic and technical point of view, but it also totally turned me on! The expressions on Wakka’s face, the way his cock pulsates… and then that superbly animated cum shot. This, dear friends, is why Humbuged is a genius.

You see, being a good artist isn’t just about being able to draw. It’s about being able to observe. It’s all about the tiny nuances and the attention to detail. Those things are vital to being good at what you do. Humbuged is nothing if not attentive to details. This coupled with his intuitive sense of composition and lighting and his instinct for true sexiness is what makes him the killer artist he is.

I’ve embedded his Wakka game for you to experience firsthand (literally! ;), but I would strongly urge you to head on over to the Humplex after you jerk Wakka off. It’s a fantastic Blog, by an artist who is down to Earth, sweet and charmingly unassuming. Plus you’ll find more beautiful Boytoons to feast your eyes on. And hey, all artists gotta make a living. Leave the guy a tip if you enjoy your time there.

Hugz + Kisses,

Patrick XOXO

Keric, Arus, Cyl and Xerude are © Copyright 2008, HUMBUGED. All rights reserved.

All artwork © 2008 Copyright HUMBUGED. All rights reserved.

Camili-Cat © Copyright 2008 Patrick Fillion / Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.

Wakka Copyright © 2008 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.

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