BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #190 – The Cream-Filled Hunks of Ephorox!

Hiya Gang…

Seems it’s been quite a while since I did an issue of BOYTOONS MAGAZINE!  It’s long overdue, and I have an awesome topic today!  The incredible artist EPHOROX!
I absolutely go nuts for his gorgeous art.

I can’t say enough good stuff about this amazing creator.  His hunks are super buff, and always stunningly sexy.  They’re hung and constantly hungry to bottom and shoot their abundant loads all over the place.  But as sexual as they are, Ephorox’s men are also achingly adorable and sweet.  You just want to bear hug and caress them… amongst other things! LOL!

Ephorox has created several original characters of his very own, such as the delicious Monkey King, who is regularly royally ravaged by a number of horny admirers. Whether they are anthros or regular guys, the characters of Ephorox are unmistakably unique.  They are smokin’ hot and their sensuality oozes from their pores.

The hunky Monkey King is a perfect example of the beauty of Ephorox's OC's.

Artistically speaking, Ephorox is a master craftsman.  His colors are lush and always superbly balanced, and his attention to nuance and detail is impeccable. But his unfinished sketches are no less impressive than his colored works.  They are raw with skill, sexuality and sensuality.  Each piece tells its own story, and you as the viewer — the enjoyer, are free to come up with your own dialog.  It’s an incredibly fun hobby that you’ll easily get lost in, let me tell you!

Every time I see a new piece of art by Ephorox, my heart skips a beat.  In fact, he also has the distinction of being one of my Fraser’s most favorite artists.  Yup!  He’s THAT good!

"Ephorox Uncensored" is Ephorox's newly-created Blog.

Ephorox has just created his own blog called “Ephorox Uncensored”, so you can see more of his brilliant creations there. That’s got me very excited and I look forward to checking out all of his latest pieces. And for those of you with memberships to the Y!, I guarantee you’ll want to stop by Ephorox’s amazing gallery!

More from me soon, my friends!
Hugz + kisses,
Patrick XOXO

Always beautifully buff, the creations of Ephorox are insatiably sex-hungry!

Monkey King and all artwork © Copyright 2010 Ephorox.  All rights reserved.

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