Happy New Year — 2012 IS HERE!

Deimos wishes you a very HAPPY - and naughty - 2012. Art by Patrick Fillion.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, my friends. Just wanted to wish you all an AMAZING 2012 filled with creativity, health, joy and good fortune! I know the entire Class Comics team and I are looking forward to bringing you more exciting new comics this year, filled with the sexy Boytoons you love!

A HAPPY NEW YEAR hunk, drawn by the incredible JACOB MOTT!

I hope you enjoy the new Deimos illustration — poor Deimos had no champagne, so he had to pop something else! HA! HA! HA!  And I KNOW you’re gonna love the GORGEOUS New Year Hunk that my pal, the fabulous JACOB MOTT sent my way yesterday! What a great way to kick off 2012!

Thanks to you all for your continued support and enthusiasm!  Lots and lots of love to you all!

BIG BIG Hugz + kisses, Patrick! XOXOX

And for those of you who like your Deimos "unshaved", here's a lovely variant! Happy New Year!

Deimos © Copyright & TM 2012 Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved. 

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #213 – RAPTURE #4… Behind the Scenes!

RAPTURE #4 is finally out and available from Class Comics, and I thought it would be a great deal of fun to give you good people a little behind the scenes glimpse at this very exciting book!

Why am I SO EXCITED about RAPTURE #4? Easy! It’s because this book marks three amazing CLASS COMICS firsts that are pretty damn memorable.

To begin with, the brilliant LOGAN draws ZAHN for the very first time in this issue. I was so thrilled when Logan agreed to take on a story for RAPTURE #4 that I wrote him a very special story called “The Altar of Szabarnak”. In this story, Zahn wants to communicate with the Vardan Spirit World. This leads him to meeting a strange little wizard named ZULLBA who informs him that to do this, he must commune with the mystical Altar of Szabarnak – an ancient artifact that requires Zahn’s sperm in order to come to life! Dontcha hate it when that happens?! LOL!

Unfinished art by LOGAN, from the RAPTURE #4 Zahn story, "The Altar of Szabarnak". RAPTURE #4 now available from Class Comics.

Completed art by LOGAN, from the RAPTURE #4 Zahn story, "The Altar of Szabarnak". RAPTURE #4 now available from Class Comics.

What’s so awesome about this story is that it permitted Logan to come up with the very unique looks of three amazing and incredibly sexy new barbarian characters; ROAN, LAKOZA and YTLA! Logan really ROCKED the design on these three Vardan Hunks, and they put Zahn through one Hell of a fuckfest!

Character concept designs for the RAPTURE #4 Zahn story, "The Altar of Szabarnak". Art by LOGAN.

The art in “Szabarnak” is absolutely superb, and it’s such a treat seeing the Son of Winter drawn in Logan’s style. Zahn is beautifully muscled and smooth, and more than up to the challenge of satisfying three hot and horny Barbarian spirits who want a piece of his ass. The colors Logan employed are truly beautiful as well, and give a nice “chilled” feel to the story. It’s a great piece, and I’m sure that fans will appreciate Logan’s fantastic take on Zahn and his new companions.

SOTO makes his Class Comics debut drawing Deimos in RAPTURE #4. Pencils by Soto.

SOTO makes his Class Comics debut drawing Deimos in RAPTURE #4. Finished art by Soto.

Secondly on RAPTURE #4, I had the chance to collaborate with an artist I have admired for a very long time. Of course I’m referring to the incredible SOTO, who illustrated a fresh new DEIMOS story I wrote for him, called “Deimos’ Inferno”.

Soto’s take on Deimos is brilliant. The Taro Demon is gruff, rugged, manly and completely hot. Soto’s art is itself beautifully moody and atmospheric, and this suits the story perfectly. In “inferno”, Deimos decides to try and take BOB by surprise by infiltrating Hell and attacking him where he least expects it… on his home turf. Naturally, not all goes Deimos’ way, and our hero’s plans are foiled by the demon HEMEC and his lackeys.

SOTO makes his Class Comics debut drawing Deimos in RAPTURE #4. Pencils by Soto.

SOTO makes his Class Comics debut drawing Deimos in RAPTURE #4. Finished art by Soto.

Soto created the looks for Hemec’s demonic pals and I did a truly superb job of it. The twin demons, GAUL and BILE are really wicked looking with their inversed snapped horns, tribal tats, and opposing eye-patches, while BELAGAUZ is just too monstrous for words!

I love this story because it finally shows a more submissive side to Deimos, who becomes the power bottom of the day for these four nasty demons. But don’t get too accustomed to Deimos’ submissive side… he’s soon on top of things again!

This story is wonderfully “Deimos” and I couldn’t be happier with Soto’s take on the character and the story. You’ll see for yourself just how rich and detailed this wonderful artists’ work really is.

Camili-Cat pencils from the story "Changes" in Class Comics' RAPTURE #4. Pencils by Patrick Fillion.

A completed Camili-Cat page from the story "Changes" in Class Comics' RAPTURE #4. Art by Patrick Fillion. Colors by Hernan Cabrera and Patrick Fillion.

And lastly, RAPTURE #4 features the very – and I do mean VERY (in fact I’ve received a number of very angry letters and hate mail about it) CONTROVERSIAL – Camili-Cat short story “CHANGES”, in print for the very first time. It’s a real pleasure seeing this Cam story on the printed page. I feel it’s such a turning point – a real defining chapter in his life. Seeing it in the pages of RAPTURE #4 just reminds me of how integral to the Class Comics Universe Camili-Cat really is. It’s a story I loved writing and one I truly enjoyed illustrating.

If you’re wondering WHY “Changes” is so controversial, then you don’t already know and I won’t spoil it for you. Suffice it to say that Cam gets an EXTREME new look, and some fans love it, some fans HATE IT… and probably also hate ME for making it happen… but you know, Cam needed a change… and this is a doozy!

The CONTROVERSIAL story "Camili-Cat: Changes" is in print for the very first time in the pages of Class Comics' RAPTURE #4.

On top of all of that, the wonderful HERNAN CABRERA and I once again worked together to bring Camili-Cat to colorific life in “Changes”, and RAPTURE #4 is beautifully lettered by the fabulous JOHNNY MURDOC! I tells ya, a TERRIFIC issue!

RAPTURE #4 is now shipping form Class Comics, and it’s available as a Printed Comic or as a Digital Comic, so you’re free to pick your poison. I will say this, the issue is one of my favorite installments of this series so far. I’m very pleased with and proud of all three stories. This book gave me the opportunity to work with some truly talented people, and for that I am truly grateful. This is why I make comics! LOL!

RAPTURE #4 is now available from CLASS COMICS!

Enjoy the book, my friends. It’s a WHOPPER! And stay tooned, I’m still preparing a MEGA FAN ART issue, and I’ll be posting some awesome BENT-CON photos and stuff when I get back from the Con in December.

Enjoy your weekend! SMOOCHES to all!  Patrick XOXOXO

RAPTURE #4 now available from CLASS COMICS!

All characters and art © Copyright & TM 2011, CLASS COMICS INC. All rights reserved. 

Character Appreciation Week – Day 07 – GROUP ROUNDUP!

Character Appreciation Week - Group Roundup - 1680 x 1050

Character Appreciation Week - Group Roundup - 1280 x 1024

Well Gang, it’s been a heck of a week! Welcome to day 7, the final day of Character Appreciation Week.  As promised, here’s a group shot of all 6 characters I drew for this fabulous little event.  I’ve assembled them together for you as wallpaper designs for your computer screens.  They’re available in standard and widescreen formats.

While putting these 6 new pin-ups together has been a lot of work, it’s also been a ton of fun, and you can bet this will not be the last time I do a Character Appreciation marathon.  But I had better get back to my regular Class Comics work for the next little while if you want to see more new books by yours truly come out this year!  LOL! XD

I also wanted to tell you all how much I’ve appreciated all your fantastic comments and all the Facebook “LIKES” (I LOVE those!!!). It’s really been rewarding reading from you and seeing how much you enjoyed this past week’s offerings.  So again, a million “thank yous” for your infectious enthusiasm and kind support.  You guys and gals totally ROCK in my book!

Enjoy the wallpaper and I’ll see you all again very shortly!

Much love to all!
Patrick XOXOX

Darque, Locus, Cam, Deimos, Trip and Zahn  © Copyright and TM 2011, Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.

Character Appreciation Week – Day 03 – DEIMOS

Deimos, The Taro Demon. Art by Patrick Fillion.

Welcome to day 3 of Character Appreciation Week, my friends.  On the menu for today, the undeniably masculine Taro Demon, DEIMOS!

I feared Deimos.  Back in 2004 when I created him, I dunno, there was just something about him, or more to the point, his “themes” that made the good little Catholic boy in me… uncomfortable.  But besides all of that, I couldn’t deny how compelling the character was. So after I completed Deimos #0 (something that actually took a good deal of effort on my part), I decided that I could write Deimos, but that I felt more comfortable having another artist drawing him.

Deimos, The Taro Demon - Pencils by Patrick Fillion.

Enter Logan.  His interpretation of the character has been a gift to me.  The man is brilliant in every sense of the word, and his art is the perfect match for Deimos.  It’s powerful, masculine, drenched with raw sexuality and ravenous in its appetite for more. Deimos needed Logan to survive and ultimately to bloom.

I no longer fear Deimos. Through Logan’s beautifully visceral interpretation of Deimos and his universe, I’ve become comfortable with this character who once made me question my own moral fiber.  Now I adore Deimos. I embrace him. I dare say I’ve gotten a deeper sense of who he is in my writing him for Logan, and that means the world to me.

Deimos, The Taro Demon - Inks by Patrick Fillion.

So many different artists have illustrated Deimos for Class Comics besides Logan and I, and now the amazing Soto is illustrating a short Deimos story I wrote for Rapture #4.  Each artist has his or her own unique take on the Taro Demon, but certain qualities are always there. Deimos is absolutely male in masculinity’s most instinctual, and perhaps most unrefined qualities.  He’s a big, hairy, headstrong Alpha-brute that oozes sex.  And while he’s gruff, impatient and not especially refined, at heart he’s a guy who’s just trying to do the right thing, even if sometimes it’s a royal pain in his ass.

Deimos, The Taro Demon - Colors by Hernán Cabrera and Patrick Fillion.

Deimos, The Taro Demon (Shaved Variant). Art by Patrick Fillion.

My own rendition Deimos is handsome but worn.  He’s had a rough time.  He rarely smiles, which is why I made him to smile in this pin-up.  He’s smiling, and flexing — kinda showing off and being silly.  It’s a side of him that we rarely see. It’s a playful side that isn’t easy for him to access, but it’s there, underneath all that rippling, hardened exterior. And for those of you who love body hair, some characters have it, some don’t.  Deimos has it!  And just for the Hell of it (since I draw the body hair — except armpit hair — as a separate image that I later superimpose on the final colored file), I’ve given you a shaved down variant — though he looks “all wrong” that way to me!  LOL! XD

Enjoy the Taro Demon, my friends, and we’ll see each other tomorrow for day 4!

Much love to all!
Patrick XOXOX

Deimos © Copyright and TM 2011, Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #204 – The Christmas Issue!

My goodness!  Is it really that time of year again?  LOL!  Yup!  The Holidays are here once again.  Normally, I am all aglow with Christmas Spirit… but this year, I’ve hardly had 2 seconds to even realize that Christmas is back!   Fraser and I are moving.  Yup!  You don’t often hear of folks moving during the Holiday Season, but I assure you, it does happen.  Come January, we’re getting new digs.

Class Comics Christmas 2010 Choir Boys - 1680 X 1050

Class Comics Christmas 2010 Choir Boys - 1280 X 1024

Normally, I do a big “Top 10 Holiday Must List” for the BTM Christmas issue, but since I’m in such a wacky state of mind this year, I thought I would simply offer up my Christmas 2010 drawing and revisit past Holiday illustrations as fun computer screen wallpaper designs. Rather than draw something festively raunchy, I thought it would be nice to go with a nice, serene ensemble piece. I hope you enjoy my Class Comics Christmas Choir Boys.  I sure wouldn’t mind seeing them caroling at my door!  LOL!

Merry Christmas 2009 Deimos - 1280 x 1024

Merry Christmas 2009 Deimos - 1680 x 1050

Merry Christmas 2008 Zahn - 1680 x 1050

Merry Christmas 2008 Zahn - 1280 x 1024

Merry Christmas 2006 Camili-Cat - 1280 x 1024

Merry Christmas 2006 Camili-Cat - 1680 x 1050

Merry Christmas 2007 Naked Justice - 1680 x 1050

Merry Christmas 2007 Naked Justice - 1280 x 1024

I’m also posting an illustration of my pal Leon’s characters, Amron and Sabell.  I penciled the image for Leon this past summer, and he inked and colored it beautifully and surprised me with the finished piece.  Given the spirit in which this image came together, I think it makes a lovely Holiday addition to this issue.  For more beautiful art by Leon de Leon, check out his DeviantArt page right here!

Amrom and Sabell. Pencils by Patrick Fillion. Inks and Colors by Leon de Leon.

I do love Christmas, and although this year is a rather unusual one, at least Fraser and I will have a few days off to celebrate the Holidays with my folks at their home.  That will make it seem a bit more normal to me… and it’ll prepare me for all the packing and upheaval that January will undoubtedly bring.

Season’s Greetings to all of you, dear friends.  I wish you all the best the Holidays have to offer! Love, Peace, Joy, and Health to you all!

Holiday Hugz + Candy Cane Kisses,
Patrick XOXO

All Class Comics characters © Copyright and TM 2010, Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.
Amron and Sabell © Copyright 2010 Leon de Leon.  All rights reserved.

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #196 – FIRST LOOK at 3 AWESOME Class Comics titles!

Hello my friends…

You know, in life it’s very important to focus on the good stuff, and put the negative things aside. So, I choose to get over the fact that the Big Class Comics Summer line-up has been slightly delayed due to unforeseen events at press, and to focus instead on the 3 MAJORLY HUGE up-coming titles: Zahn #2, Deimos #2 and Naked Justice: Beginnings #2.

Seriously, this couldn’t be a more MASSIVE line-up of books.  Considering that these are all highly anticipated issues, I think I speak for everyone when I say it’ll be amazing to FINALLY see these suckers in print.

Deimos #2 is drawn by the incredible Logan, and written by yours truly, and it’s a fantastic follow-up to the first issue of the series. It’s got a lot of cool twists and surprises, and believe it or not, mister dick-the-size-of-a-school-bus himself, Bob even gets a SEX-SCENE all to himself! Yes, Logan and I are twisted… but in the very best of ways, I assure you!  HA! HA! HA!  Get your FIRST LOOK at the wicked Deimos #2 on the official Class Comics website.

Naked Justice: Beginnings #2 has a lot of people talking! People can’t get enough of the amazing Jacob Mott’s incredible art, and I’ve prepared some really fun surprises for you in this issue.  NJ meets THE villain that could end his new career as England’s most celebrated superhero… and a new UBER arch-nemesis with past ties to NJ rears his nasty, evil head!  Oh, and did I mention that this one is PACKED with sex, sex, SEX! You know I listen to you guys… you asked for it, and Jacob and I put it in the comic!  You can get your FIRST LOOK at the superb NJB2 over at the Class Comics website.

And last, but not least, is Zahn #2.  Boys and Girls, I gotta tell you, I am really proud of this one.  It’s been a while in the making, but in the end, I think it came together beautifully.  I teamed up with Golden Key on the colors for this issue, and he’s done a magnificent job of bringing the Son of Winter and his pals to life.  Man, you could almost reach into the pages and caress them. YUMMAH! LOL!  If you check out the FIRST LOOK at Zahn #2 over at the Class Comics website, you’ll also get the opportunity to read the FIRST FOUR PAGES of ZAHN #2 for FREE!

So, printing delays aside, I believe that good things come to those who wait.  It won’t be too much longer now, folks – I promise.  Meanwhile, I’ll keep you all posted on the official release dates for these three books as soon as I get them.

In other news, if you haven’t had the chance to do so yet, I invite you all to check out the wicked-fun Q & A that artist/Blogger extraordinaire JEZZA SMILEZ has done with yours truly.  He asked me some really fun questions, and all 3 parts of the interview are now live on his Blog!  Read it all right here!

Enjoy the FIRST LOOKS guys and gals, and by all means, let us know what you think of these up-coming titles.  You can comment on the Class Comics website, or right here if you like. We always love to hear from you, and though it sometimes takes us a while to respond, we always try to do so!

More from me shortly!
Hugz + kisses,
Patrick XOXO

Zahn, Deimos, Naked Justice, Uogo, and Sethan © Copyright and TM 2010 Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.

The Official DEIMOS #2 cover!

The official cover to Class Comics' up-coming DEIMOS #2. Art by Logan.




Logan freaking RULES! I am sooooo very pleased to share the FANTASTIC cover of the up-coming DEIMOS#2 with you.  Man this is SEXY!! I’ll keep you posted on the book’s official release date as soon as I have one!  Also, the official Deimos #2 “First Look” is coming up very shortly on the Class Comics website. Stay tooned!

More from me soon!

Hugz + kisses, Patrick XOXO

Deimos, Sethan and Obscene © Copyright & TM 2010, Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.
Artwork by Logan.

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #192 – The Awesome Class Comics Summer 2010 Lineup!

Hiya guys and dolls!

I hope you’ve all been well and that you can forgive my lack of posts in the last month or so.  But I think when you see today’s issue of Boytoons Magazine, you’ll understand why I’ve been so busy!  LOL!

Summer 2010 is gonna be Class Comics’ most AWESOME Summer season to date!  We have 4 HUGE titles coming your way, and you won’t want to miss a single one.

Up first is the incredibly beautiful and sexy Angelface #2, by none other than the incredibly talented Benoit Prevot.  This issue picks up where issue #1 left off and plunges us back into an era of elegance and artfulness as the very sexy Red tries to find Alan, aka Angelface, who left him hanging high and dry in issue #1.

Class Comics' up-coming "Angelface #2", by Benoit Prevot.

NJ returns in Naked Justice: Beginnings #2, with art by the amazing Jacob Mott, and a story by yours truly!  Okay – so never let it be said that I don’t listen to my fans.  You guys wanted this issue to have a lot more sex than issue #1– so you got it!  I think NJB2 is the most cum-soaked comic I’ve ever written.  HA! HA! HA!  But sex isn’t all you’ll get!  There is BIG TIME story development in this book, as I introduce 2 brand new villains and delve deeper into NJ’s origin. Jacob’s art in this is completely boner-popping, making this issue a MUST HAVE, believe me!

For a more in-depth sneak peek at Naked Justice: Beginnings, check out this article on the Class Comics website.  You won’t believe your eyes!

Class Comics' up-coming "Naked Justice: Beginnings #2". Art by Jacob Mott, Story by Patrick Fillion.

The Taro Demon is next and returns in Deimos #2 to find that his favorite man-whore has been killed by his mortal enemies.  A trail of clues leads him to the demon Sethan, his former lover.  Sethan apparently wants to help Deimos in his fight against Bob and the forces of Hell.  But can anything that comes out of Sethan’s sexy blue mouth be trusted?  Deimos has very little choice and what happens next will leave you all speechless!

Written by yours truly and stunningly illustrated by Porky and Pornomicon creator, Logan, Deimos #2 is a dark tale of lust, sex and mystery.

Class Comics' up-coming "Deimos #2". Art by Logan and Story by Patrick Fillion.

And last but not least, everyone’s favorite Gay Barbarian, Zahn returns for his second issue.  Zahn #2 finds Zahn and his newest ally Cauldron on a quest to raise an army for the defense of their homeland, Varda.  A little trip to the Tower of Dead Dreams and Zahn and Cauldron are bewitched, unable to keep their hands to themselves, and their dicks out of one another.  This kicks the action off and I guarantee that by the end of this crazy, horny issue, you’ll get a deeper insight into who Zahn really is and into what the fudge is goin’ on in Varda!

I am so proud of this issue.  I wrote and drew it, and the colors in are by Golden Key. Lemme tell ya he truly bring this book to life in a really magnificent way!

Class Comics' up-coming "Zahn #2". Art and Story by Patrick Fillion.

So more on these titles coming up, and be sure to check out the official Class Comics website for the up-coming “First Looks” at all these titles.   And these 4 are just a few of the amazing goodies coming up from Class Comics… get ready to have your socks knocked off!  LOL! ;)

More from me soon, my friends.  I’ll do my best to post a bit more regularly from now on! Thanks for reading!

Hugz + kisses,
Patrick XOXO

Angelface, Deimos, Naked Justice: Beginnings and Zahn © Copyright & TM  2010 Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.

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