Good Saturday Morning, Gang!

Just wanted to let you know that something AMAZING arrived in my mailbox this week.  Hot off the press, HEROES WITH HARDONS: THE BIG BOOK OF CLASS COMICS, freshly published by the good folks at Bruno Gmunder is here… but saying it’s BIG is a MASSIVE UNDERSTATEMENT! In actuality, it frikkin’ HUGE!!!  

This sucker is over 250 pages of some of the best comics and art ever to come out of Class Comics. It’s page after page of excerpts from our most popular titles and even features a ton of previously unreleased material. It features the work of 25 incredible creators;  Jacob Mott, Logan, Robert Fraser, Joseph Hawk, Benoit Prévot, François Peneaud, Carlos García, Johnny Murdoc, TJ Wood, Lizz Ventura, Nicolas Brunet, C.J. Evans, Silvano, Butch McLogic, Donald MacLean, Leon de Leon, Ismael Alvarez, Mike, Eric Mars, Bryce Peters, Bob Grey, Hernán Cabrera, Aline, Golden Key, and yours truly.  

HEROES WITH HARDONS: THE BIG BOOK OF CLASS COMICS is over 250 brilliant pages of the very best Class Comics has to offer.


HEROES WITH HARDONS is printed on high quality gloss paper, and beautifully bound between two gorgeous hard covers.  Seriously, this book is nothing short of INCREDIBLE.

I’m just so proud of it.  This book symbolizes a major accomplishment for Class Comics.  It’s a true milestone; an homage to what Class as a company has created, inspired and what it’s capable of.  And to have it all published by BG makes me so proud. For me personally it says, “Way to go, Class Comics! These pages and your accomplishments are pop art worth celebrating!”

To everyone who had a hand in making this book a reality — from all the brilliant creators, to the wonderful folks at BG, to all of the awesome Class Comics Fans, my sincerest thanks.

This book is truly one for fans of Class Comics to put on their shelf, or a great way to introduce a friend to the thrilling world of Class Comics. AND it’s here just in time for the HOLIDAYS!! Because of it’s size, Class Comics won’t be selling this book directly, but you can get it from Amazon and other GLBT friendly bookstores.

Enjoy everyone, and thanks again for all the amazing years!

Smooches all around! Patrick XOXOX

ilLUSTrations: The Art of Patrick Fillion.

"ilLUSTrations: the art of Patrick Fillion" coming Summer 2010, from Bruno Gmunder.

Hello my friends.

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the long weekend. Happy Easter to you all, by the way!

It’s been a really busy month here at Class Comics, for several very exciting reasons. I’m near the end of Zahn #2 — yes, you heard me — Zahn #2 is almost complete!  LOL!  I’m happy to anounce that I am on track for the Summer 2010 release deadline!

I’ve also been keeping busy assembling art and creating brand new images for my new hard cover art book called “ilLUSTrations: the Art of Patrick Fillion” with publisher Bruno Gmunder.  I couldn’t be happier about this!  Bruno Gmunder is a fantastic publisher and they produce nothing but the most beautiful, highest quality books.  It’s always a real pleasure working with them on a project.

The book is due out in August 2010, and I’m working hard putting every aspect together.  You can check out my personal website for more info on the book… and I’ve put together a little sneak preview promo montage for you guys to enjoy… you’ll notice that I even slipped in a portion of a piece I like to call “Spot fucks Cam” part 2.  Part 1 is also in the book as an exclusive image and I call that one “Cam fucks Spot”!  Needless to say, your requests to see Spot and Cam together did not fall upon deaf ears!  LOL!

More from me soon, boys and girls!

Loads of luv to ya, Patrick XOXO

All characters © Copyright and TM 2010, Patrick Fillion/Class Comics inc.  All rights reserved.

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