BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #220 – Sanity Breaks and He-Man!

Hello boys and girls…

I’m often reminded that while deeply satisfying on a personal and professional level, drawing comics for a living can be quite demanding. You can even reach a point where you feel exhausted, and quite frankly drained of your… uhm… creative juices.

When that happens, I like to take what I call artistic SANITY BREAKS! This means that I’ll indulge myself and whatever the Hell I want for a short period of time. You’ve seen my Queens of Sci-Fi… or my Marvel fan art… All sanity breaks! These breaks re-focus my energy. I feel centered again because these little artistic interludes help me to re-learn that I LOVE TO DRAW… and that is greatly important. There’s NO PRESSURE to them whatsoever. It’s all about fun, fun, FUN!!!

Having worked like a dog on Camili-cat: Love Lost — not to mention a whole bunch of other Class-related projects — I thought I would take a Sanity Break and draw everyone’s favorite Eternian hero, the sexy, buff and blonde HE-MAN!

He-Man fan art by Patrick Fillion – WIDESCREEN wallpaper – 1680 x 1050

He-Man fan art by Patrick Fillion – STANDARD wallpaper – 1280 × 1024

Aaaaaahhhhh… very therapeutic indeed. I had such a great time drawing, and especially coloring He-Man, making his big sexy muscles look all shiny and wet. And unveiling the mythical monster that lives under his loincloth was a hoot too. This is a character I’ve loved since I was a kid… and I’ve been DYING to draw him. So glad I finally did!

He-Man fan art by Patrick Fillion – Loincloth Variant – WIDESCREEN wallpaper – 1680 x 1050

He-Man fan art by Patrick Fillion – Loincloth Variant – STANDARD wallpaper – 1280 × 1024

So my friends, please enjoy the He-Man fan art and wallpaper, loinclothed or stripped down — the choice is yours. LOL! Drawing He-Man’s done me a world of good. I’ve found my center again, and more than that — now I’m hungry for my own characters again! I’m ready to get back on the Class Comics drawing wagon. I can’t wait too… there’s more Zahn and Cam coming up… not to mention all the other Class Boytoons! So stay tooned. BTM is back, baby — and I’ll be bringing you a ton of new art and updates in the months to come.

All the very best, Patrick XOXO

PS — To see the full version of my He-Man illustration, check out my artist website! Cheers! ;)

He-Man is © Copyright & TM 2012, Mattel Inc. All rights reserved.

Illustration is © Copyright 2012 Patrick Fillion, and intended as loving fan art. 

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