BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #196 – The Summer 2010 issue!

AH!  Summer at last. I say “at last” because we residents of Vancouver, British Columbia had one of the cruddiest Junes on record. It poured and poured and poured… and would you believe that on the 4th of July, Fraser was forced to turn on the frikkin’ heat in our house?  Yes I know – MADNESS!

But the sun is finally here, and it’s inspired me to get down to business and put out my official BTM summer issue.  I’ve even been inspired to draw a brand new pic of Camili-Cat for this issues’ cover.  Ah, Cam… how we’d all love to join you in your sexy blue Speedo and play with your BIG squirt gun on that beautiful beach. LOL!  Sadly, most of us can’t, but as consolation, please accept these 2 exclusive BTM Summer Issue wallpaper designs featuring Cam in AND out of his teeny weeny Speedo!

Camili-Cat's big Squirt Gun - BTM Summer 2010 Wallpaper - 1680 x 1050

Camili-Cat's big Squirt Gun (nude variant) - BTM Summer 2010 Wallpaper - 1680 x 1050

Camili-Cat's big Squirt Gun - BTM Summer 2010 Wallpaper - 1280 x 1024

Camili-Cat's big Squirt Gun (nude variant) - BTM Summer 2010 Wallpaper - 1280 x 1024

So what other goodies has the Summer brought?  Well, I am pleased to tell you that the amazing Jezza Smilez, proud owner and operator of the fabulous  JEZZ LOADS Blog has done a very fun interview with me.  Jezza’s such a sweetheart.  He didn’t want to cut any of my answers, so he decided to post the ENTIRE interview in 3 separate parts.  Part 1 is currently up! Honestly my favorite part of all of this are the GORGEOUS works of art Jezza created to accompany the interview.  He’s posted the first couple, including his own version of Naked Justice.  Seems Jezza and I also share our absolute love of Storm, and he’s just posted his own wonderful take on Ororo as well.  SUPERB stuff… so head on over to JEZZ LOADS and check it all out.  He asked some really cool questions, and he has a ton of other cool interviews with some other artists of male erotic art. Definitely worth having a peek!

While to many people Summer means things like vacations, the San Diego Comic Con, barbecues etc., for Fraser and I it tends to mean a shitload of work!  HA! HA! HA!  But GOOD work, nevertheless.  I’ve mentioned before that this summer is gonna be a HUGE one for Class Comics, and I wasn’t kidding!  We’ve got a massive and wicked line up of books coming your way.  We kicked things off with the gorgeous ANGELFACE #2, which was officially released last week.  This is a STUNNING book, written and illustrated by the incomperable Benoît Prévot.  If you haven’t picked this gem up, here’s where you can do so!

Class Comics offers Angelface #2 and The brand new Class Comics Universe Heroes Trading Cards as a start to the summer.

Also released last week are the brand new CLASS COMICS UNIVERSE HEROES trading cards. If you enjoyed the Bottom Deck cards from a couple of years back, you’re gonna love these. This deck contains 15 super sweet cards that feature cahracter info and bios.  It comes in a cool resealable, acid-free bag.  Check out these babies right here! They’re exclusives to the Class Comics website and going fast, collector’s be warned!

The official cover to Class Comics' up-coming ZAHN #2. Art by Patrick Fillion.

Speaking of all things Class Comics, today I want to show you the OFFICIAL ZAHN #2 COVER! Even the hunky Son of Winter is in the mood for a hot summer. I am so pleased with this cover.  It’s such a nice contrast to the icy mountain setting of the cover to Zahn #1. But lemme just say that this cover was a BITCH to ink!  LOL!  Still, in the end it was SOOOO worth it.  I am really happy with all the jungle vegetation and Golden Key’s colors really bring out all of that fragrance in the image.  Zahn #2 is coming soon, so stay tooned.  I’ll be sure and keep you posted on release dates etc…!

What would summer be without plenty of HOT HOT HOT Boytoons, huh? A fantastic  place to get yourself a monthly serving of HAWT toon cock is Studio Rai29.  WHY?  Because that’s where you can find a TON of Humbuged’s Monthly Manfuls!  Every time I get one, I think “Holy! That was amazing! How could Hummy possibly top this?”… And inevitably he finds a way to knock my socks off the following month!

Humbuged's Monthly Manful games - great toon entertainment for the Summer!

You can get Xerude as a lifeguard, or sample some of Hummy’s newest studs, like Qrestof the waiter, or Leydro the incredibly hunky police officer. And that’s just for starters.  Hummy’s Monthly Manfuls are incredibly well crafted interactive games that allow you to seduce these magnificent toon hunks in a different way every time you play.  And the results are always EXPLOSIVE!  LOL!  Treat yourself… Check out Studio Rai29 for Hummy’s full assortment of Manfuls!

The Summer also means a large bounty of cool action films at the cinema.  Fraser and I took in “Predators” this past Friday, in a desperate attempt to escape a bit of the heat.  Now, I have ALWAYS stood by the Predator films –especially AVP (Alien VS Predator), which I still maintain is an excellent little flick, despite the skewering it received at the hands of the nasty critics.  “Predators” was pretty good – not fantastic – but certainly entertaining!  Still, I hope someday that I will learn my lesson and stop hoping for actual Predator character development!  Silly me!  it will NEVER come at this rate! All in all, it was good fun… and mercifully the cinema was air conditioned.

Lastly, Summer means great music, and this creator of gay male erotic comics is heading out to pick up Kylie Minogue’s latest album Aphrodite as soon as I finish posting this issue.  I’ve read nothing by great reviews about the album, and Erik from the terrific Roids and Rants Blog has given it two enthusiastic thumbs up – and I find that man has impeccable musical taste!

So enjoy the sun responsibly, Boys and Girls, and thanks for reading.  I’ll have more to have more toon-cock-related goodies for you again very soon!

Hugz + kisses,
Patrick XOXO

Camili-Cat and Zahn © Copyright and TM 2010 Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.
All artwork © Copyright Ink B.

The 2010 Boytoons Magazine Summer issue!

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #192 – The Awesome Class Comics Summer 2010 Lineup!

Hiya guys and dolls!

I hope you’ve all been well and that you can forgive my lack of posts in the last month or so.  But I think when you see today’s issue of Boytoons Magazine, you’ll understand why I’ve been so busy!  LOL!

Summer 2010 is gonna be Class Comics’ most AWESOME Summer season to date!  We have 4 HUGE titles coming your way, and you won’t want to miss a single one.

Up first is the incredibly beautiful and sexy Angelface #2, by none other than the incredibly talented Benoit Prevot.  This issue picks up where issue #1 left off and plunges us back into an era of elegance and artfulness as the very sexy Red tries to find Alan, aka Angelface, who left him hanging high and dry in issue #1.

Class Comics' up-coming "Angelface #2", by Benoit Prevot.

NJ returns in Naked Justice: Beginnings #2, with art by the amazing Jacob Mott, and a story by yours truly!  Okay – so never let it be said that I don’t listen to my fans.  You guys wanted this issue to have a lot more sex than issue #1– so you got it!  I think NJB2 is the most cum-soaked comic I’ve ever written.  HA! HA! HA!  But sex isn’t all you’ll get!  There is BIG TIME story development in this book, as I introduce 2 brand new villains and delve deeper into NJ’s origin. Jacob’s art in this is completely boner-popping, making this issue a MUST HAVE, believe me!

For a more in-depth sneak peek at Naked Justice: Beginnings, check out this article on the Class Comics website.  You won’t believe your eyes!

Class Comics' up-coming "Naked Justice: Beginnings #2". Art by Jacob Mott, Story by Patrick Fillion.

The Taro Demon is next and returns in Deimos #2 to find that his favorite man-whore has been killed by his mortal enemies.  A trail of clues leads him to the demon Sethan, his former lover.  Sethan apparently wants to help Deimos in his fight against Bob and the forces of Hell.  But can anything that comes out of Sethan’s sexy blue mouth be trusted?  Deimos has very little choice and what happens next will leave you all speechless!

Written by yours truly and stunningly illustrated by Porky and Pornomicon creator, Logan, Deimos #2 is a dark tale of lust, sex and mystery.

Class Comics' up-coming "Deimos #2". Art by Logan and Story by Patrick Fillion.

And last but not least, everyone’s favorite Gay Barbarian, Zahn returns for his second issue.  Zahn #2 finds Zahn and his newest ally Cauldron on a quest to raise an army for the defense of their homeland, Varda.  A little trip to the Tower of Dead Dreams and Zahn and Cauldron are bewitched, unable to keep their hands to themselves, and their dicks out of one another.  This kicks the action off and I guarantee that by the end of this crazy, horny issue, you’ll get a deeper insight into who Zahn really is and into what the fudge is goin’ on in Varda!

I am so proud of this issue.  I wrote and drew it, and the colors in are by Golden Key. Lemme tell ya he truly bring this book to life in a really magnificent way!

Class Comics' up-coming "Zahn #2". Art and Story by Patrick Fillion.

So more on these titles coming up, and be sure to check out the official Class Comics website for the up-coming “First Looks” at all these titles.   And these 4 are just a few of the amazing goodies coming up from Class Comics… get ready to have your socks knocked off!  LOL! ;)

More from me soon, my friends.  I’ll do my best to post a bit more regularly from now on! Thanks for reading!

Hugz + kisses,
Patrick XOXO

Angelface, Deimos, Naked Justice: Beginnings and Zahn © Copyright & TM  2010 Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.

Angelface #2 cover Sneak Peek! A post a day – OVERTIME – day 8

The cover to Class Comics' up-coming "Angelface #2". Art and story by Benoît Prévot.

Good morning my friends…

It’s a bright sunny Monday morning here in Vancouver, and I figured sharing this gorgeous cover with you would be a great way to kick off the week: Check out Angelface #2!  That’s the sexy Red on the cover, (my personal favorite character from the series) looking all come-hitherish, half undressed backstage at a Broadway show.

Those of you familiar with Angelface #1 will remember Red as the betrayed lover of Alan, “Angelface” himself.  Alan doesn’t treat Red very well, but Red’s decided he isn’t gonna take it anymore.  He’s come up with a plan to make Alan pay for double-crossing him.

Angelface #2 doesn’t just have a stunning cover, but you’ll be thrilled to know that it is full color on the inside.  Issue #1 was monochromatic to better reflect the era in which the series takes place, but for issue #2, series creator Benoît Prévot has decided to beautiful, lush colors.

Angelface #2 is coming up soon, and I couldn’t be happier. I must confess that this is a series that completely captures my imagination. It’s a gorgeous, erotic voyage back in time where the men are completely irresistible.

Enjoy, and I’ll see you right back here tomorrow for another posting!

Hugz + kisses,
Patrick XOXO

Red, Angelface and all related characters are © Copyright & TM 2010 Class Comics Inc/Benoit Prevot. All rights reserved.

Glowing Review of Angelface #1 and Tug Harder #1.


Desmond Miller has reviewed Angelface #1 and Tug Harder #1 for Prism Comics,  and I couldn’t be more tickled by the kind words he wrote.  He seems to truly have enjoyed both titles, and that is awesome!!

To be fair, these were 2 of my fave Class Comics releases of 2008, and I felt they were brilliantly created books.  Benoit Prevot and Butch McLogic are exceptional comic book creators, and if you have not yet checked these titles out, you may feel compelled to after reading Desmond’s glowing review!

Thanks so much Desmond! It’s greatly appreciated!

Hugz + kisses,
Patrick XOXO

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #142 – Advertising Class!

I just finished putting together an advertisement for the next Diamond Previews Adult catalog.  This ad was for my upcoming Striptease book (by the way, I’ll chat more about Striptease very soon!).  I was quite pleased with it and it occurred to me that I’ve never really talked about the advertising side of things with you guys.

It’s funny you know – I love to design.  That isn’t to say I think I’m any good at it, but I approach every piece with a lot of enthusiasm.  Graphic Design and creating advertisements can be a blast and a great way to take a break from my drawing, but it can also be very stressful!

You can’t help but feel the pressure, because each piece you do has a lot riding on it.  After all, you are trying to sell the product you’re advertising, and hopefully entice bookstores and readers to invest in that product.

Each ad we put together at Class Comics begins with the whole team sitting down and coming up with ideas – brainstorming!  What do we want to say?  What do we want to show?  What don’t we want to show and keep a surprise for the readers?

We have to keep in mind what publication we are creating the ad for.  What are its dimensions and specs, and just as importantly, what are its criteria.  Though some publications are aimed at adult readers, like the Diamond Previews Adult Catalog for example, there is still a strict “no penis” policy.  So each ad for Diamond needs to be approached very carefully.  We constantly have to find creative new ways to hide our Boytoons’ bits, but still arouse interest.

Covers for the Previews Adult catalog are always such a pleasure, but sometimes need to be turned around on tight deadlines, so there is rarely time to create brand new artwork for them.  For this latest one advertising Rapture #3, I had to resort to older images that could still promote the book, even if they did not feel all that new to me.  But on some covers, like the one advertising Brother to Dragons, I’m lucky enough to get awesome new artwork from the series’ artist, just in time to compose the piece.  In this case, Carlos García was sweet enough to work under the most impossible deadline and whip up these 2 gorgeous illustrations of Alai and Jiki!

Recently I had to create an ad for the Program of the HX Gay Erotic Expo held in New York.  That was SUCH a blast.  Their instructions to us: “Make it as explicit as you like”! WAH-HOO!  Rarely do I get to haul out the big guns.  It felt so nice to have the opportunity to put something together that did not hide any part of our Boytoons.  It was tricky choosing the illustrations that went into the piece, but in the end, I think I got a fun cross-section of our books. Here we opted to let the images speak for themselves, using only a minimal amount of text.

In-house advertising, basically the ads we use on the Class Comics family of Blogs and Websites are obviously less restrictive about content.  I can show as much penis as I want, but no matter what the purpose of an ad, I always try to abide by the following 3 rules…

1. Never lie!  Don’t make bullshit up to sell a product.  It’s perfectly fine to extol the virtues of a product, and the spin you give things is super important, but you’ll just piss off your readers if you promise stuff that isn’t part of the actual product!

2. Less is more!  Don’t give everything away.  People like to know what to expect from a book, but only to a degree!  You want people to get excited about what you’re advertising, but you also don’t want to spoil the fun of actually reading the book!  You want to give them the opportunity to be surprised and discover stuff too!

3. Give it everything you’ve got! And by that I mean, get as creative as you can.  I swear, it makes a difference how invested you get in your advertising pieces.  If it’s worth doing, its well worth doing right, and your fans and readers will appreciate that you hold them in high enough regard to give them the best teasers you possibly can!

Anyhoo, dear friends… I hope you’ve enjoyed this little tour of my advertising portfolio and my impressions of advertising and graphic design in general.  I’ll see you all again very soon!

Hugz + Kisses,
Patrick XOXO

All artwork and characters © Copyright 2008 Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #134 – Angelface is here!

Hiya Gang!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!  This morning I want to announce that Benoit Prévot’s tour de force, ANGELFACE #1 is now on sale and shipping from Class Comics.

Angelface is about Alan and Red, two friends who rob a jeweler in London and lay their hands on a small fortune.  After a wild night of lustful celebrations, Red wakes up to find Alan (also called Angelface) has taken off with the loot! Not one to let his fortunes vanish, Red follows a steamy trail of clues to a ship headed to the States!

Meanwhile Allan screws his way across the ocean, but gets blackmailed by a gangster into working a mysterious con job. They transform him into a suave aristocrat and he arrives in Manhattan looking like a million bucks… but with a dangerous game ahead of him.

Beautifully written and illustrated by French artist Benoît Prévot, Angelface is a series set in an era of prohibition, swing, speak easies and loose morals! A fantastic journey that intertwines elegance with erotica no fan of Class Comics will want to be without.

That’s the official Class Comics sales pitch for Angelface #1.  My personal impression of this book is that it is quite avant-garde.  It is an incredibly charming period piece illustrated with complete attention to all the proper details by Benoit.

With this book, you really get the sense that Benoit Prévot is a master story-teller and a master eroticatician (yup – I just made that word up!), very much concerned with giving his audience the best of both worlds.  This book excels at perfectly blending its exceptional narrative and story with all of its steamy male characters and sex scenes.

Those of you who always thought of the 20s as a period where people didn’t actually have sex will be happily surprised to find that in Angelface, EVERYONE screws everyone. The sex is HOT, the illustrations are superb and rendered in an almost classical flare, and the story is guaranteed to suck you in with ease.

I’ve had the pleasure of reading issue #2 in French, published by my pals at H&O Editions, and man, I have to tell you that Benoit weaves one crazy tale.  This is one series I can’t wait to see unfold.

So while it’s my job as part of Class Comics to tell you how cool this book is, it’s my pleasure as a fan of erotic comics to gush about just how much I love this title and Benoit’s gorgeous artwork!

If you’re looking for a great balance of story and sex in your comics, I really recommend Angelface #1!  So check it out, gang!  I’m quite sure you’ll be glad you did!  Meanwhile if you’d like to know more about Angelface and get a free preview of issue #1, check out the official Class Comics Angelface Mini Site!

More from me soon, including answers to all your recent comments!  Have a great afternoon, my friends!

Hugz + Kisses,
Patrick XOXO

Angelface created by Benoit Prévot.  © Copyright and TM 2008, Class Comics Inc / Benoit Prévot.  All rights reserved.

BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #125 – 2 new MINI SITES from Class Comics: Angelface & Tug Harder!

Hello my friends…

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday morning so far! I have a great issue for you today! I am so pleased to announce that Fraser and I have just finished putting together 2 new mini sites for Class Comics.

The first one is for Tug Harder. Written and illustrated by Butch McLogic, Tug Harder recounts the story of an undercover photographer who works for a Gay Magazine. Tug gets a job at a pig farm where he hopes to snap a ton of candid shots of the farm hands so he can sell to his magazine. Thing is, his plan may not go off without a hitch.

Just like the Zahn mini site, this one gives you a very special sneak peek at the first issue, as well as info an all the main characters, goodies and much more!

Later this summer, Class Comics will be releasing the first issue of renowned French artist Benoit Prévot’s exquisite series, Angelface. Angelface is set in the 1920s and is lavishly painted and written by Prévot to be as authentic to the time period as possible. The men are sophisticated and gorgeous, but most of them are deeply flawed characters (just the way I like ‘em!). They are always horny and in true Class Comics tradition, this tends to land them in some serious trouble.

The Angelface mini site is now live and you can get a sneak peek at it by following this link! Meet the main characters, learn more about Benoit Prévot and his accomplishments, and get a wicked 6-page sneak peek at the first issue!

Meanwhile, if you’d like to take a look at some of Benoit’s other artwork, check out his fabulous artist site.

The mini sites seem to be quite popular with you good folks, and I am truly thrilled about that. They are so much fun to put together, and though they can be time consuming, I truly believe that they are worth the effort. They immerse you, the reader into the world of the series they are based upon, and that is a great way to help you discover the characters involved.

As I’ve said before, it’s our goal here at Class to create a mini site for all of our up coming titles. It’s part of our imminent Class Comics website redesign plan. But more on that later.

So that’s it for me for today. Have a great weekend, and enjoy these 2 new mini sites. Don’t forget to let me know what you think of them in the comments section! You know I always love to hear your opinions!

Hugz + Kisses,

Patrick XOXO

Tug Harder created by Butch McLogic. © Copyright and TM 2008, Class Comics Inc / Butch McLogic. All rights reserved.

Angelface created by Benoit Prévot. © Copyright and TM 2008, Class Comics Inc / Benoit Prévot. All rights reserved.

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