The Gay Comic Geek reviews MAKO FINN #1

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Paul, the sexy Gay Comic Geek has just posted his review of MAKO FINN #1. It seems Paul finds Mako’s penile fin… disturbing! LOL!  What do you guys think? XD

You can check out all of Paul’s reviews on his site. 


  1. Good review by Gay Comic Geek, but I can’t share his concerns about the dorsal fin on Mako Finn’s dick. I think it’s an incredibly hot character detail. It probably has same concentration of nerve endings as the head of Mako’s cock which increases his sexual experience and pleasure. And, since there are no bones in boners, it’s likely that it isn’t as sharp as GCG fears. Which would also increase the sensation for the studs Mako selects for spawning. Where does the line form? Plot wise, it could be like an Achilles Heel for Mako. Rendering him weak and helpless when it’s bound or clamped. A hot scenario would be Mako attacked by a number of aggressive Jellyfish. He fights valiantly as stinging tendrils wrap around his erotic musculature, but the moment the toxins of his attackers touch his sex skag he rendered unconscious and conquered. Later he awakes the bound captive of sinister surface dweller or a sadistic sub mariner with his cock imprisoned prophylactically in a drugged condom. Mako Finn should also be wary of Electric Eels ready to go down on him.

  2. Great review! I’ll be honest, sometimes the dick fin freaks me out a little bit, too! LOVE drawing it, but I imagine it getting caught between my two front teeth, leading to an awkward disentanglement situation. Looks hot, though!



    The Gay Comic Geek reviews MAKO FINN #1 | Boytoons Magazine

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    The Gay Comic Geek reviews MAKO FINN #1 | Boytoons Magazine

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