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The amazing MONKEYGOGO is currently holding a poll on his website. He’s completed hisTop 10 Guys series of illustrations, and now he wants you to vote for your fave.  He’ll draw the 2 winners together in a “sex pairing shot of absolute AWESOMENESS”!!!!

So I would LOVE IT and greatly appreciate it  if you good people went on over to MonkeyGoGo’s site and voted for LOCUS!  Yup, the lean, green sex machine is part of Monkey’s Top 10 Guys, and I think he deserves a lot of love! :D And besides, how frikkin’ HAWT would it be to see Locus paired up with say, Lion-O or He-Man? LOL!

Vote for LOCUS in MonkeyGoGo's "Top 10 Guys" poll!

So go vote, vote, VOTE!!!!!  LOL!  VOTE HERE!  Vote Green! VOTE LOCUS!!! MonkeyGoGo draws him so well, and I for one think it would be awesome seeing another Locus piece by his hand! :D

Thanks guys and gals! Lotsa luv all around!
Patrick XOXOX

Locus © Copyright & TM 2012, Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.

All other characters are © Copyright & TM their respective owners. 

Illustration by MonkeyGoGo, © Copyright 2011.


  1. Hi, Patrick! I’m a huge fan, have been since about 2004 or 2005, and have bought all of Class Comics’ publications. But I’m afraid I like your character design a little less now than I did in the beginning. I see you moving toward a uniformity of body type. May I beg you to practice more diversity? Now even guys like Cam and Ghostboy have exactly the same body as Diablo and Zahn. It’s funny that an observant reader could tell two characters’ cocks apart in an uncolored ink drawing (I can!), but you could trace anyone’s body and paste on any other character’s head and accessories and no one would know the difference.

    As someone with a preference for twinks and college types (think,, and, I’m absolutely heartbroken over Ghostboy’s new physique and especially Cam’s redesign. My two favorite characters. Now that Cam looks like a muscle daddy, there are officially no cute boys left, except for the rarely seen Cardinal. Not even the swimmer, Mako Finn, has a swimmer’s build! WTF? Devilhound, Dominion, Toby Tubesteak, and the guy with “NEXT” on his chest show a lot of potential for twinkish glory, but again their bodies are struck from from the Zahn mold. And none are seen very often.

    I don’t want every character to be a twink, I love bigger and older guys too, I wouldn’t even want half of them to be, but more variety would be very much appreciated. Please, at least Cam and Ghostboy! I would stop being creeped out by Stephane if he looked like the slender and stylish Alan Cumming as the Emcee in Cabaret (pantpant), or Spot if he looked like a skinny anime dogboy (drool). I also have a preference for the size of cocks you used back in 2004… everyone was at peak human cock size, except for Naked Justice’s mutant dick and a few demons and aliens (it makes plausible sense for them), and that was statistically unlikely but still perfect for porn, but now there’s a uniformity where everyone has double the size of any cock that a real human being has ever had. I expect I’m in the minority on this opinion and you’re even less to take the advice than you are to variate body types, but I honestly believe it would help sales if you did variate bodies and cut back on the cock size on everyone but NJ, aliens, and demons. I think you would draw women in. My female friends who are fans of slash and yaoi are turned off of your work because there’s nobody with a more slender body and they are repulsed by the third arm-sized dicks.

    Thanks for listening, and love ya! :)

  2. Hey Patrick! Thank you soooo much – your posts definitely helped! Locus racked up on a lot more votes after you intervened – unfortunately the top 2 were just tooooooooo popular. Oh well I’m sure I’ll sneak in Locus another time. He’s totally sexy! Thank you so much once again, you are a star XOXOX

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