The BIGGER PICTURE campaign!

Hello my friends. I hope everyone’s doing well!

Today, I want to talk to you about the Class Comics BIGGER PICTURE CAMPAIGN and CONTEST! 

We’ve been talking about our comics and how they are often passed by as just porn. Well we’re sick and tired of it! We’ve decided that it’s time to take it to the streets and fight back! Hopefully you will support our cause!

Sure our Boytoons have big units… but they’re so much more than that!  They’re about falling in love for the first time. They’re about the hardships of coming out. They’re about adventure and escapism. They’re about self-discovery. They’re about being minorities. They’re about the celebration of being gay and embracing who they are with pride. They’re about you!

Now it’s one thing for us to say this, but what we really want is to have the world hear it from you!

Your challenge: Tell us how Class Comics has rocked your world!

Has a particular storyline ever rang true with you?
Does a particular character remind you of yourself?
Have you ever shared our comics with someone else and why?
Have you ever learned something about yourself from a storyline?
Has one of our comics altered your life in some way?
Have we ever helped give you the courage to be yourself?
What does Class Comics mean to you beyond a quick wank?

It’s really easy to enter: Just post your thoughts to ANY of the following places!

On this Page in the Comments area below!
On our Class Comics Facebook Page!
Send us a note on Twitter @classcomics with the hashtag #CLASSBP!
If you have an artistic flair then post a visual responce on our Tumblr post!

Your reward: A Patrick Fillion Original and $100 while helping us share our Bigger Picture!

Grand Prize: A Patrick Fillion original ink drawing of one of his Class Comics characters of your choice and a $100 Class Comics Gift Certificate. To be awarded to the entry that knocks our socks off. (Sorry for not being more specific!)

Luck of the Draw Prizes: We will randomly award a $100 Class Comics gift Certificate to one entry from each of the four places you can enter once the contest is over.

The Class Comics BIGGER PICTURE campaign is on now. Help spread the word that Class Comics is about MUCH more than big dicks!

Check out the Class Comics website for the official BIGGER PICTURE CAMPAIGN art pack that you can download for free.  It includes awesome new wallpaper designs for your computer, banners for your websites and blogs, etc.  Help us spread the word that Class Comics is WAY MORE than just porn.

You rock our world!

Cheers to you all, Patrick and Fraser!

The fine print:
In entering the Bigger Picture contest you allow Class Comics to reproduce your comments along with your initials, twitter, or tumblr user-name. Class Comics reserves the right to decline or remove any entry at any time. All decisions are final and not subject to review. The contest is open to everyone aged 18 or over as of January 25th 2012. The contest closes on March 31st 2012.

The Class Comics BIGGER PICTURE Campaign is on now. Download Locus and his friends and spread the word!

The Class Comics BIGGER PICTURE Campaign is on now. Download Naked Justice and his friends and spread the word!

Zahn, Naked Justice, Devilhound and Locus are all © Copyright & TM Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved. 

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