Me in my Locus costume… or lack thereof! A post a day – Day 12

Patrick Fillion "photomanipulated" as Locus!

Hello Gang.

I realize that some of you have seen this pic of me “photomanipulated” as Locus over on my Face Book fan page, but I felt it would make a fun posting here on BTM.  Consider this my Halloween Costume… if I, you know, had the actual GUTS to go out dressed (or rather, “undressed”) like this. HA! HA! HA!

Originally, I created this silly little photo in celebration of LOCUS #1, which I am happy to report is a mere 1 page away from being completed!  YIPPEE!!! But it also seems to be very “festive” considering that it’s the Halloween season. LOL!

Incidentally, I invite you all to come and join my Face Book page if you haven’t already done so. I’ve recently taken to updating it as often as I can and it’s always great to see you guys there!I hope you’ll join me.

Have a great evening, my friends, and be sure to come back tomorrow when I FINALLY post my SPECIAL HALLOWEEN ISSUE of BOYTOONS MAGAZINE! It’s gonna be spook-tacular!!!

Hugz + kisses, Patrick XOXOX


  1. Wow! Do Naked Justice next!

  2. still handsome even with green skin. mmm!

  3. LOL you should have graphted on a giant cartoon penis on this image just for laughs! This is really cool stuff. I remember you had posted a Locus like this and a Cam too in the past that people sent you. They were cool. It’s awesome to see yourself as your OC Locus. Hmmm spots do look good in real life! Congrats on having only one page left! You really rolled that one out. : )

  4. YES! Do Naked Justice next!

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