Ghostboy and Diablo #1 Special Sneak Peek – A post a day – Day 3

Good evening, guys and gals!

You may recall a few months ago I mentioned that a GHOSTBOY and DIABLO mini series was in the works?  The first issue picks up after some of the events that happened in BOYTOON ADVENTURES #1.  GB and Diablo’s relationship has taken on a new direction, to say the least.  This series will really explore and flesh out  these two characters who for too long have been second bananas to other more mainstream Boytoons.

Personally I think it’s about time these two got a little limelight.  They are both characters that I created in the early 90’s and I’ve always adored them. I know that they are big fan favorites too.  I am CRAZY EXCITED to show you some art from GHOSTBOY and DIABLO #1 today, by none other than the ultra-talented JACOB MOTT.

Jacob and I have such a wonderful working relationship.  I dare say we are extremely in sync with one another creatively, and when I write projects I know he’s gonna draw, I really do my best to keep his style and artistic likes in mind.  The Naked Justice: Beginnings series is turning out so very well and I am thrilled to have this project to collaborate with him on as well.

GHOSTBOY and DIABLO #1, art by Jacob Mott, story by Patrick Fillion. Coming 2011 from Class Comics.

In this page, we find Diablo modeling “Horny Devil” underwear at a special store opening.  Obviously something has gone terribly wrong, and the School Girl ( I FRIKKIN’ LOVE HER!!!) shows up looking for some payback after what happened to her boyfriend, Daddy Longlegs, back in Rapture #3. Poor Diablo gets caught up in a battle with her and well… loses his expensive new underwear!  LOL!

A cool Sneak Peek at GHOSTBOY and DIABLO #1 interior art, by Jacob Mott.

Jacob is working very hard on the pages for this book, and you can expect GHOSTBOY and DIABLO #1 out next year. But in the meantime, enjoy the little sneak peek, and in case you missed it in our Class Comics Spetember 2010 Newsletter (sign up folks — there’s lots of monthly fun in our newsletter to be had!!), check out the wicked STRIPSHOW episode that prequels Diablo’s side story as the spokes model for Horny Devil underwear.

Diablo gets a new job! STRIPSHOW episode "Horny Devil" - story by Patrick Fillion, art by Jacob Mott.

See ya tomorrow, gang!  Have a great evening!
Hugz + kisses, Patrick XOXO

Diablo, Schoolgirl, Ghostboy, Lavollay and all other characters are © Copyright 2010, Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.


  1. This looks really cool. Love the design Jacob did on Diablo, especially his wings! I can’t wait to see Ghostboy mask less. A very anticipated title. I was wondering about this one! :)

  2. Hiya Dinosaurprince…

    Glad you liked the preview and are enjoying Jacob’s take on Diablo and Ghostboy. I agree, both of them look amazing in this title! I think you’ll really like GB maskless by Jacob. He’ll actually be maskless a lot in the book. :)

    Hugz + kisses to ya!
    Patrick XOXO

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