Captain Eclipse teasers! A post a day – OVERTIME! – Day 13

Iván García's "Captain Eclipse" #1, coming 2010 from Class Comics.

Evenin’ folks!

I trust everyone is having a lovely Saturday? I have a few teasers for you this evening.  They are for “Captain Eclipse” written and illustrated by Iván García.  Book #1 is coming this year from Class Comics and it’s absolutely fantastic!  I am super excited by this title because it is a true science fiction epic saga if ever I have seen one… and best of all it features a fantastic cast of truly original gay protagonists.

Iván García's "Captain Eclipse" #1, coming 2010 from Class Comics.

Captain Eclipse is a non-sexually explicit  book, but it has plenty of sensuality and sexy characters.  So if you are looking for a seriously well written and illustrated comic without any hard-core sex in it… if you’re really just looking for a mainstream comic that speaks to you by providing incredible story telling and action through compelling gay characters, then Captain Eclipse is a series for you.

Iván García's "Captain Eclipse" #1, coming 2010 from Class Comics.

I’ll tell you more about Captain Eclipse #1 in posts to come.  Meanwhile, enjoy these superb teasers, and be sure to check out Iván García’s website for more of his dynamic works!

See ya tomorrow, my friends!

Hugz + kisses, Patrick XOXO

Captain Eclipse, Prince Gregor and Lithus © Copyright 2010 Iván García/Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.

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