BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #157 – Class Access is here!


Good morning Gang.

I trust everyone had a superb weekend.  I have some great news to announce!  Because you demanded it, Fraser, the team and I have created CLASS ACCESS DIGITAL COMICS!

Class Access is our brand new digital comics download system.  A lot of folks have been asking us to do this for years now, and it’s finally happened.  It’s the same great content you’ve come to expect from Class Comics, but now it’s also available digitally.

While nothing beats having a real, printed comic in your hands, these are as close to the real thing as you can get and will appeal to fans who don’t want to have actual paper copies hanging around their home, or fans who want to access the bonus feature the book comes with. Each of us experiences comics in different ways. Some of us are after the vivid imagery, others the continuing stories, and some are just after a good time!

Our electronic versions have everything the paper versions do! They can be kept anywhere on your computer, are easy on the wallet and take no room in your home! They are packed with bonus material that we could not fit in the paper comics! Some have pinups & character bios, others have never released images or cool behind the scenes info!


We’re also proud to introduce Class Access Exclusives as part of this service.  The first exclusive is my brand new “Patrick Fillion Sketchbook”.  It’s 52 pages of my fave (and I’d like to think coolest! LOL!) pencil and convention sketches! This one is strictly available through Class Access and we don’t have plans to publish it in paper.  More exclusives are on the way, including new comics!

Now let me assure you that these are in no way meant to replace the real paper comics we publish.  Class Comics is a publisher of comic books first and foremost.  We love going to press and holding the result of countless hours of hard work and dedication in our hands.  So long as paper exists, we will keep putting our books out in print.  But we are aware that for some folks, a printed comic just isn’t practical.

Also I should point out that new titles to be published in traditional comic paper format will not be available for download for the period of roughly 1 year.  There are a few exceptions to that rule, but mostly that is how it works.  Think of it this way: Movies debut in the cinemas, and then after that are put out on DVD.  That’s sort of how we’re approaching Class Access.

So here are a few things to remember:  Class Access digital comics are discrete, secure and quickly delivered to your Intray! The low price of our digital comics makes for an awesome value! Plus every time you purchase four digital comics, you get your fifth one free.

Check out our current selection, and give ‘em a try!  Even if you already have the paper editions I encourage you to check ‘em out (I know — shameless sales pitch!!! LOL!) .  But honestly, the Special Features are so cool and make them well worth the investment in my humble opinion.  You won’t be disappointed!  It’s a great way to fall in love with your fave Class Comics titles all over again!

Hugz + kisses, Patrick XOXO


All Class Comics titles and characters are © Copyright & TM 2009.  All Rights Reserved.


  1. Oh yes!!! I completely bloody LOVE you guys!!! Guess who’s off to sign up now… Wooooohoooooooo!!!!!!

  2. I have been hangin for a sketchbook for you for ages Patrick …and its 52 pgs and cheap? I am so there!! As for the digital ‘paper comics’ which one do you recommend that has the best ‘bonus features’? I sooooo cant wait for Cube #1 with bonus stuff!! – you could show up material from the original series!! Yay!!

  3. I think this is great news! But why no Mac love?

  4. Great move, Patrick! There are indeed gaps in my Class Collection that I wouldn’t mind owning digi-copies of. And I’m totally hankerin’ for that sketchbook!

    Sweet cover for this issue, btw. NJ looks so chic! :P

  5. Hey DW!

    LOL! Glad this could make your day! i think you’ll really enjoy the Digital version of our comics. The specials are also pretty cool!

    Hugz + kisses to ya!
    Patrick XOXO

  6. Hey Sean…

    So sorry it’s taken me soooo bloody long to answer your comment. I am really pleased you’re excited about the Digital Class Comics.

    Yeah — there are BIG plans for the Cube series down the road. And you can bet I’ll fill them full of special features. In fact of all the comics I’ve worked on, Cube is probably the series that I have the most behind the scenes stuff for. Should be fun!

    As for the current books available, if you want BIG TIME specials, I recommend Tug Harder #1 and Brother To Dragons #1. Those books have a ton of WICKED specials.

    And of my stuff, Zahn’s a good bet. :)

    Thanks so much again for the comment (and for your patience!!) :oD

    Hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  7. Hey Otto…

    Thanks so much for your comment and question.

    Right now our downloads are only available for PC computers and Macs running XP under Bootcamp or Parallels.

    Clients who have Macs and run these programs have found that the downloads work just fine. Hope this helps! :)

    Hugz + kisses to ya!
    Patrick XOXO

  8. Hey JC…

    Thanks so much, buddy! I’m glad you like the cover to this issue. It’s an older illustration but one I have always been kinda partial to.

    And I’m also really pleased you think the Digital Comics are a good thing.

    My favorite part about them are the Special Features. I especially loved them in Tug Harder #1 and Brother to Dragons #1. Soooooo much cool behind the scenes stuff in those books.

    Hope you enjoy the sketchbook, my friend.

    Loads of luv to ya!
    Patrick XOXO

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