BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #145 – The Great Class Comics Pop Quiz!

Good Saturday Morning, dear friends.

Whoa!  It’s been a rough week.  Yours truly has had some sort of nasty stomach virus.  Thankfully, I am feeling much better today – just in time for the weekend!  HA! HA! HA!  While I was ailing, Fraser and I thought it would be fun to put together the very first “Class Comics Pop Quiz”!  How well do you know your Class Comics?

So get out your pens and a sheet of paper, and write down the letter corresponding to the answer of each question.  You can check your answers at the end of the quiz – I provide the correct answers below.

How’s this for somethin’ different?  LOL! Enjoy my friends, and I’ll see ya back here again very soon!

Hugz + Kisses,
Patrick XOXO


Question 1.
Naked Justice got his powers from what kind of ancient magic?
A)    Alien
B)    Egyptian
C)    Greek
D)    Celtic

Question 2.
What species is Locus?
A)    Insectoid
B)    Kalakian
C)    Sektan
D)    Insectian

Question 3.
In “The Initiation”, what is the name of the Pledge Master?
A)    Jeremy
B)    David
C)    Zack
D)    Christopher

Question 4.
What is the name of Camili-Cat’s baby sister?
A)    Mina
B)    Morna
C)    Mialla
D)    Meagan

Question 5.
David Laburnum has an assistant named…?
A)    Stephane Sol
B)    Jeremy Kilmer
C)    Dane Bernier
D)    Steven Arclight

Question 6.
What is the name of Paul Corrigan’s wife in the Satisfaction Guaranteed series?
A)    Geena
B)    Beverly
C)    Laura
D)    Carrie

Question 7.

What does Zahn believe accounts for the lack of women in the land of Varda?
A)    The Great Usurpance
B)    The Great Vanishing
C)    The Terrible Decimation
D)    The Final Countdown

Question 8.
Sethan was once the lover of what demon?
A)    Bob
B)    Azagoth
C)    Hemec
D)    Deimos

Question 9.
Tug Harder is a photographer who does work for what magazine?
A)    Unknown Gay Magazine
B)    Pigs at the trough
C)    Some Unknown Gay Rag
D)    Inches Magazine

Question 10.

Who wrote the Mark of Aeacus?
A)    Mark Brill
B)    Francois Penaud
C)    Don MacLean
D)    Zan Christensen

Question 11.
What is Porky’s real name?
A)    Benjamin Foley
B)    Lucas Foley
C)    Jimmy Foley
D)    Logan Foley

Question 12.
What was Dane Bernier’s occupation before he became a Callboy for the SG Corp?
A)    Plumber
B)    Graphic Artists
C)    Male Exotic Dancer
D)    Actor

Question 13.
In the Pornomicon, what is the name of the Demon of the Flesh?
A)    Brother Carmichael
B)    The Cursed One
C)    Yog Sototh
D)    The Abomination

Question 14.
Who wrote “Camili-Cat: Diplomatic Immunity”?
A)    Spubba the Mad
B)    Logan
C)    Kheelan
D)    Gynocrat

Question 15.
After his run in with the Almesti, to what township does Zahn travel?
A)    Pennloap
B)    Pennica
C)    Panorama
D)    Pernilla

Question 16.
In “In the Blink of an Eye” by HvH, where is it said one can find the glory hole from the story “Love Whole”?
A)    A truckstop by the highway
B)    An old Diner off Route 69
C)    The “End of the Line” Bar and Grill
D)    The High Hopes Roadside Motel

Question 17.
Which of these Super Villains has never done battle with Naked Justice?
A)    Sethan
B)    School Girl
C)    Icecap
D)    Daddy Longlegs

Question 18.
What is the name of the Class Comics character who can control Plant Life at will?
A)    Poison Ivy
B)    Tom Thumb
C)    Beanstalk Jack
D)    Jon Dazy

Question 19.
What is Deimos’ favorite drink?
A)    Ginger Beer
B)    Saki
C)    Bubble Tea
D)    Apple Wine

Question 20.
In Rainbow Country, created by Max’, which character almost loses his life climbing down the side of an apartment building?
A)    Philippe
B)    Mark
C)    Alex
D)    Frank

Question 21.
Which of these four Class Comics Artists has not yet done a Class Comics Portfolio?
A)    HvH
B)    Patrick Fillion
C)    Ismael Alvarez
D)    Mike

Question 22.
In the series “Angelface” created by Benoit Prevot, Red gets a job working in the engine room of a ship bound for Manhattan.  What is the name of that ship?
A)    The Titanic
B)    The Viatic
C)    The Volveria
D)    The Nautilus

Question 23.

What is the name of the Greek Fraternity from the Initiation written by Robert Fraser?
A)    Felta Buddy’s Anus
B)    Zeta Mega Phallus
C)    The Alpha Males
D)    The Frat Pack

Question 24.

In the story “The Gift”, Camili-Cat is possessed by an alien entity. As a result, he can’t stop ejaculating!  What is that entity called?
A) The Elomite
B) Iadeian
C) The Cummallan
D) The Midichlorians

Question 25.
Jeanne Darque’s mother is of what ethnic background?
A)    Italian
B)    Chinese
C)    Korean
D)    Japanese

Question 26.
What is Space Cadet’s real name?
A)    Emil Durand
B)    Byron Durand
C)    Bryan Durand
D)    Tyrone Durand

Question 27.
Zozah the Insane Witch is one of the only women still living in the land of Varda.  In which part of the land does she reside?
A)    Mount Surazule
B)    The Great Swamps of Lyrria
C)    The Kolarh Alps
D)    The Danuze Forest

Question 28.

What is the name of the Nightclub owned by Diablo?
A)    The One Eyed Snake Club
B)    The Cock Fight
C)    The Devil’s Lair
D)    The Forked Tail

Question 29.
Why does Billy believe that Deimos and Cardinal are safe in his home?
A)    Because he will give his life to protect them.
B)    Because his home is enchanted and is never in the same place twice.
C)    Because it is very cleverly disguised.
D)    Because it exists in a dimension only Billy holds the key to.

Question 30.

Why do the Iadeian’s begin to worship Camili-Cat?
A)    Because his cock looks like their God.
B)    Because his masculine beauty is unsurpassed.
C)    Because his cock holds the “nectar of life”.
D)    Because his technology is like nothing they have ever seen before.

Question 31.
Strange aliens come to Earth and entrust Jeanne Darque with the all powerful Cube.  What are those aliens called?
A)    Tolarians
B)    M’Waor
C)    Felinoids
D)    Sklarkians

Question 32.

What Class Comics character is able to completely change forms at will?
A)    Jeanne Darque
B)    Grinn Reaper
C)    Jonah
D)    Ghostboy

Question 33.
After his battle with Mamma Ries and the Prick, Naked Justice is arrested for what reason?
A)    Destruction of private property
B)    Very indecent exposure
C)    Fighting crime without a permit
D)    Unpaid parking tickets

Question 34.

Steven Arclight is desperate to become a male model.  For what XXX publication is he tricked into doing a nude spread?
A)    Playgirl Magazine
B)    Boys with big Toys Magazine
C)    American Cock Magazine
D)    Long Shlongs Magazine

Question 35.
Who gives Doug Arder his nickname of “Tug Harder”?
A)    The Old Man
B)    The Waiter
C)    A farmhand named “Snake”
D)    No one.  Tug chooses it himself as a pen name.

Question 36.
What does Red promise the transvestite Gloria in exchange for information on Angelface’s whereabouts?
A)    He promises to let her fuck him for seven days and nights.
B)    He promises to be her sex slave for a month.
C)    He promises to sit on her face and let her rim him as much as she wants.
D)    He promises to leave town and never come back.

Question 37.
What is the name of the hustler killed by Azagoth as a message to Deimos?
A)    Rusty
B)    Kenny
C)    Johnnie
D)    Dickie

Question 38.

Which of these Class Comics characters is desperately afraid to come out to his mother?
A)    Space Cadet
B)    Ghostboy
C)    Diablo
D)    Incubus

Question 39.

Which of these Class Comics hunks is not uncircumcised?
A)    Camili-Cat
B)    Zahn
C)    Deimos
D)    Lanor

Question 40.
Who has the biggest cock in all the Class Comics Universe?
A)    Naked Justice
B)    Jack the Stripper
C)    Bob
D)    Locus

Question 41.
In the “Brother to Dragons” series, what does the “Tale of Dracs” say accounts for the birth of the Drac of Flames?
A)    A hidden heat spot, revealed by the beating of wings of the Drac of clouds.
B)    The melting of the Cold Ones.
C)    A spell cast by Alai’s cousin, Rano.
D)    A volcano called “Jiki”.

Question 42.
When can Maymay, Zahn’s feline sidekick, regain her human form?
A)    When it is time for her to eat.
B)    When she wants to have sex with someone.
C)    When danger is nearby.
D)    Whenever she chooses.

Question 43.
How long has it been since Elliot has heard from Santa, the sexy red-headed hobo from the Porky series?
A)    2 months
B)    17 years
C)    13 weeks
D)    9 months

Question 44.
What are Icecap’s Henchmen called?
A)    The Frosties
B)    The Abominable Snowmen
C)    The Almesti
D)    The Snowstorms

Question 45.

Before officially becoming “Class Comics Inc.”, what was Class Comics called?
A)    Classic Comics
B)    Class Enterprises
C)    Classroom Comics
D)    Class Studios

BONUS QUESTION — Question 46.

Which talented Class Comics artist created the illustration for the cover of today’s issue of Boytoons Magazine?
A)    Butch McLogic
B)    Logan
C)    Eric Mars
D)    Jacob Mott

All characters, artwork and titles are © Copyright and TM 2008, Class Comics Inc.  All Rights Reserved.

1.B  2.C  3.C  4.A  5.B  6.B  7.B  8.D  9.A  10.D  11.A  12.B  13.C  14.D  15.A  16.A  17.D  18.D  19.C  20.A  21.B  22.B  23.B  24.A  25.D  26.B  27.C  28.A  29.B  30.A  31.B  32.B  33.B  34.C  35.C  36.C  37.A  38.B  39.D  40.C  41.A  42.C  43.B  44.A  45.B 46.D

PS — Please lemme know if you enjoyed the quiz, and if you’d like to see different stuff like this once in a while on BTM.  And please let me know if you thought it totally sucked ass!  I’m open folks! ;)


  1. Well…27 out of 46, best described as pathetic. But it was fun nonetheless. This reminds me of my school tests and exams. I’m not a stupid man, but in school I used to be very lazy and I hated studying. We used to call these multiple choice tests “monkey puzzles” and I always filled in the answers that I knew first, leaving out those that I don’t and then look at the paper and think “hmm, there’s a lot of A’s and B’s here, so this missing answer must be a C.” Probably explains a lot come to think of it…


  2. Eh…I got 46%. I got stumped mostly on the SG, Cam, and Initiation questions. Also missed a few that I could have looked up if my comic boxes weren’t under a bunch of clothes right now. Oh, well. It was fun…perhapse a little long – but fun.

  3. I got 21 out of 46 right. I guessed at 33 questions, and of those, 23 were wrong. So, 2 of the questions I didn’t guess at were wrong.

    :) I enjoyed this, though! But like Chub said, it was kindof long. Maybe if it were made on a quiz website like quizzilla? That would be pretty cool.


  4. Hey there Reikro…

    You did pretty well actually. Pop Quiz’ like this one can be pretty tricky. If it’s any consolation, I had to look some of this stuff up myself! LOL! ;o)

    In any case, I am glad you enjoyed my “Monkey Puzzle” HA! HA! HA! Have a fantastic Holiday Season, dear friend.

    Lots of luv to ya!
    Patrick XOXO

  5. Hey Chubtoons…

    Thanks so much for the comment, buddy! You know, 46% is pretty decent. Like I told Reikro, I even had to look some of this stuff up.

    Meanwhile, yeah, it was pretty long, and I think the format of the multiple answers made it even longer. I kinda wish there had been a better way to post it without making it the length of the last Harry Potter novel. Ah well… Glad you had fun though!

    Happy Holidays to ya, my friend!
    Hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  6. Hey Lizzy…

    Great to hear from ya, my dear! You did pretty well on the quiz, considering that a lot of the questions are pretty crazy specific! LOL!

    I too wish I had been able to make it a little more condensed. I appreciate your Quizilla suggestion though. I’ll totally have to look into that!

    Hope you’re enjoying the Holiday season!
    Big luv to ya!
    Hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  7. hghgsag

  8. Fortinbras says

    23 – no lookups. these are some mean Q’s!!! missed almost all of the new ones…shame on me ;-)

  9. Hi there Fortinbras!!!

    Hey, don’t feel bad! You got a lot of questions right!!! If it’s any consolation, I MYSELF even had to look up some of this stuff when I was putting the quiz together! LOL!

    Thanks again for the comment!

    Hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

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