BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #128 – The New CLASS COMICS website is here!

Good Morning, dear friends…

Hope you all had a terrific weekend.  I’d like to start this week off with some really great news!  THE NEW CLASS COMICS WEBSITE is now LIVE!!!

Fraser and I had talked about a redesign for some time now.  We just felt that deserved a serious overhaul.  Plus, we also wanted a site that offered YOU GUYS more in the way of goodies and information.  Well, I am pleased to say I think we succeeded.

The new website has a ton of cool new features, animations, character bios (which I know you all love) wallpaper designs for your computers, in depth series info, in depth creator info and much, much more.

One of my favorite parts of the new site is the Video Vault section.  There are currently 3 brand new trailers in that section, and we plan to add more shortly.  Class has been working with a company overseas to make them, and the results so far are really exciting.  The videos show you the books in a whole new light.  Currently you can view video trailers for Zahn #1, Guardians of the Cube #5 and The Initiation #1.

Another cool aspect of the new site is that we plan on treating it much like a Blog, and that means that the updates will be frequent.  We are currently working on uploading ALL the Fan Art we’ve received over the years.  There’s some really great stuff there, and though it’s gonna take some time to get it all posted, it’s totally worth it and will be a great addition to the site in the end.

The only aspect of the site we have not changed is our Catalog section.  It’s remained the same because most of you have commented over the years that you love the way it’s set up and how easy it is to find what you’re looking for.

So head on over to the new site and enjoy all it has to offer, folks!  There’s a lot of cool stuff to discover! We’re all really proud of our new look and content and look forward to your impressions.

Have fun!
Hugz + Kisses,
Patrick XOXO

Zahn, Ghostboy, Zeke, Guardians of the Cube, the Initiation and all other characters are © Copyright 2008, Class Comics Inc.  All rights reserved.


  1. Hey Patrick,

    just yesterday I stumbled upon the revamped Class-website and I have to say – it’s amazing and beautiful. Most of all, the design is slick and sexy (what else, huh? ;-)).

    In all honesty, the new Felinoids-pinup made me cream myself, sorry for being so blunt. Cam is more beautiful than ever and I cannot await the end of the year when (hopefully) the new Felinoids-book will be out! ;-)

    All the best,

  2. Greetings Patrick!

    Really liking the new site. It’s now easier to navigate, the more in-dept character bios is especially nice and there’s plenty of images to gawp at, plus of course, the extras, wallapers and animations, who doesn’t like freebies!?

    The Fan Art section is another good idea, I was pleasantly surprised to see Tim Vigil also made a controbution. Hopefully the Fan Art section will inspire people to contribute as well.

    Well, time for me to sign-off, I’ve got proof reading to do, (I always seem to find a whole handfull of spelling mistakes after submitting a new blog entry) and then read another chapter of Devil May Care (great book!) in bed.

    Take Care!

    Lots of Love

    ps. Nice to see you again phrog, I haven’t seen you for a while.

  3. YAY! I’m going over there to check it out right now, Patrick!

  4. Patrick!

    The re-vamped site looks great, loved the animations! Congratulations on another stunning achievment!

    Love & Luck,
    -Dave Erb

  5. Hey Reikro,

    thanks – yeah, I have been terribly busy the last months (switching jobs, making biiiig decisions, etc.).

    How are you doing?

    All the best!

  6. Beautiful, Wonderful, Awe-Inspiring…I NEVER get enough of your creativity. :)

  7. Hey Phrog…

    HA! HA! HA! I am so pleased that the new Felinoids #3 promo had such a strong effect on you! LOL! I am working hard to try and get this bad boy done, and of course I’ll keep you fellas up to date on the progress. :)

    Meanwhile, thanks for th kudos regarding the new Class Comics site. I am so pleased you liked it. Means a lot!

    Huggz + kisses to ya, dear friend!
    Patrick XOXOX

  8. Hello Reikro…

    Always a pleasure to hear from you, dear friend. I am so pleased you liked the new version of the Class Comics website. I had so much fun putting the character bios together and it’s so nice to see them live. And I am very happy you are enjoying all the specials and freebies.

    And boy, do I know what you mean about spelling in entries. It drives me bonkers to re-read my stuff a few days later and to realize that i didn’t spot a few dozen errors! Oy! LOL!

    As for the fan art section, I still have a ton of gorgeous work to upload. It’s all gonna take some time, but I think it will be well worth it. And yeah, Tim’s Diablo is pretty wicked. Someday, I’ll have to see that in color! LOL!

    Hugz + kisses to ya, dear friend!
    Patrick XOXOX

  9. Hey Jessica!

    Thanks for the message and enthusiasm! I hope you enjoy the new site! :o)

    Hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  10. Hey Dave…

    Aww… thanks so much, dear friend. I appreciate the kind words very much! Glad you like the new site.

    Much love to ya!
    Patrick XOXOX

  11. Hiya Sean…

    Thanks so much for the wonderful comment, dear friend. You are really too kind! :o) I’m thrilled you enjoyed the new site. Fraser and I still have some big plans for it, but as a start, we are very pleased with the result.

    Lotsa luv to ya,
    Hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXOX

  12. I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating. Patrick, Fraser and everyone else at Class Comics should be commended for their top-flight efforts and results. Y’all spoil us fans. :-)

  13. Hey there guys. does anyone the name of a gay comic about a father and son who get it on?

  14. ilove the sex with cool man

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