The Initiation #1 is HOT OFF THE PRESS!

Good morning my friends! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend!

I have great news for you today! The Initiation #1 is HOT OFF THE PRESS and now available for purchase at the Class Comics website.

Now, this book is really freakin’ HOT, and I am not just saying that because my Fraz wrote it. I can be objective, you know.

It is really THAT good! In fact, I think that the Initiation series has the potential of becoming the “new Satisfaction Guaranteed” and to become something I never quite managed with SG. I say this for several reasons. The men are really gorgeous, and they are bloody sexy. They fuck at the drop of a hat, and they are as voracious as any Bel Ami film star. And yet, there is an edge to this book that that gives it a very realistic feel. The sex is fantastic but it’s also realistic. This stuff can happen!

The art was brilliantly executed by Joseph Hawk, a newcomer to Class Comics. Joseph’s lines are crisp and clean, and he doesn’t over ink or over draw anything, which I love. His slick style compliments Fraz’ writing beautifully. His guys have square jaws, ripped physiques and are realistically proportioned. I know this in particular will appeal to many readers.

These guys aren’t super heroes. They are not aliens. They are REAL MEN – guys you could totally see walking down the street on the sidewalk next to you — and they revel in the pleasure of being real men, who are ALWAYS hungry for one another.

The issue kicks off with Alex’s late arrival at College. It’s tough for him, catching up on all the classes he’s missed. Thank goodness, he has a very helpful roommate – a hottie named Dylan – who is more than happy to show Alex the ropes.

But Alex still needs help making the grade. He finds this help in the scrumptious Bradley. Bradley is this UBER HAWT sort-of-Clark-Kent-ish type with glasses who hides his ripped physique and enormous wang beneath his book worm exterior. One wonders what Bradley is tutoring Alex in? Sex Ed perhaps? Ay, caramba!! These two look REALLY GOOD together.

And all of this happens before we get to the other half of the Campus. There’s the whole football team, the locker room scene, the raunchy rollerbladers, and then of course, there is Pledge night. Getting accepted into the Zeta Mega Phallus fraternity is hard work – but THAT’s half the fun! Okay, so every, and I do mean EVERY college guy fantasy you’ve ever had is in this book! And you know what – then some!

And the thing is it’s not just about the sex. Fraz has laid the ground work here for some really involving characters. Sure in this issue, each player is allotted only a certain amount of time in which to make an impression and whip their meat out… but this issue is the beginning of a series that I honestly believe will blow readers away, with characters you will find very endearing.

I personally know what Fraz has planned for the upcoming issues, and trust me when I tell you that The Initiation will not only deliver some of the hottest sex scenes to hit ANY Class Comics book yet (not that ANY of our books are slouches in THAT department! ;), but also a compelling set of characters which you will love to love, and some you’ll even love to hate (even though you’ll still love to see them buck nekkid!).

Of course I don’t want to over-sell this puppy, and it is always best for folks to make up their own minds about things. I personally love the fact this series is rooted in reality. As I said — no superheroes and no aliens. Just really hot and sexy guys who are always happy to whip their clothes off and frolic about for our pleasure. That’s very of refreshing in a way that makes you really hot under the collar!

Patrick XOXO

The Initiation © Copyright and TM 2008, Robert Fraser / Class Comics Inc. All Rights reserved.


  1. Hi Patrick

    This looks fantastic. I was really surprised when you first announced this title a while ago, but from what I saw back then I knew it’s going to be a winner. Seeing the pics now confirms that point even further. I really can’t wait to get my hands on The Initiation. Don’t get me wrong when I say this, I love the superhero titles of Class Comics, but the fact that the characters and setting are more lifelike is very refrshing indeed. I also like the art style, I think Joseph Hawk’s style suits the type of story, if that makes sense. Though I haven’t read it yet it should be interesting, not least because of my curiosity to find out how Fraser’s writing turns out, though I’m certain it’s going to be a cracker!

    I’m going to order it as soon as I finish typing this comment. I will be eagerly awaiting for my copy to arrive and hope it won’t be long before #2 comes out.

    LOTS of LOVE

  2. Anonymous says

    Our buddy Kevin ordered his copy as soon as the notice was sent out. We’ll look for our own copy at our local book-monger’s. This will be great. The whole Class Comics line-up has something for every body, and every part of every body. Thanks.

    Damian & Trent

  3. Lovely art. Going to get this when I order Brother to Dragons. Keep up the great work! – xoxo MEL

  4. Juancho Flores says

    I’ve always craved for comics with a realistic premise. Making everyday life visually stunning on paper seems fun to do. Especially when there’s no mutant abilities, and fancy explosions of powers, and the sort, to vivify the pages.

    And I bet comics like that are also a refreshing challenge to some writers since the story plays a larger role in hooking the market’s attention. ‘Cause I tell ya there ARE comics I’d buy for the art rather than the plot. Lol! Its nice to have both aspects good.

    (Though one example of a comicbook I’d buy because of the story rather than the art are some issues of Sandman comics. But damn! Mckean sure knows how to do kickass covers to hook people. It fools you, I tell you. Lol!)


    Anyway, back to the new comics. Unlike my Dad who used to buy each new release, I, on the other hand, will probably read this by the time its compiled into a thick graphic novel. I just don’t like to be left on cliffhangers. The waiting is too difficult for me. XP

    But I think its going to be interesting. Smut aside. And Joe Hawk’s hand is a winner! Who colored this? ;)

    (I use too many usernames. *sigh*)

  5. Nite in Shining Armour says

    sign me up for a copy!

  6. teramancer says

    Wow, Congrats, Fraser! Patrick, you must be so proud of him, and Fraser, Damn, all i can say is DAMN. Some day you guys have to come down here for one of my events and be our special guests. Its a shame you guys cant be here for the Comic Con in April. I really love the samples on the Blog! I cant wait to own my own personal copy. Of course when I read it I will have to have a box of tissues next to me. lol -wink wink-
    Catch you later guys.


  7. Diederick says

    What a fine art! This is really good stuff.

  8. I can’t wait to get my grubby little mitts on this book! Some of my fondest memories are of my college years so it’ll be great to revisit them in comic book form. That’s not to say that I was as naughty as the guys in Initiation! Well, maybe sometimes, I was… o__o

    Joseph Hawk’s work looks like a perfect match for this book and I can’t wait to read Fraser’s 1st stab at a writing a Class book!

  9. Anonymous says

    Our bud Kevin got his “Initiation” today and brought it right over. Whoa! We had to turn pages using fireproof gloves. HOT! Got us all cranked up. Thanks. And good work, Fraz and Joseph and all.

    Damian & Trent
    … & Kevin

  10. Hi there folks…

    Just wanted to pass along a quick message of thanks from Fraser to all of you for your lovely comments! They were much appreciated.

    it’s so great to know that you all think that this book is a winner. Fraser’s story is such fun, and Joseph’s art is wonderful. I hop eyou all enjoy it.

    Much love and appreciation to you all!
    Patrick XOXO

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