BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #113 – Felinoids #3 – The Inside Scoop!

Good day, dear friends.

Well, now that Zahn is in the can, I have turned my attention to a much neglected project – Camili-Cat: Felinoids #3!

Okay, so what do we know so far?

We know that Cam has been under the impression that he may be the only surviving Felinoid around. He has hooked up with Felicia, Slith and Locus and travels the stars with them aboard his shuttle, the Mina.

Eventually Locus gives Cam a series of coordinates which he follows to a planet where other Felinoids are living and thriving. That’s where Cam is reunited with Lanor, a long-lost friend from his youth. Lanor leads Cam to the “new Felinoid city” called Pillahr. Unfortunately, Pillahr and its Felinoid occupants have fallen prey to a gang of Intergalactic Gangsters bent on enslaving the remnants of the Felinoid race. Cam and Lanor attempt to save the Felinoids…

… and Cam comes face to face with his younger sister, Mina. He thought she was dead. She thought he was dead! It’s all very dramatic!

And that is where Felinoids #2 left things off… way back in 2004. That’s right! 4 freakin’ years ago!

So what have I been doing with myself, some of you may ask! Why has it taken me so long to get to the final chapter of my oldest and dearest creations’ saga?

You see, it’s like this…

I’m pretty good at starting stuff, but finishing it is another story (it’s a curse I tells ya!! I still can’t believe that I even managed to complete Satisfaction Guaranteed #4!! God knows THAT took a bloody long time to do as well.)

But this is Camili-Cat we’re talking about. He’s not only my favorite creation, but he’s also one of Class Comics’ most popular characters, and folks want to know how his story will conclude… or at least how this portion of it will conclude!

It’s not like I have completely neglected Cam or the Felinoid story arc. For the past 4 years, I have been busy with Rapture and Cam’s 20th Anniversary Special. These books have all contained new stories which have served as prequels to the Felinoid series. In my mind, that was a good way to add more substance to Cam and his adventures. But now the time has come to focus on the official final chapter of the Felinoids series.

Unlike Satisfaction Guaranteed #4 (which took several rewrites), Felinoids #3 is a story I’ve always known how to conclude. Writing it has taken very little time, and that’s because I know where I want Cam to go from this point on. It’ll be a new place; one that no longer has him asking “am I the last of my kind?” The Felinoid series already answered that. He now knows he’s some of his people have survived the war that devastated their home world!

The interesting thing will be to see what he does with that knowledge. This is after all a character who has been pretty – I hate to say it, but – morose for several years. I guess loneliness will do that to ya!

In Felinoids #3, I want to see a change in Cam occur. I want it to be tangible and I want it to be the start of a fresh new chapter, a new way of thinking for him. (And yes, before you ask, I have big plans for Cam after the Felinoids series wraps up! But that’s another posting!)

And what about his supporting cast: Felicia, Locus, Lanor and Slith? Seems their lives have revolved around Cam for as long as I can remember. That must change also! I’ve already started to show Locus making a break from Cam. In Rapture #2, he goes out on his own, and finds some new companions. Flamer, Disco and Captain Jung will also be a part of Felinoids #3 by the way. They have a rather important part to play in the book.

And Felicia? This character is capable of being sooooo much more than Cam’s fag hag! I must confess, her future is somewhat nebulous. I’ve got a few different possible “endings” for her in this title – some good, some not good at all. I’ve yet to decide the direction I wanna go in, so we’ll see what ends up in the book.

The same can sort of be said for Slith, while Lanor has always had a very precise path to follow. I am looking forward to exploring that in the title and beyond as well.

Locus is a very strong personality. It seems the character has his own ideas about where he wants to head. The thing is I really love Locus and Cam being together. They are like oil and vinegar in some ways, not mixing very well… but when they do, they just
work so well. I’ll have to find a fitting continuation for Locus!

Meanwhile, I’ve been penciling a lot of the book, and have started on inks in order to keep from getting bored of penciling (I get bored easy I’m afraid and often need a change of pace! Gee — Do you think that might explain why I don’t stick to a particular series for too long before I jump to the next one?! LOL!) There’s LOTS of new Felinoids in this book, and all kinds of Felinoids. Spotted ones, striped ones, gold ones, silver ones, black ones, bald ones, and so on and so on…

And then there is Cam’s sister, Mina. I don’t want to give too much away here, but I can tell you I don’t like her – AT ALL! Nuff said for now!

So if all goes according to plan, I ought to have this sucker out by the end of 2008. Don’t quote me on that though – it’s merely a promise I’ve made to myself to work on it solid (or as solid as I can!) until it’s done! Hopefully I can meet this self-imposed deadline! See that’s another thing about working at Class Comics that makes it hard for me to stick to one particular project at a time. I am not just an artist, but I am also part office manager, which means I deal with other Class Comics artists, prepare books for press and so on and so on. Sometimes finding the time to work on a book can be tough – but by George, I aim to get this one completed in a proper amount of time.

Because it’s all about Cam! I love this character with a great deal of intensity. There is just something about him… I dunno. Drawing him feels pretty magic to me, in a way that no other character can manage. Even Zahn, who is a close second in my esteem, is still not Cam’s equal in my heart.

And now here’s another part of the equation. Fraser and I have played with the idea of compiling ALL of the Camili-Cat titles (Purrfection, Felinoids #1 and #2, the 20th Anniversary special, the Rapture stories and Diplomatic Immunity) AND Felinoids #3 into the very first Class Comics Full-color Trade Paperback! The idea is that, if we do this, Felinoids #3 would be available EXCLUSIVELY as part of this book.

But we have concerns about doing this. We don’t want fans to feel like they are being roped into buying material they may already have all over again just for the last 24 pages of the Felinoid saga. But as a comic book fan, there is a big part of me that loves the idea of a HUGE Camili-Cat graphic novel. The added bonus is that classic Cam stories, previously only available in black and white and/or out of print, would now be available again and in color.

I dunno… I am throwing this out there for you guys to think about and give Fraser and I feedback on.

1280 X 1024

Meanwhile, I leave you with this Felinoids #3 promotional wallpaper. I REALLY like this image of Cam. It’s true what they say – sometimes, leaving a little to the imagination is even sexier than showing everything! Cam looks pretty hot squeezed into his flight suit. LOL! ;) Anyhoo, I’ve made a standard screen and a wide screen format for you good people to have fun with!!

1680 X 1050

I’ll keep you posted on my progress with the Felinoids #3 project. Until then, thanks again for stopping by! Enjoy the sneak peek at the pencils and inks!

Much love,
Patrick XOXO

PS – I want to wish my pal Reikro a very happy birthday! He actually gets to celebrate his birthday on the REAL day this year since it’s a real leap year! LOL! Hope you’re partying it up, my friend. Lots of luv to ya! XOXO ;)

Camili-Cat, Felicia, Locus, Lanor, Slith, Jung, Disco, Flamer and all other characters shown in this post are © Copyright and TM 2008, Patrick Fillion / Class Comics Inc. All rights reserved.


  1. I can’t wait to read it, even though it’s been four years. *eyes go wide*. It can’t be that long surely?!

    I really like the idea of a graphic novel involving the coloured versions of the previous Camili-Cat titles.

    Would that include the mini comics like “Strip” and “Horny” or is it just main stories?

    It looks like it’s going to be one sexy hell of a conclusion!

    Keep up the fab work!


    P.S Thanks for linking my blog! *Hugs*

  2. I like the idea of a Camilicat Omnibus, but am sad that Cam and Lanor wont be stalking off into the sunset together. :(

    Perhaps when they’re old, and not so adventurous? Retirement love… LOL!

    The collection would be a good idea, and you could reach US fans via online outlets like Amazon, which doesn’t sell floppies.

  3. The Stag God says

    Glorious! I completely can’t wait to see this one!

    I do like the idea of trade paperbacks, truth be told. To me, they’re the perfect medium for comics: they’re durable while still being easily rereadable, you don’t need a wholly unique means of storing them (I’m looking at you, ugly white comic boxes) and you don’t have to bother with the plastic-and-white-board combo. They can easily be displayed on a normal bookshelf – I consider comics to be genuine literature of their own sort, and I like to store them as such. :)

    However you end up releasing the next issue, though, rest assured – I’ll be at the front of the queue to pick it up.

  4. Vaughn Michael says

    Wow made my day with a Cam filled blog post! He’s bar my fave of your characters also! He just looks so I don’t know? Right?
    That’s sad that happens to you but you’re not alone my friend, it happens to allot of artists, including myself.
    I’ll start a number of paintings at once and they can sit against my fall just looking at me for months, why don’t I finish them? I don’t know by my body and mind just wont allow me to do so until the time is right.
    And You go ahead and release that Trade, I’m sad to say I’ve yet to actully buy any of your comics as big a fan of your work as I am, I usually buy things via paypal or at comic shops, I tend to shy away from online credit card buying.
    But if you do this I swear to whatever Gods there are that I will buy this Cam trade and treasure it.
    Color is the best and seeing as some of the comics are in black and white it’s also sort of kept me away.
    And the wallpaper I agree but I’ll take Cam any way I can dressed or nude hehe.
    I’m really excited about this all it really seems like it’s coming together and going some place.
    And I’m a bit shy about my art and I don’t draw nudes or anything (yet) but I was wondering if you could take a look through my blog Patrick and let me know what you think of my paintings?
    I’d greatly appreciate it thanks and your blog posts brighten my day!

  5. Vaughn Michael says

    omg omg omg omg!!
    I just looked at the links like I do once a week and saw my name in your links!!
    Ok I hate to double post but *tackles you and huggs you*
    ok I’m tearing up now *wipes tears*
    heh sorry I get a little over excited some times :)

  6. Wow. Great news! Cam is one of my favorite characters so I’m definitely looking forward to this. And I think a trade would be a great idea, but instead of focusing exclusively on Cam, why not the first issue of all the Class Comics? LOL. You could call it First Shots. Keep up the great work! – xoxo MEL

  7. dreamerboy6 says

    I can’t even begin to say how happy this news makes me. Your line art on this looks GORGEOUS. Cam was the character that first made me fall in love with your work, and despite my love for many more of your characters, Cam still reigns supreme in my heart. I can’t wait to see him in what’s sure to be a throbbing, sensual finale. ^_^;

  8. What felicitous, felixitous news that there are more Felinoids to come and that Camili-Cat is back. I’ve always been crazy about Cam. (To tell you the truth, I wish I’d had the idea first! : ) )

  9. Hey Patrick!

    Wow, Cam surely has come a long long way. I remember it was still in my high school days when I first discovered your art and Camili who acquainted me to your art.

    I’m certainly interested in finding out how things are going to end up for your beautiful Felinoid and what changes are going to take place with him and your other characters.

    I think it’s a great idea to make a full colour Camili-Cat TPB. It might be a good idea to release it allong with a single issue Felinoids #3 to give buyers a choice. Though I personally will be happy to buy a the TPB just for the convenience of having all of the Cam comics together and in full colour.

    Thanks for the wallpaper. You’re right, sometimes it is sexier leaving a bit to the imagination, though that suit does leave precious little for the mind. Still, it’s bloody gorgeous, such lovely thighs.

    Another thanks, this time for wishing me a happy birthday, it’s much apreciated my friend. Wish I could invite you and Fraser for tea and cake.

    Take Care!


  10. Juancho Flores says


    Oh my god, it’s been so long! I missed this horny feline. Always wondered what “danger awaits them” after the last issue. Camili-cat somewhat reminds me of Superman – the last son. But turns out there’s actually more suvivors. So excited for ya! XD

    You know what my wish for you is? I wish that someday, Class Comics will be so big – as huge as Marvel or DC even. Then you’ll have all these ‘underlings’, (nah, you’re too kind to call them that, employees maybe,) that will do the comics for you. The release of each issue will be more frequent. More issues mean a compilation. Then I’ll buy all those thick Class Comics graphic novels. And maybe I could work for you, too. Haha.

    Hmm… seems more like a wish for me, huh? XP Anyway, I’m sure I don’t have to wish for it. I know it will happen. I can feel it. :D


    PS: Oh yeah, I was browsing your links for new additions, and I came across mine. Thats actually dead. I changed the URL ’cause I’m trying to avoid someone, or some people, really. Here’s the new URL…

    Lotsa Love for ya! XD

  11. Hey Patrick,

    I’m sold for such a package (pun absolutely 100% intended!!) and I cannot await Cam’s sexy adventures.

    Although I am a little sad that this iteration will wrap up his quest for finding his mates…
    But I have every confidence in your creativity, Patrick ;-)

    Again – I would definitely buy the package but I also understand you concerns about “ripping” your fanbase. Is it possible to have it both ways? Felinoids No. 3 as “normal” comic book and for the ultra-hardcore-diehard-fans the whole, complete package with some little extras?

    all the best, Dirk

  12. please, please, please, please, please spin off slith & locus, my otp
    i’ll be your best friend forever!!
    ..and i’ll totally buy the trade regardless

  13. kittycat says

    I would love a graphic novel! I’d swipe that up in a heart beat. Colored versions of previous Cam stories as well as rare stories would be fab.

    Here’s hoping we see some awesome Cam coming out soon. <3

  14. Ooh– this is gonna be fun! I can’t wait! Your Felinoids are very sexy, man– I can tell you have an affinity for them! hehe!

    As far as Felicia– NO BAD ENDING! Don’t kill her! She’s my favorite of your Girltoons!

    As far as Mina– I am so surprised to hear you say you don’t like her!! You must have written her to be a real hellcat! haha!

  15. Hey Tower…

    Thanks for stopping by, my friend! Yup, it’s been that long since Felinoids #2 and I’m itching to get issue #3 out! LOL!

    Glad you like the idea of a trade paperback Camili-Cat book. I do too – very much! And yup, I would most likely include the classic Cam 1-page strips in the collection. I don’t think it would be the same without them!

    And hey, no prob for the link! It was my pleasure!

    Thanks again for commenting!
    Hugz + Kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  16. Hey there GGYMeta…

    Good of you to stop by, my friend. Glad you like the idea of a Cam collection. And you’re completely right. It would permit us to put it through Amazon, which would be SO COOL!

    As for Lanor and Cam, well, they may end up going their separate ways in Felinoids #3… but I guarantee you that this is not where their story ends! Of course, I may change my mind by the time I get to their part of the story and they may end up together too – who knows! LOL!

    Much love to you!
    Patrick XOXOX

  17. Hey There Stag God!

    Thanks for your input on the subject of a Camili-Cat Trade Paperback. I completely agree with your view of trades and comics in general. Trades do look lovely on book shelves, while white comic boxes, let’s face it, suck donkey balls! LOL!

    I think at this point it’s fair to say that Felinoids #3 will end up being available in both a trade and a floppy version. How we’ll do that remains to be seen, but that way it’s more accessible for all the fans.

    Thanks again for the great comment!
    Patrick XOXOX

  18. Hello Vaughn Michael…

    Great comments! LOL! I am really pleased that this issue featuring Cam made your day! I love hearing that! HA! HA! HA! And I am glad that the Trade Paperback Cam book is something you’d enjoy – on the plus side it would collect all his stuff so far and include some new stuff too… so that is great incentive I think! LOL!

    Also glad you liked the wallpaper! I really love this new image of Cam. Something about how his dick is squished inside his suit… YUMMY! LOL!

    And no worries for the link to your Blog. I was happy to add it.

    And as for your art, I think it’s wonderful. You’re obviously very creative and you sure know how to make eye catching illustrations. Your colors are brilliant and your composition is wicked. Plus you are quite imaginative and that really shows up in your work. I don’t have much criticism, really… I would just encourage you to keep creating. Your stuff is way cool and I look forward to seeing more of it!

    So there you have it, you big TMNT fan, you! LOL! Thanks again for stopping by and commenting!

    Big Hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  19. Hey Mel…

    Thanks for the awesome comment and great suggestion! I love the idea of a trade featuring the first issues of all the Class Comics titles! That would be way cool! I’ll certainly keep that in mind! Great title idea by the way! LOL! :o)

    Meanwhile, I am so happy you’re looking forward to the release of Felinoids #3. Cam’s my fave too, so this project is super important and special to me.

    Thanks again for the cool comment!
    Hugz + kisses to ya!
    Patrick XOXO

  20. Hey there Dreamerboy6…

    So good to hear from you! And you are so sweet with your compliments! I’m really happy the news of this project has you all excited. And thanks for the kudos on my line art. I really appreciate it! Inks are sometimes eclipsed by the colors when a book is printed, so it’s nice when people notice what has gone into that part of the process.

    I certainly plan to make Felinoids #3 as hot as I can! LOL! Hopefully it will live up to everyone’s expectations and hopes! I’ll keep updating you good people here as I get further into the project.

    As for Cam being your ultimate fave, I completely understand – he’s mine too! :oD

    Much love to you, dear friend!
    Patrick XOXO

  21. Hey Keith!

    Thanks for stopping by! Glad you’re excited about the Felinoids #3 news, my friend! Hopefully the book will be all you hope! And loved the “come up with it first” comment! LOL! Cheeky! :oD

    Hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  22. Hello Reikro…

    I’m glad you stopped by! It’s always great to hear from you and I guarantee you Fraser and I would love to have tea and cake with you! You never know! Some day perhaps! LOL! :oD

    Thank you so much for all your kind words regarding Cam and the up-coming Felinoids #3. It’s wonderful to hear that you are excited about this project. I really am looking forward to seeing it complete as well.

    Also, thanks for your words of support regarding the Trade Paperback Cam book. I agree that having all those stories in color will be fun, even for me as their creator – I think it will feel like they are finally complete.

    And I’m glad you enjoyed the Cam wallpaper. As I mentioned in the article, I just love seeing the outlines of manly bits in clothes. It can be very enticing! LOL!

    Much love to you, dear friend!
    Patrick XOXO

  23. Hey there Juancho…

    LOL! You are such a sweetie! Cam drooling indeed! Tee Hee Hee! Thank you so much for stopping by and for leaving such a great comment. I really loved reading it. And I really appreciated all your kind words about Cam and Class Comics. Means a lot! :o)

    I think trades are the way to go and I would love to eventually see a bunch of Class Comics trades become available. Hopefully if we do this Cam book, it will be the first in a long line of them!

    And hey, no worries about the Blog link. I will correct that pronto!

    Much love to ya!
    Patrick XOXO

  24. Hey Phrog…

    Wonderful to hear from you, dear friend. Hope you’re doing well! I’m so pleased you’re looking forward to this installment of Camili-Cat’s saga. It is a bit sad to be on the last chapter in some ways. But I have big plans for Cam, so his adventures won’t stop here I promise! LOL!

    Also, thanks for the input regarding a possible trade paperback. I think at this point that we would most likely make Felinoids #3 available as a comic book as well. As I said, Fraser and I are really concerned about not ripping anyone off. We respect the fans a great deal and want everyone to be as happy as possible.

    We’ll see when the time comes how this will all play out, but I am pretty sure that all fans will be looked after.

    Much love, dear friend!
    Patrick XOXO

  25. Hey there Adrik!

    LOL! Thanks so much for your comment. Well, I can’t speak for Slith at this point, but I do have some big plans for Locus. So rest assured that the lean green sex machine has a bright future ahead of him. I really love Locus, so you just know that I will make sure he has a lot of cool stuff to do in the near future.

    And thanks for the comment about the Trade. That’s always a cool thing to know! LOL!

    Hugz + Kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  26. Hello Kittycat…

    Glad you like the idea of a Camili-Cat trade paperback! I think it could be pretty cool too, especially with all his old adventures in beautiful full color. I’m not only looking forward to completing Felinoids #3 to see that all done and colored up, but also to see Cam’s old stories come to life again if we do a trade… which at this point seems very likely!

    Thanks again for stopping by!
    Hugz + Kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  27. Hey JC…

    Thanks for stopping by, dude! Yeah, I really do have a special place in my heart for Cam and the other Felinoids. I’m not sure what it is about them, but they have always been hugely popular with me! LOL!

    Meanwhile, I have received threats from Fraser as well regarding Felicia. Apparently I AM NOT TO HURT her! I guess it’s pretty clear that I should make sure she comes out of Felinoids #3 alive, huh! LOL!

    And yeah, Mina is something else… and that’s all I should say for now. I don’t wanna give anything away! LOL!

    Much love to ya!
    Patrick XOXO

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