My NEW and IMPROVED website – AT LAST!!!

Good morning all you beautiful people! :oD

Hope everyone is having a great Thursday! I am so happy to share this news with you! Today, is officially NEW WEBSITE DAY!!! The new and improved “Art of Patrick Fillion” website is now LIVE! LIVE! LIVE!!!

You will find that it loads WAAAAAAY faster than its predecessor, and is much more balanced. It’s cleaner, and built for the web of today, so it runs nice and smooth!

Fraser, the team and I have been working on this baby for the past while now, and I am pretty proud of everyone’s efforts. I hope you’ll find it fun to peruse, and that you’ll enjoy the new features.

Now keep in mind, the NEW Adult Section isn’t done yet, but you can still access the “Vintage Adult Section”. The new one will be up after the Holidays and have a TON of new stuff in it, but in the meantime, you can enjoy a brand new Locus strip called “Tests”! Oh, those nutty alien doctors! LOL!

So have a look. I am really happy with the new design, and I hope you will all enjoy it too. Oh yeah, and if you guys see anything funky, or stuff that doesn’t work, please let me know! We’ve tested it extensively, but you never know. Plus from one browser to the next, things can change significantly.

Thanks so much you guys. I hope you’ll enjoy your visit!
Big Hugz + Kisses,


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  1. Congrats and kudos, Patrick! :-) I know you’ve been wanting to significantly redesign your website for a long time, which was already top-notch. You and your team get an A+ for effort AND execution. All of the issues you described regarding the old site are nowhere in evidence now. In fact, I encourage everyone to check out the new layout and just slowly run your cursor over every inch of every page, as you’ll be amazed at all the interactivity Patrick & Co. have packed into this baby.

    Lastly, in looking over the new portfolio section, it was like discovering Patrick’s work all over again, as (a) their are images in there that I’d never seen before and (b) I was reminded of the diversity of Patrick’s output. Sometimes I think of Patrick’s work as being exclusively hot guys with ginormous packages — which is FINE BY ME! ;-D However, his renderings of characters from “Star Wars,” “Star Trek” and other sci-fi/fantasy franchises reminded me that Patrick’s ability to bring to life aspects of the feminine and the diminutive are no less well-developed than his talent for the masculine and the colossal. :-)

  2. Glad to see the ol’ site spruced up, and liked the new layout to the portfolio. My particular fave was the Prince Adam pic, any chance of that being colored, managed to capture the modern Adam very well.
    Also liked the more daring female pics, the girl in the fir coat looked tough to place, and it looked to have a very Disney-esque background is she a particular character.

  3. rufferstuff says

    Sight redesigns normally suck since it usually means I have to search to find the things that have been moved, but you guys did a great job on this one. Everything is spread out, and it is very easy to navagate the sight now.

    I was hoping for some new original art, but guess I can’t have everything.

  4. Hi love it been a while. How aqre you doing? I’ve check out your new layout and I was blown away. I love all you pics and I can hardly wait to see the finish pic of He-Man or should I say Prince Adam, I always though that he was hot and you just prove me right. Oh and by the way your new wallpaper is so cool, I can’t get enough of it, I wish you nothing but the best take care. MWAH lots of love.

  5. I love the new site and i’m so happy you updated it. I was just wondering though if you could put the character bios up like you had on the site before? Either I lov ethe new site!

  6. your new website lacks readability. The brown letters don’t contrast enough with the backgrounds and make it very hard to read. The rest of it is good.

  7. I love the new layout, man. Simple and clean. I think since your work speaks volumes, it’s important to have the showcase for it be minimal. Or els, your design and artwork will compete. So kudos on the redo!

    I think my favorite new section is the portfolio. You’ve got some work on there I haven’t seen before and all of it is masterful. What’s all this chick stuff!? I thought you left that work behind. Not that I’m complaining– it’s still gorgeous stuff– and variety is always welcome. But yeah– I thought the Avatar stuff was way in the past.

  8. Nice work dude… Its a little slower than the previous version but that could just be bandwidth issues here in the third world.

  9. Hi Patrick! I like the new layout. Good work on it!

  10. Matthew Levine says

    Patrick , turns out the slow response was the bandwith on my side of things. oh well. oh and incase you are looing for artistic feedback onthe site, here it is:
    I LOVE IT! you new portfolio gallery is great , lots of new sketches that I had never seen before. It seems that you have another person saying that you should finish up that prince adam image . -giggle- great layout and I love the little sneak peak tidbits in the bottom left corner with the blacked out characters. Very cool. the colors all work together very very well. the contrast between the lettering and the Background is a little off, but that is always very tricky. its tough to be subtle and informative and not be bold and in your face to where the text distracts form the image. That being said, you pulled it off BEAUTIFULLY. ;-) can’t wait to see more.

  11. Matthew Levine says

    In case you are all wondering, yes, I am a horrible speller and a typo king. BUt Patricks stuff is still AWESOME

  12. Damian & Trent says

    Handsome site. Nicely moody overall. We specially like the photos of you & Frazer. You look cool together, both the serious & the funny stuff, & the solo shots are sizzlin’.

    Damian & Trent

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