BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #97 – The Halloween Issue!

Halloween is in the air. In the stores there are mountains of candy, costumes and decorations, all there for you to make the most of the Holiday! Indeed, I LOVE Halloween. It’s right up there with Christmas for me. I love the spirit of it all – the notion that scary things can be fun and that candy should be consumed in copious quantities. What more could you want?

One of my favorite things about Halloween is that it encourages stores to haul out the piles and piles of Horror DVDs, which we all know I adore. Why just his morning, I nabbed me a copy of the classic George Romero Zombie flick, Dawn of the Dead. Until today, all I had was a crappy old VHS copy. Now I have a shiny new DVD of the film, and I only paid 6.88$ for it! Wah-Hoo!

Yesterday, Fraser and I had an afternoon out with our pal, Don! We had a lovely lunch (pizza – Yumm!) and then headed into a matinee of 30 Days of Night, based upon the hit graphic novel. For those of you unfamiliar with the film, it’s about a little town in Alaska besieged by a horde of especially nasty Vampires with dreadful table manners. The Vampires are not your typical mincing Anne Rice variety, and are instead quite feral and monstrous. They are not refined boys in frilly things – they are evil killing machines who revel in the suffering of their victims.

The film is quite atmospheric and you tend to bite your nails throughout it a lot. Josh Hartnet plays the male lead, Eben, the town’s sheriff. He does a lovely job of NOT hosing the screen down with the usual dosage of testosterone one normally receives from male protagonists in this sort of flick. He is brave and determined, but he is nevertheless scared shitless of the situation he’s in, and he’s not afraid to show some emotion. Very refreshing!

The lovely Melissa George, best known for her portrayal of the she-bitch Lauren Reed in Alias, plays Starla, the movies’ heroine, and Eben’s estranged wife. She and Hartnet have some believable chemistry and work nicely together as actors go. They get bloody – very, VERY bloody — and the carnage is great fun! The three of us left the cinema quite satisfied that we had seen a very entertaining and creepy Horror film.

In the book department, I just finished reading Bryan Keene’s “Dead Sea”. I think this is very possibly the best Zombie novel I have read to date – and trust you me, I’ve read more than a few! Keene’s writing plunges you immediately into the thick of the action, and yet, he never cuts corners. His characters are believable and very endearing. Best part of Dead Sea: the protagonist, Lamar Reed is a GAY BLACK MALE! I say! Good for you Mr. Keene for placing a well rounded gay character in the lead. A much appreciated and bold move! He’s brilliantly written and “narrates” the story in a very compelling manner.

I tore through the book in a mere 4 sittings, and had plenty of Zombie nightmares to show for it. LOL! Nevertheless, the book is extremely engrossing, offering horror, action and even a little insight into the human condition which really makes this page turner gel! Oh, and the ending is pretty damn creative. So if you’re into Zombies (JC, this is SOOOO not for you! ;) pick this puppy up and prepare to dive in!

On the lighter side of Halloween, Fraser and I have been watching the lovely Elvira’s new reality show, The Search for the next Elvira. Elvira is trying to find a replacement for herself. Is this because she feels she’s too long in the tooth for the role? HOGWASH!! Cassandra Peterson’s been Elvira since the early 80s and she looks a freakin’ HOT today as she did then! Nevertheless the show treats us to an assortment of contestants all vying for the title of the Mistress of the Dark, and can only pray that there is one in the bunch worthy of the honor – if only the contestants could pronounce MACABRE!

My pal Patterson, one of Elvira’s “Manviras” is HILARIOUS on the show, and he is not afraid to speak his mind. You can tell he wants his friend to find a worthy successor! Meanwhile, Elvira herself is charming in her signature B-movie horror hostess way, and watching her is always a howl.

For yet more lightly spooky fun, you could check out the lovely Charmed ones on DVD. Fraser and I have recently been digging our teeth into Charmed. Would you believe that I had never given it a fair chance while it was on TV? Now I’m addicted. It may not be as tight as shows like Buffy and Angel, but Prudence, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell are some wicked Wiccas that are always guaranteed to entertain. We are currently in the pre- Paig
part of the show, still watching season 2, but I must confess this, and I don’t care if you all make fun of me for it – I think Shannen Doherty ROCKS! There! I said it! She is great in her role as the eldest sister! Despite what some may think thanks to her nasty reputation, the lady CAN act!

Charmed is always good fun, and a few episodes in a row makes for a nice guilty little pleasure! HA! HA! HA!

So whether you enjoy Halloween or not, I still recommend the above mentioned treats! Horror (and fantasy) isn’t something that should only be enjoyed once a year, and a good scare is always good for a nice adrenaline rush.

Remember, eat loads of candy, watch some great scary movies, read a few scary books, and party your butts off at your various Halloween parties. Just be sure to play safe and have a great time!

Happy Halloween!
Patrick XOXO

Camili-Cat is © Copyright and TM 2007, Patrick Fillion/Class Comics Inc. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Asmodeus/Juancho says

    I have to agree with you about Shannen. I read her catfight with Alyssa somewhere. And when I watched the third season, I really tried to detect any signs of boiling water between the two… I can’t see any. So yeah, she CAN act. Or at least, she’s good at separating work and her personal issues, in front of the camera that is.

    But then again, she directed the finale of the third season. And the way it ended, I guess it reflects how she feels about everybody, after all. No spoilers! XD

  2. Vaughn Michael says

    I love the cam pic on the cover I was expecting a desk top background shucks!
    But I thought 30 days of night was really a big let down I adore the comics and for me it didn’t come anywhere to being close to as good as the comic was.
    Oh well Glad you got out and had some fun!
    Lord knows I need to do that!

  3. Charlie MJR says

    Hay Patrick.

    I, like you, love halloween. Here in the u.k its not given as greater regard as say in america, but theres something about it that I feel holds true to some of our hidden desires of scare and fear, the creep of winter on us and, of course, to have an excuse to eat as many sweets as possible :P

    I do like a good scary movie too, I’m not so much into heavy gore, I prefer something that would make me shiver, atmosphere is important for the right scary flick. Although such films like texas chainsaw and those kind of grizzly horrors are great to watch (The classic texas chainsaw, not the newer version), I always need to get put my copy of Halloween, its the perfect creep set up.

    btw, since here, I just got your Bliss artbook and calendar in the post, and loving every minute of it!! I see Flamer’s become so popular quickly he’s got several pages all to himself, which is just perfect :P

    Well, don’t have any bad dreams Patrick, or at least watch a really scary one and have a suger rush before bed, that has some funny results :)

  4. Jonathan Laquerre says

    Hi Patrick, i just check your profil and see the movie title Fear of Clowns. Im a fanatic too of scary movie.. and this one was actually new to me… thx for the suggestion for horror movie to rent for this halloween lol :)

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    you can contact me by:

    from montreal

  5. I love Halloween! It’s my favorite holiday and has been since I was a tot. However, I need my sleep – what little I get – and don’t really do well with horror flics. Phooey.

  6. Hi Patrick! Haha, I’m not really big on the Halloween things, and I’m still very much a coward when it comes to horror films, but it’s great that you’re into all that stuff. xD Honestly, I wouldn’t watch 30 Days of Night unless someone forced me too, I can’t stand too much blood and gore, but that’s just me.

    Anywho, I LOVE your Cam rendition on the cover! It’s uber hot! <3

    I hope you have a great Halloween! :]

  7. I LOOOVE SHANNON DOHERTY! Always have– even back on 90210! I stopped watching it when she left.

    I’ve not seen much of charmed– despite loving both Doherty and Alyssa Milano. I think Alyssa is one of the most gorgeous people on the planet- and I was really praying for her to play Rogue in the X-Films. Ah well.

    And yeah– I’ll have to pass on the Zombie novel, Patrick! LOL. You make it sound very compelling and part of me really wants to get into it… but yeah I’d have nightmares (and shit– daymares too) for months rather than days. I can barely even look at zombie makeup. (cringes)

    I didnt know Elvira was doing a reality show. I’ll have to find out when it’s on becasue I LUV her! She was recently on Chelsea Lately and everything out of her mouth was pure gold. She’s so awesome– and irreplacable.

    Anyhoo– Happy Halloween, dude! I’m probably going to see 30 days of night this weekend. Will let you know how I like it. PEEESH!

  8. Oh– btw– rockin’ cover this issue! Awesome coloring! Very atmospheric! ^___^

  9. Hey folks…

    Sorry it’s taken me so long to answer all your comments. Where does time go to, anyway?!? LOL!

    I hope you all had a fantastic Halloween — I realize that was like, ages ago now, but still. Better late than never.

    I wanted to say thanks for taking the time to comment. I’m glad you all enjoyed this silly little post.

    I’m now on to Season 4 of Charmed, and though I think Rose McGowan does a great job as Paige, I am still sorely feeling Shannen’s presence. She was just such a driving force in the show. And the way they “announced” Pru’s death TOTALLY TANKED! Sooooooo not fair!!! Still a great show, though!

    Vaughn Michael… I will grant your wish and put together a Camili-Cat Halloween desktop for you. Even if the season is over, I hope you will still enjoy it! Look for that in the next few days!

    So thanks again everybody! Much love to you all!

    Patrick XOXO

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