BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #96 – Raúl Guerra’s Beautiful RAINBOW BOYS!

Over the past year and a half, a lot of you have commented that you love the way I help you discover the works of other artists of male erotica. I’ve always felt so good about doing that because I maintain that artists should try to stick together, and help one another out. Through Boytoons Magazine, I suppose I happen to be in a position where I can spread the word a little more, and that is fiiiiine by me.

One of the best parts of having this Blog is that it also helps to get me in touch with countless artists. Sometimes I see their works on the Internet and find a way to contact them, but there are times when they contact me… and that is ALWAYS a most welcome treat in my day.

I received a comment on BTM #95 from a fabulous artist. Raúl Guerra, who owns and operates The Rainbow Boys wanted to say hello and exchange links. I am always happy to hear from fellow artists, but I was especially thrilled to receive Raúl’s comment because I had never had the pleasure of seeing his work before.

What I discovered over at The Rainbow Boys was a real feast for the eyes. I mean here is an artists who can not only draw, but he can also blend stylish design and creative flare into his art, thereby creating depicting some truly beautiful images of the male form.

Something I really appreciate in Raúl’s work is that he seems to strive for a little more in his illustrations. He doesn’t simply want to draw a pretty image – he wants to tell us a story. His creates men that are unique and gorgeous. Each one has the ability to fire your imagination and to immediately send you spiraling into fantasy. You can’t help it. You look at his boys and you just start imagining what they sound like, what they feel like, who they are – and you want more!

My favorite of Raúl’s creations are his fantastic FUTURE LOVERS – one in black and one in white – and each one with an ass to die for and a costume so simple and sexy it’s sheer genius! They’re like sexy and oh-so naughty Adult versions of Spy VS Spy and I for one would love to see Raúl create a comic about these 2 wicked characters and their exploits – just what raunchy fun could they get up to? The possibilities are truly endless!

Of course, Raúl also serves up some familiar faces – or helmets! LOL! His Stormtrooper is a wet dream come true for us Star Wars fan boys.

I hope to see more of Raúl’s work soon because he really leaves you wanting more! I think that is really the mark of someone who is great at what they do. They give you enough in that initial visit to hook you for life!

Enjoy my friends!
Patrick XOXOX

All artwork © Copyright 2007, Raúl Guerra. All Rights Reserved. Stormtrooper © and TM 2007, Lucasfilm. All rights reserved. Illustration created as fan art.


  1. Hi Patrick! Yeah, his art does seem REALLY good! Haha, I’m glad that you can share such beautiful works of art with us through this blog. It’s all so great. Kind of wish I could draw a bit better myself so that I can join in the fun. Lol. :P

  2. OH Raul’s work…yup he definitely is an awesome artist and I’m always looking forward to seeing his works. I’m happy to see him being featured this time ^^ Will keep my eyes on here to see what other artists crop up.

  3. Raul is a really great artist, and I think he’s pretty new in the “internets” too, I just started seeing his works this year, and I think he’s really great, I hope too to see more of his work soon.
    hugs patrick =)

  4. Raul Guerra says

    Hi Patrick!!!!, sorry for the late response.
    And thank you, thank you so much for your encouraging and beautiful words.
    But you need to know something, all these is because i have a great inspiration and guide. Thats you and many other artist out there.

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