BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #94 – Achilles Heel Art – Tickle your senses!

Fetishes… Most of us have some… and if yours happens to be a foot fetish, or if you’re into tickling, then you’re in luck because there’s a great new website that is dedicated to hot male tickling art.

Achilles Heel Art is the brainchild of artist Achilles Heel, who has created his website with the express purpose of providing high quality illustrated art depicting male tickling. Of his site, Achilles states “…Achilles Heel Art is like entering into an exclusive club for fans of male tickling artwork. Members get access to our archives of the finest tickling art found on the web.”

Achilles’ artwork is humorous and very sexy. Upon arriving at his site, you can peruse the free section to get a taste of what’s in store for you. His toons are all beautiful, and are all having a great time, whether they are being very naughty or just enjoying a little bit of harmless fun. If you like what you see, you might want to get yourself a membership in order to access the sites’ members only section. That portion of the site includes some naughtier material, and though the section is not huge just yet, it is continually growing and new material is constantly being added. You can always count on updates.

Also contributing artwork to the Achilles Heel Art site is Sloth, another fine artist whose work speaks volumes. Both Sloth and Achilles Heel create beautiful artwork for the site that is rich with humor and sexiness.

The website itself is beautifully crafted, user friendly and very easy to navigate. There’s even a planned section for contributors who want to submit their own male tickling art. As long as you follow the simple art guidelines, Achilles Heel and Sloth will be happy to post your art in the section. How cool is that? You can even participate in the fun by contributing your own fantasies!

Yes it’s true, tickling is not everyone’s thing, but even if you’re not into the fetish per se, I encourage you to check out the site. You won’t want to miss checking out these illustrators. Both Achilles Heel and Sloth are wonderful artists whose illustrations are a joy to behold, even if their subject matter is not your personal cup of tea. And if male tickling is your thing, or if you have a foot fetish, then join up – because the membership is quite reasonable and you’re guaranteed to get some real quality bang for your buck!

All Artwork © Copyright 2007, Achilles Heel. All Rights Reserved.


  1. Hey Patrick! Very interesting website! Haha, you’re right though, the art looks really good! Though I’m not too into tickling, thanks for sharing. :]

  2. Vaughn Michael says

    yeah I’m not into tickling either so much that if some one did it i’d more than likely kick there ass haha.
    But great art none the less.

  3. Very beautiful Art! Thanks for turning us to yet another creative talent, Patrick!


  4. Hello Boyos!

    Rarutos… Thanks so much for the comment. It’s so cool to see that even if a topic isn’t necessarily someone’s cup of tea, they can still appreciate the artwork. I’m so glad you were able to discover Achilles Heel and Sloths’ great work! Hugz + Kisses! XOXO

    Vaughn Michael… HA! HA! HA! Great comment, my friend. I personally am not into tickling either, but I like you can really appreciate fantastic artwork. Glad you enjoyed this post and the artwork it discussed. Cheers! XOXO

    Z… So good to hear from you! I’m really pleased you enjoyed discovering these 2 fine artists. It’s so great when I can present artists that folks may not know all too well yet — I love that! Glad you enjoyed this issue! Much Love! XOXO

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