Rudy does Deimos!

Hi Gang!

Fellow artist Rudy, owner of the FANTASTIC Drawfellas Blog, just sent me this S-T – U-N-N-I-N-G pencil illustration of Deimos. Man-O-Man, he is beautiful! Rudy you totally Rock! Thank you so much for this image. I simply ADORE it!

Rudy’s art is slick and sophisticated, and his pieces always impress. Those of you familiar with his Blog will know what I am talking about. His sense of color and composition is wonderful, and the sensuality he infuses his art with is really beautiful.

If you haven’t checked out Drawfellas yet, I urge you to do so as soon as possible. It’s a wonderful feast for the eyes! Rudy not only shows off his considerable wares, but also talks about other artists he likes! I can really relate to that because it’s a great way to contribute to the artistic community. Plus, you never know. You might discover some great new talent.

Thanks again, Rudy! :oD

Much love,
Patrick XOXO

Deimos illustration © Copyright 2007, Rudy. Deimos © Copyright and TM 2007, Patrick Fillion / Class Comics Inc. All Rights Reserved.


  1. I absolutely love gray scale toons! I don’t know why but I find them so much more attractive (in multiple ways) then their technicolor counterparts.

  2. I love Rudy’s work. It’s nice seeing a different artist’s take on the same character.

  3. Good morning Folks…

    Great to hear from all of you! I am so pleased you all enjoyed Rudy’s version of Deimos. It’s so beautiful! Be sure you all check out this fine artist’s Blog — there’s a ton of his gorgeous artwork over there as well.

    Much love to you all!
    Patrick XOXO

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