I love an artist who can push the envelope in a completely creative and artistic way. In my many internet travels I come upon alleged “art” sites. There, so-called artists have posted their works, deemed erotic, all in the name of envelope pushing art. Most of the time, they are hacks. Harsh, but true! One needs skill and finesse to push boundaries, and few have the skill and talent of the artist called Lewd.

Lewd is a man who derives inspiration from the male physique and he is a true artist in every sense of the word. He finds inspiration in many things, quoting that even food can spark his imagination. This is all very good for us because Monsterbait, Lewd’s phenomenal website is filled with enticing photomanipulations and imaginings of the very highest caliber.

Photomanipulation is not an easy art to master. It requires precision and patience, not to mention oodles of creativity. Lewd is a true master at this craft. His creations are so seamless, you can almost imagine them walking down the streets… though if you know what’s good for you, you might head in the opposite direction – unless of course your fantasies ere on the side of slightly extreme.

So Lewd serves up incredibly hunky demons, fantasy creatures and furry creations which are always colorful, arousing and concocted with complete love and attention to every detail. I especially love his gorilla men. Now why couldn’t Planet of the Apes ever look this hot! LOL! It’s also a thrill seeing him bring the X-Men’s blue-furred Beast, or even Legend’s Darkness to life.

Granted, Monsterbait will not be for everyone. It is carnal and unapologetically in your face. But therein lays its real beauty, because despite the enormous alien cocks, sharp teeth and piercing stares, it’s a gorgeous site filled with some delicious eye candy.

In the end, these Monsters may not be strictly boytoons per se since they are photmanipulations… but I think that makes them even better in a way. They bring a third dimension to our comic book and science fiction fantasies that traditional illustration has yet to tap into.

I for one am hooked to Monsterbait, and anxiously await each of Lewd’s latest creations… I get the sense you will feel the same way too after you check out the site. It’s just that addictive!

My thanks to Lewd for bringing these monstrously sexy creations to life for us!

All images © 2007 Lewd / All Rights Reserved.


  1. Testament says

    He got some great stuff :P (btw: Uploaded Locus for you. Link is at the entry where ya did ask me for it :D)

  2. White Wabbit says

    Hahahahaha they are not in the LEAST bit sexy but my god are they hilarious!

    I’m going to have to show my friends, I never thought I’d ever see a porn-shark, and that ram is… hahahaha I think the more random the animal, the more I like it. Not at all in a sexual way though.

    On a completely separate note, thanks for introducing me to Humbug’s work in the last post – what a talent and a sketchy cute style I adore. The freshness of seeing his work has really given me a spark to get on and do some stuff myself which I really should!! I think I’m forgetting what a pencil is, it’s been so long!
    Maybe I will get a blog up and running myself after all, if I manage to get in the zone.

    Wabbit xx

  3. White Wabbit says

    And hey testament – actually pretty cool! Nice work!

    Wabbit xx

  4. Thanks for the link to Lewd’s work! I’ve seen of his stuff around, it’s really fantastic, definately pushes the photomanipulaiton medium to very new (and hot) points. And also, monster love. <3

  5. Hey Testament…

    WOWWEEE! What a cool animation of Locus you put together! It’s wicked and I LOVE it! Thanks so much for posting the link here! I was sooo happy to see it. Anytime you feel like animating one of my boys, my friend — you go right ahead and cut loose! HA! HA! HA! Well done!

    Thanks so much for the fantastic treat!!!
    Much love,
    Patrick XOXOX

  6. Hiya Wabbit…Thanks for the comment. I’m sorry you didn’t find Lewd’s work sexy — as I said, it’s not for everyone. But it sounds like you were able to appreciate the artistry that goes into his work, which is very cool! :oD

    It’s nice to hear you enjoyed the link to Humbug’s awesome work. And yeah, if you do get a Blog of your work going, please let me know!!! That would rock!

    Cheer my friend,
    Patrick XOXO

  7. Hey Metaplay…

    Thanks for stopping by. I’m thrilled you enjoyed the Monsterbait article and link. Yup, Lewd’s work is awesome and I was very happy to talk about it! Glad you liked his site, my friend.

    Thanks again for the great comment. Drop by anytime! :oD

    Hugz + Kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  8. Haha, wow… these are pretty interesting! They are awesome nonetheless, hehe. Thanks Patrick for sharing more awesome artwork! :]

  9. Wow– these are insane! I love it! Photomanipulation is really hard to master and some of those guys doin’ it are just plain bad. But you can tell this guy really puts his heart into it. I love that Skeletor!!

    I have to admit, I’m not regularly into furries but every once in a while, when I see a really well-done furry image, it kinda turns me on becasue I know the artist got off while making it– haha. Isn’t that weird?? Kinda voyueristic.

    One thing though– that rhino should definitley have a bigger wang.

  10. Testament says

    Hey Mr. Patrick,

    glad you like it, even though the animation could be better ;)

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