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Hi Gang…

I hope everyone is having a great Saturday evening. I thought you might all enjoy seeing these pics that I received via email.

Craig is 27 yrs old; working on a second Bachelors degree in Voice Performance (opera); bartender at the Detroit Eagle, Michigan; first bachelors in Apparel Design; and single – and did I mention he has great taste in tattoos? LOL!!!

I was so thrilled to see Cam, Diablo and NJ on Craig’s arm. It’s so cool, and kind of surreal to see that my Boytoons are immortalized on a person’s body!

Caryl Cunningham is the tattoo artist and she is out of Eternal Tattoos in Taylor, MI.

Of Caryl and her work, Craig says that “She is phenomenal…this gives her a chance to get back at the male tattoo artists, for doing all the beaver shots :)”

I personally think Caryl is amazing. Her work is so true to the originals I drew. I am very, VERY impressed at her attention to detail! You can see more of Caryl’s beautiful ink work at www.inkednation.com, as well as www.eternaltattoos.com.

Apparently there is also a threesome of men on the underside of Craig’s arm from the Satisfaction Guaranteed #1 cover…Dane getting oral and anal. Craig promises to send pics of that part of his tattoo once it is completed. Needless to say, I cannot wait to see it!

Craig also says that he has a lot more room on his body, possibly for another half sleeve or leg, or rib cage and that he is nowhere near done. He also states that he is open to suggestions and game to see them through! Maybe a some Locus – or even Zahn would be way cool!

Craig, I am so thrilled to see your tattoo, and thanks so much for sharing the pics with me. I am truly honored that you have chosen some of my characters as the subjects of your ink work. I am sure I speak for everyone here when I say looking forward to seeing more!

Patrick XOXO


  1. White Wabbit says

    Whoa. It’s like a living PF comic right there. And unfortunately perhaps the closest we’ll ever get to your characters being ‘in-the-flesh’. Not the sort of thing to show your gran though, huh! (Well, my gran).

    Wabbit xx

  2. omfg– those look amazing! I almost regret my Pekkle tat now. haha.

    Seriously though– that’s gotta be pretty fuggin surreal– to see characters u created permanently emblazened (sp?) on someone’s bod!

  3. Hello Patrick.
    I envy you in a good way (if that’s possible, heheh). You must feel great when you see your characters living permanently on someone’s skin. Wow!

    Congrats, dear friend


  4. Hey White Wabbit, JC and Nerone … thanks for the comments on the Tats you guys! They sure do look wicked and you’re right, it was a real charge seeing my Boytoons on a real human being’s body! LOL!!!

    Craig says he’s thinking of getting more ink work done and is considering more Class Comics dudes for his skin… I can’t wait to see what he does next. I’m really hoping he does a Locus! LOL!!!

    Take care you guys!
    Hugz + kisses,
    Patrick XOXOX

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