Because Life Must Go On… A message of thanks to you all! :)

My dear friends…

Fraser and I wanted to take the time to say an enormous thanks to all of you for your wonderful comments on the previous post about the loss of our sweet little Mayson. We are both deeply touched by your kind words of concern and encouragement. It means a lot to both of us that you all took the time to stop by and write a little. We really appreciate your kindness.

Life is strange without Mayson. Our house feels very empty, and we have yet to wrap our brain around the fact that we will never be able to hold her again.

We collected her ashes from the Veterinarian’s office this week. It was a somewhat surreal experience, but it felt right somehow to be bringing Maymay back home. Her little urn sits on a shelf next to our favorite photograph of her. We placed her studded kitty collar at the base of her urn.

We are still very sad, but at least now we are able to focus on all the wonderful and joyous memories we have of our sweet kitty rather than linger on the sorrow. It feels right to do this. I am sure it’s how Maymay would have wanted it.

Your messages of caring mean so much to Fraser and I. Our deepest thanks to each and every one of you.

Much love,
Patrick ( + Fraser )


  1. Hey Patrick, hey Fraz –

    yet again, I open up my favorite blog to find this beautiful post of Yours. I feel saddened and still joyous – Sounds rather silly, I know, but I hope You know what I mean.

    All the best to You all and have a beautiful and nice weekend!

  2. vicky215 says

    I know what it like to love a beloved pet at first it real hard but as time passes you remember the good time you had and the pain slowly starts to heal.

  3. trish316 says

    My prayers to you,Fraz and Mayson. When you lose your pet a part of you feels lost as time can heal all you just got to remind yourself of all the happytime you had with her. Take care.

  4. Hello Phrog, Vicky and Trish…

    Thank you all for your kind words. You are all very appreciated as is your kindness. Indeed, it is going to take a while to heal from this, and even then, I am not certain one can heal completely. Still, we take things one day at a time and remember Mayson with love and joy in our hearts.

    Much love to you all,
    Patrick XOXOXO

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