BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #70 – Anatomy of a Boytoon!

One has but to look at today’s beautiful cover boytoon, brilliantly illustrated by artist Khunmeeh,* to see just how beautiful male erotic art can be.

Recent times have seen a fantastic emergence of talented new artists of male erotica. For whatever reason, creators of this art are becoming more and more visible, no longer content with remaining concealed in the nether regions of the art community. They are finding their voices, and pushing their craft to the front lines where they can better reach their fans and admirers.

As a creator myself, but mostly as a fan or erotic art, these strike me as especially exciting times.

I often receive emails filled with questions on how to draw and what to do to improve ones’ skills. I answer that practice is the key to developing a great art style... and of course never giving up! I also suggest turning to the works of the masters for education.

There are so many fantastic artists out there, and a wide variety of styles and techniques. Some create their work using colored pencils and paper, while others turn to the computer and its many art programs. But as widely varied as the subject may be, the fact remains that a boytoon is still, well, a Boy – And boys have delicious parts that I never tire of admiring.

I am a firm believer that most of a boytoon’s sex appeal resides in his face. It can be in his expression or his gaze, but sexiness is always about so much more than just plain good looks. It’s an attitude that the best artists always strive to infuse into their creations.

Artists like Glen Hanson know that the face is the key to a Boytoons’ sexiness. Glen’s men are incredibly masculine, yet there is a sultry lusciousness to their features which works exceptionally well. The pouty lips, those bedroom eyes, the long, dark lashes and the high cheek bones… some might attribute these features as characteristically feminine, but the reason they work so well on Glen’s Boytoons is that they are also traits belonging to men in real life. Observing them in art helps to sell the realistic qualities of an illustration.

The biggest mistake an artist can make in my opinion is to try too hard to “harden” a boytoon’s facial features. Not all boytoons have to be “pretty boys”, but it is important not to cheat nature when putting a face together.

It’s no secret, I love men’s chests. A few summers ago, I had a strange discussion with Fraser’s mother. She caught a glimpse of one of my Boytoons and marveled at the size of his chest. “His pectorals look very much like women’s breasts” she remarked. I laughed and then pulled out a few Men’s Health magazines. She was floored. She’d never actually seen what is considered to be today’s “ideal male physique” until that moment. She had to concede that I did not exaggerate the pecs on my Boytoons all that much after all!

Classic artists like Tom of Finland also knew a thing or two about drawing a boytoon’s pecs. Tom liked them the way I do as well, rock hard and solid with big, perky nipples! Every artist has his or her own way of drawing the torso, but I personally find it is essential not to “over ripple” the muscles… unless you are going for that look. Tom’s musculature always blew me away. The perfect six packs, the subtle ribs and the chewy nips… I think I learned a lot from looking at his drawings, because let’s face it — It wasn’t until just recently in the mainstream that comic artists actually started to acknowledge that men HAVE nipples, so everything I know about drawing a boytoon’s torso came from my studying of either anatomy books or the works of classic male erotica artist.

We all love muscles… well, most of us do anyhow! Thick, ripped arms have long been a symbol of power and strength in the world of comics. They say “WOW! This guy’s a hero!” Sven de Rennes has a really gorgeous way of using color to infuse power into his boytoon’s arms and legs. He lets depth and shading do the defining. This works especially well, and permits him to have more looseness in his inks. Over inking muscle can be quite messy and just end up looking sloppy.

If you are an ink whore (and there is NOTHING wrong with that!) then you will no doubt appreciate the subtle stippling of artist Rex’s boytoons. Again, it’s all about the subtlety of the details. If it looks forced, odds are it may not work.

Where as girltoons can have more curvaceous bottoms, Boytoons have really round butts! Oliver Frey’s butts are legendary. Perfect mounds of hard, smooth flesh that you could just eat off of! I have to confess (as if this too wasn’t apparent) that I have a penchant for drawing bubble butts myself.

Now this may get a giggle out of you, but drawing a convincing bum hole is actually a lot trickier than you might think. It all depends on the look you are going for. Artists like Ismael Alvarez go for that “open for business” look that they can manage to pull off so naturally. Meanwhile, artists like Mike of MikeMen go for a more delicate and subtle pucker, which just begs to be pried open. Whatever the case, this small detail remains a very important part of the boytoon’s anatomy. It’s all in the details my friends!

Okay, yes… I am a size queen. In fact, my meanest critics often accuse me of drawing, and I quote an actual email here, “huge, yucky, deformed slugs”. This seems a bit harsh to me, but Que Sera Sera! I am a big fan of cocks, and detail is key! But you have to watch that the details don’t make your dicks look, well… scary. Too veiny can be a problem, and the biggest mistake new artists make is trying to force too much realism into a wee-wee. Too many lines can be very, very bad — unless done just right!

Artists like Spubba know that a convincing peen should be elegant as well as detailed and realistic. Spubba has a way of drawing veins on a boytoon’s wang that completely works to enhance it’s realism without hammering you over the head with the fact that these things are supposed to be veiny!

Look to the works of Bill Ward for another example of the perfect phallus. He had a great talent for drawing an incredibly realistic prick without over detailing it.

And if a cut weiner is more your cup of tea, artist Harry Bush is, in my opinion, the KING of such sausages! Harry’s hoses are always nice and detailed, and despite being gargantuan, are always very convincing.

I’ve said this before, but I have learned a lot about drawing dongs from artist Ray Schulze. I tend to prefer my Boytoons uncut, so learning to draw a foreskin was kind of important to me. Again here, lines are key, but it’s all in the subtlety.

And the mushroom heads… well, I must admit that I sometimes spend more time on that head than the one on the boytoon’s shoulders! LOL! Anyone who tells you “you’ve seen one dink, you’ve seen them all” is completely wrong. A character’s organ is a defining part of his look. I like to give all of them their own personalities, and in the end, I feel it helps to sell the character’s individuality and realism.

Some of what I’ve talked about is personal taste, while some of the other stuff is really about doing things properly. Never let anyone crush your art, or tell you that you are not doing things the right way. Constructive criticism should always be welcome because that is a big part of how you can grow as an artist. There is no “right way” per se to create art… but there are good methods and examples, and more efficient and “better” ways of drawing certain things.

Recent experiences with some nasty critics have just taught me once again that those that can’t like to trash those who can. Ignore that and trust your tastes! You know what you like to see, and that will lead you to draw things in a way that works not only for you, but on a technical level as well. And the most important thing to remember is to HAVE FUN!

Of course, the above mentioned artists are but a few of the masters one can look to for guidance. Check out this AMAZING selection of queer artist and resources links assembled by the The Leslie/Lohman Gay Art Foundation for more great examples of male erotica!

*For more of Khunmeeh’s exquisite art, visit “the community I no longer contribute to”!


  1. White Wabbit says

    It’s an interesting subject, I know I love big muscles, massive members and handsome manly faces but there’s the other side of me who loves cuties with slender yummy tummies, baby-faces and a heap of cheekiness, so I probably wouldn’t agree that some of the things mentioned are always true.

    The whole chest/breast thing has come up throughout my life! So many times I’ve heard the ‘ugh look, they’re like tits’ line and I’ve always been too afraid to come out and admit my love for a good proper heavy chest! I think people can forget its MUSCLE not just wobbly mass like a breast… and what more could you ask for than a huge chunk of hard flesh to dig your teeth into haha!

    There’s a lot of things that aren’t mentioned here that I think equal a successful Boytoon, simple things like composition, proportion, a detailed knowledge of anatomy and quality of line are things I personally strive to improve and well, I know I got a long way to go. But it’s great artists like the ones you’ve mentioned here (and you yourself, Patrick!) that keep me hungry for improvement, so I’m relying on others’ talent to keep my creative furnace stoked!

    So keep up the good work, every one!

    (I appear to have written my own essay here haha!)

    Wabbit xx

  2. Damian & Trent says

    It’s a mystery to us why you’d get even one negative criticism. Like, who’s forcing anybody to take in your art. Your guys are amazing, as much for their more subtle characteristics, as their more obvious ones. “Little” details, such as stance & smile, get us revved up, majorly. At our gym, we see guys whose individual physical details aren’t all perfect like in a drawing, but are put together into a whole package, so to speak, that explodes with male power & beauty. Your guys are total packages, some cocky, some coy, some shy, … who happen to have very nice “packages”. All your examples in this article, are excellent, too.

    Damian & Trent


  4. João Baptista says

    The draws that u put are always so hot sexy

  5. What a cool post! If I didnt have dinner waiting for me, I’m sure I’d spend hours perusing every single site you mentioned.

    I’ve often been told that my men are very effeminate– despite being super-muscular with giant phalluses. Go figure.

    That’s hilarious about your mom-in-law. I actually used to have little breasts when I was a teenager. There’s nothing more embarrassing than having man-tits when you’re skinny. But then, once I hit adulthood, I started working out, so now I have the distinction of being the only one in my circle of friends with pecs– mua haha.

  6. Flaming Freddy says

    Awesome post, Patrick! It was very interesting to see you comment on the things that make up a boytoon. I think the best part was when you were talking about the importance of the face. It’s totally key to making a drawing have sex appeal.

    I also really enjoyed your selections of art by other artists. Though, I’m not familiar with one of the artists you mentioned, Oliver Frey. Do you know where I can find any samples of his art?


  7. Hi Patrick. Great post. It makes easy to understand the principles of boytoon-drawing. Great hits too. Speciallly the “keep trying” part. Never giving up it the key to do everything in life.


  8. Great hiNts too. lol



  10. I love everything single part of the male bod. It just so incredible hot myself I’m more of an ass man. I don’t know if your still taking request but I only have 2. 1 A nude pic of King Cock-A-Tut 2. A nude pic of Call boy Jeremy Kilmer. Thank dude love your blog.

  11. it’s time gay comics got into the mainstream…with your art why don’t you make an animated seies and have it run on a gay channel like logo or HereTv…i will admit things would have to be cut out of your comics to be aired on tv(i hate censors)but you could be the beginning of a new era

  12. Hello Patrick

    Brilliant post! I think it’s great that more and more artists are emerging. You mentioned Oliver Frey, not only did he create erotic art, but he was a very well know magazine illustrator, especially for old games magazines, and I have a few retro games magazines with cover art done by him.

    I took art as a major subject at school and if there is one thing my teacher tought me is that everyone should develop their own style. That’s what’s so great about art, everyone has their own style and from a artist point of view it lets us create what we want.

    And for me that is the greatest thing about art, there is so much deversity, for instance the artists mentioned in your post, everyone has their own distinctive style, whether it is the use of colour, composition or the medium used. As you also mentioned, everyone has their own prefrence when it comes to things like for instance the chest and face. We are all different and so is art.

    LOTS of LOVE

  13. No kidding? People really accuse your dongs being, what did they call it again, “ugly slugs”. Thats kinda harsh. Well, whatever they say, I love your wangs, Pat. Hehe. Everyone has their preference, huh? But I always thought bigger was better.

    Anyway, its very true that sexiness can radiate itself through different aspects of an artwork. And in my opinion Glen Hanson may have already perfected the art of sexiness. I mean, like you said, the face of his boytoons alone is screaming SEX-Y. Others have to strip their men to just try and be sexy, but Glen’s… wooh… the square jaw line alone can make you drool. Haha. Okay thats exaggeration. Don’t worry, Patrick. You’re still number one in my heart. :)

    Oh yeah, here’s my new blog. Forgot to tell. Couldn’t get a chance to comment last time.

  14. Hiya Folks…

    It’s kinda funny… I actually thought twice about publishing this article, ‘cause I kinda felt like it went nowhere in some ways. Boy, am I glad I went ahead with it. I am so pleased you all enjoyed it so much! It was great to hear from you on this and to read your thoughts on what you feel makes a great Boytoon!

    White Wabbit… You’re quite correct in that the Boytoons I described in this post are really only one specific type of boytoon with one specific body type. Of course there are a great deal of other types of boytoons out there, each extremely sexy in their own right. I focused on the muscle boytoons primarily because that is the type I most frequently draw.

    I guess I just felt that I was able to make an educated piece on the subject, where as I am less familiar with the more slender boytoons that one might most frequently see in Yaoi stories.

    Still, I am really pleased that you enjoyed the article and that you liked the artists I spoke of and displayed. Hugz and Kisses, my friend! XOXO

    Damian and Trent… always a treat to hear from you boys! Thanks for the kind words. Sadly, having critics is a part of being an artist I guess. I do try not to let negativity get to me, but there are times where I am not so good at it! LOL!!! Usually, it’s when I have not had enough sleep the night before! ;)

    Despite all of that, I am happy to go on, and I agree with you that they don’t need to look at my stuff if they don’t like it. It is a free world after all.

    Glad you guys liked the artists featured in this post. Your sweet words were very much appreciated! Hugz and kisses, dear friends! XOXO

    Chill (Siskoone)… it was great hearing from you, dear friend. I also wanted to tell you that I just saw your AMAZING photmanip of Cam, NJ and Space Cadet! IT ROCKS!!!! No surprise there! Thank you so much for creating it! I just can’t wait to see more of your project and I do hope you will keep me in the loop! Thanks again for the amazing illustration! Hugz + kisses, my friend! XOXO

    João Baptista… Always a pleasure hearing for you my friend. I am very happy you enjoyed the illustrations that accompanied this posting! Take care! XOXO

    JC… Hey dude! Glad you had fun with this posting. I hope you will take the time to explore the links I posted. Some of it lead to really awesome art….some stuff I had never seen before.

    And hey… you know now we are going to want to see a photo of those pecs of yours, dontcha?! ;) Much love, my friend! XOXO

    Flaming Freddy… Hey my friend. Great to hear from you! Happy to read you enjoyed the article. Yup! I really do think that sexiness is mostly in the face. It’s cool how some artists just capture that so well.

    Meanwhile. I am afraid that I don’t actually have a link for Oliver Frey. He does not have a website so far as I know, and most of his art that I have found over the years has been either by accident or on sites that repost the work of artists without giving them credit.

    His work is wonderful though. I will try to do a cover story on him very soon. I sadly have very little info on the artists but I will see what more I can dig up! All the best my friend! XOXO

    Nerone… Hello dear friend. I am very pleased you enjoyed the article and my artist selection! I always like digging through my old art archives and coming upon the works of Tom and friends. It just seemed like such a fun thing to share that with you guys! Much love, dear friend! XOXO

    Anonymous… Hey there. Thanks so much for all the great comments and for the kind words. I really appreciate it. Hopefully, you will be seeing the boytoons you’ve requested in a wave of my wallpaper design soon. Meanwhile, thanks for all the great suggestions and comments on gay comics in general! Take care! XOXO

    Reikro… Thanks for the great comment, dear friend. I really appreciated your views on art in general. It is so true that art is a very varied thing and that there is something out there for everyone!

    As for Oliver Frey, I had forgotten about his days of magazine illustration. Mostly I have his work in Meatmen Anthologies and in pieces I have found over the internet over the years. He is truly a great artist for certain! Thanks again for the comments! Much love, XOXO

    Asmodeus… Hey my friend. Wow! It’s been such a long time since we’ve chatted. It’s great to hear form you. Had a peek at your latest work on your new Blog… IT’S AMAZING! You just keep getting more and more talented, dontcha?! LOL!!! Well it’s safe to say that I can’t wait to see what you will come up with next. Do keep me posted! ?

    Thanks as well for your sweet words. Yup! “Ugly Slugs” seemed a wee bit harsh to me as well… but what can I tell ya? There are a lot of bitchy people out there, and artists are a great target for their bitchiness. I just try and let it roll off my back as much as I can.

    And as for Glen, well yes… He is FREAKIN’ awesome!!! But it’s really sweet of you to stroke my ego like that and tell me I am still your Number 1! HA! HA! HA! Much love to you, dear friend! Keep up the amazing work! XOXO

    Hugz and Kisses to you all,
    Patrick XOXOX

  15. Tina Anderson says

    I hope you don’t mind – but I backtracked this a few days ago, I found it very informative. ^^; I don’t think there serious enough talk about ‘boytoons’ from a creators perspective, so it was nice to see it coming from you.

    I like your academic-side. ^_-.


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