BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #62 – Christmas Comes Early!

Today I thought it would be fun to share some great new fan art that I have recently received! As you all know, I just LOVE seeing my characters interpreted by other artists, that’s why getting these goodies is always such a treat.

So I have beautiful art here by the fantastic JC Etheredge, who created the wonderful illustration of Space Cadet which graces this issue’s cover. JC is well known for his cum-covered studs, and I just love it when he takes his pencil to one of my Boytoons. This Space Cadet is dripping with sexy hotness, and though I realize a good many of you may already have seen him at JC’s Blog, I still wanted to show him off here! LOL!!!

I have a wonderful new illustration of Deimos looking very noble and pensive by the very sweet Reikro, a regular reader of my modest little Blog. What I love about this piece is that it has such a unique style. Reikro is a lovely fella who says he doesn’t often get the opportunity to draw. That makes this little gift especially touching to me. Also, check out Reikro’s awesome Blog. This boy can write with such terrific flare, he’s always a real joy to read!

And last but not least, I have a few new offerings from the amazing Lex. Lex has even created 2 SUPER HOT new wallpaper designs featuring his re-design of Naked Justice as well as his very own character, Sapphire for all of us to enjoy over the Holidays. Also check out his redesign of Icecap! Cool never looked so damn HOT! LOL!!! Look for more from this awesome artist very shortly!

So enjoy dear friends, and I will be back very shortly!

Warm Holiday Wishes and kisses to you all,


  1. Oh my God – Hiroke… did You do that picture??? Jesus, and here I am – probably the only guy who cannot draw to save his life on the entire boytoons-planet… =D

    Thanks for the heads-up Patrick (again). It’s always a treat to read more about these great artists. JC created Zeke, one of my fave “bad-boys”, so he’s always in my heart!

    All the best to You guys – much love to y’all!!!

  2. Hello all

    Yes phroq dear man, I did. Not the best picture ever done, but It wad done with love, wich counts. I don’t have much time to draw or paint, and when I have time, I usually sit around doing nothing. But on those rare occasions when I do actually do a bit of art, I love it. It has a calming effect on me. It lets me switch off, and let me be in my own little world.

    Once in pre-school I was busy colouring a drawing of a lovely little house I created when some other kid came and said I was doing it all wrong. He went home with a red crayon in his eye. Serves him right for spoiling my fun.

    Anyway, thank you Patrick for your complements, it is apreciated ever so much.

    Lots of love to everyone!


  3. omg– I want to molest Lex’s Sapphire! What an amazing talent! Definitely one of my faves of the artists you’ve introduced us to, Patrick. Also, thanks for rthe heads up on Reikro’s blog.

    *blushing at making another BTM cover! ^___^
    My partner sees the drawing (way after I’d sent it to you) and is all, “So why is space not hurting him?”


    In addition to being a sci-fi geek, he’s actually into nasa and shit, so I forgive him.

  4. How rude of me. I forgot to thank you Patrick for mentioning me. It’s an honour knowing that you read my blog, even if there isn’t going much on there.

    A BIG thank you once again.

    LOTS of LOVE

  5. Ok, that IceCap by Lex is devastating. 0_0. The thighs. I’m a sucker for big thighs.

  6. Hey Gang…

    So glad you could all drop by and admire the work of these fine artists! I couldn’t agree more! These boys kick ass! LOL!!! Thanks so much for posting your comments! I know that they will all appreciate your kind words!

    Hugz and kisses to all of you!
    Patrick XOXOX

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