BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #50 – Special 50th Anniversary Issue!

Well folks, I can hardly believe it, but there you have it! This is the 50th issue of Boytoons Magazine! What a ride this has been so far. I though it would be cool to celebrate this personal milestone by taking a look back at all the stuff I’ve talked about, and looking at how doing this Blog has evolved for me!

I’ve always loved art, you all know that! I have always loved sharing my art and discovering the art of others. I guess you could say that I’m like the little kid that just wants to play with everybody in that sense. I genuinely love to talk about artists whose work I appreciate and admire. Seemed that doing a Blog that permitted me to do this was a great idea, what I just didn’t know was how addictive it would become.

Ultimately, I have had to slow things down a bit as I am afraid my Class Comics work was starting to suffer a little! YIKES!!! But I think the key has been to find a happy medium. I couldn’t go on doing BTM if I felt obligated or as though it were a chore. Ultimately that was no fun at all, and pretty pointless. I think that going to Quebec this summer was the pause I needed to really get a decent perspective on the Blog. It helped me to evolve a much more laid back approach to it, and I think also helped me to recapture the fun aspect of it all.

Between the “official” Boytoons Magazine issues I’ve released, I’ve gotten the chance to share some of my work with all of you. From personal fan art, mostly of Marvel Boytoons, to wallpaper I created with my own characters, etc. All of this was doubly fun because not only did it give me a chance to share with all of you, but it was also a bit therapeutic. You see, for years I used to think that if I weren’t drawing something that was immediately marketable through Class Comics, there was no point in it all. I figured that drawing fan art of my favorite Marvel or Street Fighter characters was a waste of time. You all showed me that this is NOT the case, and that is something I truly appreciate. I learned that doing this stuff and sharing it with you all is truly fulfilling. As an artist, this is something I needed to learn again – drawing for fun!

I think my favorite part of doing BTM, (next to having the chance to chat with all of you and read your comments of course) has been writing about other artist’s work. And though I don’t only talk about Gay artists, I appreciate your continued interest very much.

If I can spread the word about a truly talented individual whose work I find beautiful, then I feel really great. I remember what it was like when I was starting out, and not really having any one to turn to for advice (until Glen Hanson so kindly came along). I remember the isolation and the feeling that I was maybe the only person in the world drawing gay erotica. I must tell you, that sucked! I love the idea that artists of gay erotica should stick together and look out for one another. The feeling of community is very important to me.

Since the end of May of this year, I have talked about artist I admire greatly. Some I know personally, like Ismael Alvarez, Dave Erb, Mike of Mikemen, Logan and the wonderful Spubba, to name just a few. Others, I have never met or spoken to, and admire from afar, like Fritz of Holland, Michael Breyette, Matthew Stradling and a few others. And even after 50 issues, I still have a ton of people I want to talk about.

I have taken the opportunity to give the magazine a slight new look, and even revamped the Logo a little. Change is always good! On today’s cover, I used a breathtaking illustration of the sexy HELLBOY as lovingly painted by the mega-talented Blizzard. You GOTTA check out his site. He isn’t a gay artist, but is a remarkable talent, and pays close attention to the male aesthetic in his work!

I’ve also put together a little wallpaper for you guys. It features every cover of Boytoons Magazine to date! I gotta tell you it felt really good putting this baby together, and seeing all the various covers again.

All of this to say that what started out with a bit of an unknown direction for me has evolved into something that I find at once gratifying and relaxing. I have truly enjoyed my little role as “editor-in-chief” of BTM. It has given me the opportunity to get to know you all a bit better and to hear what your thoughts are on everything under the sun. It has been a blast reading your thoughts on the artists I discuss here, as well as my own art and characters. You truly make Blogging an amazing experience, and I thank you all for that from the bottom of my heart!
I hope you will all keep coming back to check out the next 50 issues! It’ll be a fun ride!


  1. Oh!


    Is this?

    Could it be?

    The prodigal son has returned?

    Well just when I was about to jump on a plane to Canada and throw eggs at your house to see if your still alive, you decide to return!

    Well Young Jedi, 50th Anniversary!! Well you made me age from 37 – 50 in a few days, I was worried about you, but glad to see that you are still Tooning along and doing well.

    It is good to see all the covers of BTM together on the one page, what a great desktop also I might add.

    I find it hard to believe though that you felt isolated when you first began drawing your Toons, well all I can say is thank the Gods of Homo Ejaculations the G-Man came along when he did.

    But one thing for certain Young Jedi, is that you never have to feel that isolation again, you’ll always have me to bust your gums at, and everyone else who joins you in BTM Land.

    I love this cover of Hellboy, and what a great movie it was also, Hellboy has always come across as the gentle giant that you couldn’t help but fall in love with.

    WOW! 50 Issues already, hard to believe, I’m proud of you Young Jedi. And I have to say that it’s been great perving on other artists work also, I know you have introduced me to a lot of people through BTM, that I would never have hear of in our local gay press in Australia, well I guess that’s what happens when you live in the ass end off the world, but at least I have the best ass in the country in the ass end of the world, let’s just get that straight and clear!!!

    Also I have a whole pile of surprises coming your way by the end of the week, I have been drawing up a storm over the past few days, when I get accsess to a scanner as mine cracked during the house move not because I was trying to scan my own butt, something else I wanted to set the records straight on, I’ll zip them over to you.

    BTW – My Incubus print arrived the other day in perfect condition by the perfect delivery man (see email to Alexis regarding details) *BOING*
    I love it, he will be placed above my bed so when I look up every morning when I pull Benny & The Jets outta my eye, the first thing I see is my favorite Boy’s perfect butt dangling over head like a Halo on an angel!

    Big Slurps & Dribbles!


  2. Still can’t believe it’s been fifty boytoons magazines.
    Thanks for the link to Blizzard’s site, I saw a few of his pics ciculating, and I thought the signing underneath was for Blizzard Entertainment. And when I saw the Orc Wolfrider I made the connection that he had done a lot of work for Blizzard Entertainment.
    I think he has a great style, just a touch of Bisley while not going really overboard.
    Good to hear from you and thanks again for the link.

  3. Greetings dear Patrick

    Congratulations on 50 issues of BTM. I “joined” relatively late, I posted my first comment on issue 30, but since then I got hooked and I even started my own blog. Blogging is brilliant I think, it’s a great way of comunicating, sharing ones opinions and thoughts and of course, making friends. Safe as well, I have a big mouth and with blogging I can speak my mind without fear of getting a smack in the mouth. Even if my blog only has a reader base of about three, I am going to continue blogging, and will in fact post something quite interesting about myself very shortly…..

    … don’t run off…..come back! I’m not going to take my clothes off.

    I love the wallpaper with the covers of all the BTM covers. Just one thing, where is Deimos? I hope you will feature my beloved horned hunk in the future sometime, you know how I feel about him. :-p

    Enough of me cluck-clucking away like some decapitated feathered fowl.

    Lots of Love, and here is to another 50 issued of Boytoons Magazine!


  4. Oh Man, We’ve been worried like heck as to where you were Patrick, but it was relief when Manny told me you posted a new one.

    Wow, 50th issue, that fantastic! Has it really been 50? Seemed like such a short time ago you began this.

    I can understand totally what you mean by first feeling isolated with your boytoons and not knowing anyone else who drew what you liked to draw. Thank goodness for the wonder of the internet and other great artists like G-Man. I know that the net helped me find other people who liked what I liked too… it makes you think that there a loads of other great talents out there who are just waiting to come out of their shells and show the world what great artists they are!

    I love the Hellboy pic, I’ve actully got that on my wall it such a sexy drawing of him!

    Glad to hear you got your Incubus pic through Manny, now thats a fresh peice of demon ass to wake up to each morning… perhaps our lovely Patrick might consider doing something with Incubus in the future… but I’m being selfish, you’ve got so much on now I shouldn’t ask.

    I know what Hiroke means about eh blogs, but sometimes it lets you get a bit carried away, which if anyones seen my blog will know what I mean.

    Glad to hear your alright Patrick and wonderful that you’ve made it to #50 on the boytoons magazine, can’t wait to see whats to come in the future!

    You know I’ve just realised each of us here has a favourite boytoon. I love Naked Justice, Manny loves Incubus, Hiroke loves Deimos. This is great cause it means we won’t have to fight over the same guy, lol.

    Loves and Hugs to everyone, Manny, Hiroke and most of all you Patrick.

  5. SpiritRaptor says

    Hey cool :) happy 50th BT Anniversary ^^ and as a present I have that inked gift pic here for you at this address: I had quite a lot of fun doing it and I hope you like it, alas it does prove i need to start working a lot more on humans oppose to ‘anthros’ but hey, its all a learning curve :)

    Wish I could comment a little more but college requires attention :( Stay well dude and keep up the great work!


  6. Well done, and Happy Birthday Boytoons!

    I was a late comer, I think ive only been reading it for the past dozen or so issues, but Im glad I managed to find you as Ive been a big fan of your work for a couple of years now, ever since i saw that first issue of guardians of the cube in a little sexshop in Manchester uk…


    I think this might mean I have to make some more fanart for you… Maybe Ill put my oils to good use and do you some hard copy fanart for once :D

    Loving the wallpaper, I might just have to keep that in reserve in case I ever get bored of Naked Justice pulling on his nipples. It is by far my favourite picture of him you have ever done.

    Heres to the next 50 issues, and I hope you continue to get as much pleasure out of compiling it as I get from reading it.

    x x x

  7. Congrats, Patrick! Just so you know how cool I’ve always thought this blog is, I’ll tell you that I have a folder on my desktop entitled boytoons magazine– and in it are the covers to each (methodically named so that they are listed in numerical order– yes, I’m ridiculously anal about shit like that!)

    But yeah, it’s cool that you’re doing this becasue like you, I totally feel isolated when it comes to the style and content of my work. The only people I can talk to about it are online. So, thanks for creating this blog and giving me a chance to discuss one of my favorite hobbies with like-minded people from around the world!

  8. Good Morning my friends…

    It’s wonderful that you could all come out and celebrate with me! I have to admit that I am pretty pleased that I made it to the big 50! I half wondered when I began back in May if I’d really see this thing through or if I’d realize it was too much work and that ultimately my time would not permit it. Glad it has worked and come this far!

    Manny, Manny, Manny! I always appreciate your enthusiasm, but my friend, tell yourself that if I am not actively posting on a daily basis it is because I and the Class Comics team are hard at work on more comics! LOL!!! Eventually, I do return! Besides I like to think it makes you enjoy the postings that much more when they go up! ;)

    I am so pleased you enjoyed that Amazing illustration of Hellboy by Blizzard! He’s a fabulous artist! Meanwhile, I am really looking forward to seeing what you have planned to send my way! I shall keep an eye out!

    Also, I am soooo happy you received your Incubus original. It makes me very happy to know that he has gone to someone who will love and care for him. He’s in good hands! LOL!!!! XOXO

    Charvolth my friend, lovely to hear from you! Thanks for celebrating with me! It’s kinda crazy that it’s already been 50 issues of the magazine! It was really cool to have that image of Hellboy, who soooooooo hot and sexy, for the cover. It actually took me a while to post the 50th issue ‘cause I was looking for the just right image to use. Glad you approved of it, AND Blizzard’s beautiful work!

    Hiroke, you sweetheart! Great to hear from you! By the way, your Blog continues to be AWESOME and I love your latest post on Bara VS Yaoi! I may not always comment on your Blog, but I always do enjoy it! Meanwhile, thanks for all your lovely and encouraging words. I promise that Deimos will get his Boytoons Magazine cover story very soon! LOL!!! I am a big tease I know! Much love to you, dear friend! ;)

    Charlie… You are sweet to be so concerned, but I am totally fine! :o) Thanks so much for your kind words, dear friend! I am so happy you could drop by for the big 50th issue! I really liked what you said about each and every one of you having your own personal fave Boytoons. I realize that there are still a TON of my characters I have not dedicated a cover story to, and that will change in the very near future, I promise! I tend to like to space my work out with the work of other artists. I wouldn’t want Boytoons to be too heavily about my work. But once in a while, I get the urge to talk about one of my characters, and I always LOVE sharing my thoughts on them with all of you! The best part is your feedback on those posts! They really do make my day! Thanks again for the lovely comments, and for your kind concern! XOXO

    SpiritRaptor… TEE-HEE-HEE!!!! I LOOOOOOOOOOVE your illustration of Cam and your lovely Spirit Raptor character! It was such a lovely treat to see it inked! Thank you soooo much for doing that for me! And you know what, you are really not as bad as you think with human anatomy. I know school must keep you very busy, but you’re a natural. I encourage you to keep at it! Your style can only get better and better! :o) A lovely gift, dear friend! I really appreciated it! Thank you so much!

    Gavin…thanks so much for stopping by my friend! :o) It’s actually so cool to hear from someone like yourself, who has only discovered BTM recently! I like that you are somewhat hooked! HA! HA! HA! But seriously, it is always a pleasure to hear from you and I am thrilled that you are enjoying the magazine so much!

    It’s nice to hear that Cube is what got you interested in my work. I sometimes look back at my first issue of Cube and wonder what I was thinking. The art is not exactly what I would have done today, but one cannot spit on ones roots I suppose! Still, Cube has the distinction of being my personal FAVE project to work on, and it’s nice to read that someone else out there likes it quite this much! :o)

    My friend, any time you want to send me some fan art, by all means do so! I LOVE FAN ART!!! I rarely get any hard copies, so that would be a wonderful treat. Besides, I’d love to see how you interpret my Boytoons!

    Also, glad you liked the cover wallpaper I put together. It’s nice to hear that the nipple pinching pic of NJ is still on your desktop…but if you do get bored of it, the covers might make a fun replacement! HA! HA! HA! XOXO

    JC, my dear friend… you and I are soooooo similar! I think we are about the same in the anal retentive department. LOL!!! It’s so cool to hear that you save the covers from the posts. They are really so much fun for me to do, and I often wonder if they are incidental or something people really do enjoy! I’m glad you like them enough to save them as part of a collection! That makes my day! :o)

    It really is so wonderful that the internet has permitted artists like you and I to share with one another and to meet other like minded artists. It has really helped me feel like less of a freak! LOL!!!! Plus, it is so inspiring seeing what other artists create and talking to them about it. I love that best of all!

    Thanks for saying hello on the big five-oh! Much love to ya! XOXOX

    Thanks you guys for all the wonderful comments and words of encouragement. It’s really a great deal of fun to being doing BTM, and I know the fun will continue for the next 50 issues!

    Hugz and Kisses to all of you!
    Patrick XOXO

  9. Hey hey Patrick. Sorry I didn’t get in my comment before you did your grand reply pot. Hahaha. Congratulations on 50 issues! That’s really amazing- and pace yourself with posts! I Check daily for updates but that’s to read comments too. I love to see your updates and kind words. Hope you and Fraser are doing well along with the Class crew!


  10. SpiritRaptor says

    No worries dude! Glad you liked the pic :) Thanks very much for your comment, my college course is an FDA in film and animation so ill be getting A LOT of sketching practice hehe.

    Stay well


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