Nightcharm reviews Naked Justice #1 the COLOR edition!!!

Hey gang…

Thought you might want to check out Nightcharm’s GLOWING review of the new color edition of Naked Justice #1. They really seemed to like it, which pleases Fraser and I to no end. I have to say, they mention how fun they find the dialog in this issue, and that is thanks to my beloved friend Donald MacLean. As you all know, he voices Naked Justice, and does a hilariously fabulous job at that!

I also wanted to thank those of you who purchased this new version of the classic issue. We all had a great deal of fun putting it together here, and I especially enjoyed putting together the new pin-ups for the book. Thanks again for your awesome support and for the comments you all sent my way! You ROCK!!!

So check out the review and be sure to comment on the article at Nightcharm! And while you’re there, be sure to check out every inch of the site. It’s a really cool ride, trust me, and the Gay Goodies are truly aplenty…and I would tell you this even if they hadn’t done such a wicked review of NJ!!!

I’ll have more goodies for you all shortly, folks!

Much love to you all,
Patrick XOXO


  1. Hey Patrick!

    I love Nightcharm, they always have amazing posts. And your right, you can get lost in there for days searching through the archives.

    They seem to love you a lot, and that’s understandable, who doesn’t?

    I’m so glad you & Fraz are having such a great time on holidays.

    It would be great if one day you both came to Sydney during one of our Summers for a week or two, the both of you would adore it here, and summer is when the Star Trek conventions hit Sydney, usually hosted by Voyager, Next Gen & DS9 cast, then accross the way are the Comic Book Conventions, so it’s science fiction overdose for me. Then there are the parties and the beaches we are surrounded by – there I go rambling again! I guess I just miss you heaps.

    Big Hugz & Kisses!


  2. Hey Patrick!

    I check Nightcharme every once in a while because they got some awesome interviews and very high-definition scans of Your stuff (respectively). I love the site because they’re funny, and they got great style.

    Oh, and manny, I’m on a Star Trek-convention myself next year with 3 other bozos like me. It’s my sixth convention and I already love it to death! Being a nerd is so great!! :D

  3. Patrick, Got my new edition of NJ! Absolutely amazing! Thanks for another great work of art! Congrats to you Frazer and all your team. Keep it up!

  4. Charlie MJR says

    Thats a great review by Nightcharm, gives a good discription of NJ and sums up the sort of guy he is very well.

    I love the pic you added to this post, just a bit different to the last one with the added dribble coming from NJ, lol, I’m so looking forward to getting NJ#1 when it arrives.

    Manny I’m totally with you on that, we’ve all missed you loads Patrick. Its so good hearing from you.

  5. Hallo Patrick!

    A great review of a great comic!

    I recieved my colour copy of NJ#1 a few weeks ago and, as usual, it’s a great, and somewhat horny, read!

    Sorry for the rather short comment.

    Miss you!


  6. Seriously, did you expect anything LESS than a glowing review?

    C’mon now.

    BTW did you get the Comic Con Evil-Lyn mini-statue?

  7. SpiritRaptor says

    Hey patrick, hope everything is going well for you dude :) Just to let you know i havnt forgotten about that gift pic, just been busy moving house ^^

    Take care


  8. I hate moving house more than busting blackeads on my nose! I’d rather put an oil fire out with my tongue!

  9. SpiritRaptor says

    (In response to mannys comment) Yeah tell me about it.. its taking up so much time im hardly able to draw at the moment, then starting college in september is gonna be eating my drawing time heh.


  10. Hiya Gang…

    Man…sorry it has taken me like, FOREVER to get around to answering your comments! I hate coming back to work after a trip for one big reason…the work piles up while you are away! LOL!!! No worries though, I am going to get through it all…eventually! ;)

    Meanwhile, it was sure great to read from all of you again! :o) I am really pleased that you all enjoyed Nightcharm’s write up on Naked Justice #1 the Color Edition…and it is even cooler to read that those of you who ordered the book have really enjoyed it! I am always soooooo nervous when we release a title. And this one is more of a revisitation really… almost like one of those extra special Director’s cut DVDs… HA! HA! HA! Still it makes me so very proud to see good old NJ’s first issue in color at last! I am terribly pleased that I could share that with you all! So again, thanks for the really sweet words! :o)

    Meanwhile, I wanted to tell you not to fret about not having completed an illustration for me, Spiritraptor! You’re moving for goodness’ sake, and that is a very time consuming and BIG ASS job! Manny just went though it too, and he can tell you how crazy it can be!!! Just take your time and don’t worry about it. I really look forward to seeing what you will whip up, but I completely understand that life needs to come first for ya! I hope the move is going well and that you are enjoying your new digs! :o)

    Gymtwin, my friend. I sadly did not get eh Evil-Lyn statue as I was nowhere near the Con this year… But I will get my hands on a new Evil-Lyn action figure someday, if it is the last thing I do! LOL!!!

    And on a side note…if any of my fellow Star Trek fans should happen to be at a convention with the FABULOUS Kate Mulgrew, AKA as my heroine of heroines, the amazing Captain Janeway (who has waaaaay more balls than Picard and could kick his ass ANY DAY!!!) I would loooooooooooooooove an autograph or something! LOL!!! Sorry, I can get pretty demanding where Janeway is concerned! Tee Hee Hee!!!! Besides, my birthday IS at the end of August! HA! HA! HA!

    Was that fishing?!?! HA! HA! HA!

    Love you guys, tons and tons and tons!!!!
    Patrick XOXOXO

  11. You don’t own the Evil-Lyn 2003/2004 action figure?

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