BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #31 – Life becomes Art – The Art of Michael Breyette.

There are artists in this world who stand out above most others because they are especially gifted at capturing the essence of real life in their work. It is not an easy task to represent the human form in all of its intricate nuances, and certainly, to do it correctly and accurately is a greater challenge still. And then to be able to infuse so much sensuality into such depictions, and to do it so delicately and almost seamlessly takes true talent.

Such a talent is the gifted Michael Breyette. Rarely have I encountered an artist who is so skilled at putting paint to canvas, and in doing so, creating some of the most erotic and beautiful renditions of masculinity I have ever seen.

Michael’s site, Studio 1088, is a real treasure chest of artistic goodies. Each image is painstakingly created to be as accurate to real life as possible. You could almost reach out and touch Michael’s men, and no one could blame you for expecting them to touch you back. This is how convincing they are.

Still an artist is nothing if he is not diverse in his techniques, and though the main body of Michael’s work is painted art, you can find a smattering of computer colored imagery that is just as exquisite in its own right. I personally find those to be really exciting, as they more closely resemble comic book art.

An original Michael Breyette painting would look absolutely STUNNING adorning any art fans’ wall. You can find a selection of originals on the site, ranging in price and subject matter.

Originally from rural upstate New York, Michael is a genuine and down to earth guy who talks openly about his choice of subject matter and what motivates his art. You will find “the Artist” section on his site to be a very personal and honest account, written by Michael himself, in which he makes comments about his evolution and beginnings as an artist.

Michael’s men are beautiful, and they are expressive. They practically leap off the canvas at you and entice you to come out and play with them. This is an artist who is extremely passionate about his work, and every ounce of that passion is beautifully apparent in his fantastic art.


  1. Hey Patrick!!

    These are beautiful images. Micheals work is really breath taking and so life like. I have seen lot’s of his work and was going to suggest to you maybe he’s worth blogging, but you beat me to it.

    When I used to manage a Leather Bar in Sydney, some of his work was used in projection slides on the main wall, it was really amazing to see that in a bar 450 mewn deep.

    His work and website is a definate bookmark and always worth going to back to once a week for a peek a boo.

    Micheal, can take a topic and make it look so sensual and really romantic. I’m not sure if he uses models or images from magazines but if he doesn’t it just goes to show the passion and imagination this man has that oozes out in his work.

    And I love the cowboy image at the bottom – again, your eye for what images you have posted have done you well.

    Beautiful posting!


  2. Hey Patrick,

    Definitely a great artist to showcase here at the blog. I’d been to Michael’s site before my last computer died but since I lost all the bookmarks and files I just kinda forgot about him. So thanks for the reminder, the blowjob and delivery guy especially are really awesome.

  3. Gene Gray says


    Awesome stuff again for the viewing!! The delivery driver gets my vote and so does the cowboy (a fortunately HOT feature prominent here in my native Texas!!)

    Also thanks so much for the nice words regarding my art. I really am very flattered! ;)

  4. Gene Gray says

    Patrick…I forgot this in my last message, but yes we share a huge love of He-Man and the Masters. Also a common item is the love of Storm…she is tied with Wonder Woman as my favorite heroe ever!!

  5. Hiya Boys…

    Thanks for the comments! Always great to hear from you!

    I’m pleased you enjoyed this issue on Michael Breyette. He is so talented, and I was glad to help you discover and re-discover his amazing work! :o)

    Manny, I’m happy you enjoyed my selection of Michael’s image. I put that Cowboy in there especially for you! LOL!!! ;)

    JC, glad you enjoyed the post. I would love to see more of Michael’s computer colored stuff ‘cause the Delivery Guy is super hot!

    Gene Gray… You’re welcome! I meant every word I said about your work, and I do hope to see more in the very near future! :o) Glad you had fun checking out this latest issue, my friend!

    Thanks again you guys! Much love to you all!
    Patrick XOXO

  6. Hi Patrick,

    Thanks for the great blog!

    I found your article on me by googling my name. I really appreciate the publicity and thanks so much for mentioning and linking to my site. So often I find artwork reposted somewhere without any recognition to the artist. I am trying to make a living at this so people need to realize how important it is to mention who and where you can find the artist.

    I am especially flattered to be chatted up by you since I adore your creations. Of all the toon art out there your’s inspired me to try my hand at it. You are my ‘toon art hero! I hope to come out with more of my own. It’s a nice break from the dusty pastel painting I do as well as a chance to be more whimsical and raunchy. I am thinking of doing some under a pen name. Alot of folks like their artists to confine themselves to one style. I might confuse people. Anyway, keep up the great work! And again thanks for the post.

    ~Michael Breyette

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