Occasionally when surfing for Boytoons on the net, one can make some truly wonderful discoveries. A few years back I happened upon the amazing Y!Gallery, a regular all-you-can-eat buffet of gorgeous and eclectic Boytoon art.

The Y!Gallery which is run by a team of dedicated art lovers, is the online home of literally hundreds of supremely talented artists of Gay Erotica. Some artists are well established and have been creating their art for years, while others are new to the craft, and are just now starting to share their creations with the public at large.

Upon arriving at the Y!Gallery home page, you will be shown a selection of “New additions”. It is amazing to me how quickly these selections change, indicating just how much artwork this amazing resource contains, and how often its participating artists update their sections.

Those of you seeking the more hardcore arts will need to set up a free and quick account, which will allow you to view the erotic art posted in the hundreds of galleries. Without the account, you will be able to view the non-erotic works, but the penises will be denied you!

Here at the Y!Gallery, I have discovered dozens of artists whose work is
inspiring and whose careers I intend to closely follow. From the works of artists like Kupopo, Neo123, Absolutblue and MarteGod to artists such as Ismael Alvarez, Jackademus (one of my beloved Britdoodz) to Class Comics’ very won Spubba, the Y!Gallery has something for everyone.

But be warned. Many an hour can easily go by when you visit the Y!Gallery. Each new artist you discover inevitably leads you to another through their “Friends” and “Favorites” folders. There are in-depth profiles to read, works in progress to peruse… it is simply endless. And although you cannot seem to search for artists by name, you will find that digging is half the fun!

A good idea is to visit on an evening when you have no plans and just want to unwind, all the while regaling your eyes with beautiful and diverse artwork featuring Boytoons from all walks of the imagination!


  1. MJR Charlie says

    Oh Dear.
    I was hoping you would not have discovered the Y!gallery Patrick, but I guess it was going to happen anyway.

    I want to tell you all a secret about the Y!gallery. I was a member of the Y! several months ago, I even posted a load of my artwork on the site which got a lot of attention.
    The thing is, most of the work I posted was Furry art, characters in comics and games and fiction like Beast from x-men, or Kimahri from Final fantasy X, or Sasquatch from alpha flight. Even my file was called Kimahri45k and my avatar was pic of Kimahri.

    But several months ago I got a surprise message from the site that they would stop accepting Furry artwork from all artists.

    I couldn’t believe it, I had posted loads of works on the site, and whats more, made friends with a lot of the furry artists there, they put up such amazing works of art that I felt like the furry community had a place.
    Then they ban us from ever posting again.

    I asked again and again why they would consider this, and all I got from them was that they thought ‘furrys’ weren’t considered under the yaoi style of artwork they had expected.
    I blew up at the site hosts, because it was obvious what they were doing.
    They wanted to make cuts in the amount of artwork on the site, so they picked a group that they thought wouldn’t be missed.
    I said to them, why the hell don’t you remove something more ethical, because when you can through the Y!, you do find a lot of artists who draw images that promote sexual encounters between underaged characters, from cartoons and fiction.

    So basicly, it was alright to publish sex between children, but not between furrys.

    I told them what I thought, and never looked back.

    What I discovered after Y! was a website called ‘’, which was great for all the artists leaving the Y!, but the problem was that FA accepts all forms of furry artists, gay and straight. So unlike Y! which was men only, now FA has that mixture, which isn;t as fun as it used to be.

    Sorry Patrick, I’m not a happy bunny when it comes to Y!.

  2. MJR Charlie says

    I forgot to mention.
    One of my fav artists who I meet on Y!gallery, Galen, who drew the most sexy and amazing beast like characters I’ve ever seen, well he decided to give one final drawing to Y! as a goodbye and thanks for nothing gift. He drew his main character, Galen (by the same name) showing his feet to Y! as a kind of ‘up yours’ thing.

    Did I forget to mention 2 weeks before this ban was set in, countless artists, myself included, all donated money to Y! to keep it running. Then 2 weeks later, furry artists are no longer welcome.

  3. Gene Gray says


    First off, let me say I am a huge fan. As if you don’t hear it enough, but you make awesome artwork!!

    Now to address this Blog posting…Thank you for recognizing the Y! Per the previous posting from a former member I can agree that the guidelines are strict for postings but find they are largely inclusive.

    The talent and artwork produced is simply amazing. I was turned onto the site by fellow fan of yours and the work of Iceman. By the way it was sooo cool you used Iceman’s art for the cover of one of the Boytoons issues (I commissioned the He-Man pic). I was so excited for Iceman!

    The Y! has allowed me to showcase my art, as well as my website:

    It is from the encouragement of Iceman, and feedback from Class Comics’ Alexis that Ive developed my art, however meager it is. But I keep on trying.

    The Y! is a tremendous resource, and while not all-inclusive it does let you post and get feedback on your artistry.

    You keep up the AWESOME work though Patrick!! Love your stuff!!

  4. SpiritRaptor says

    Ah, I glad I have stumbled upon this blog :) Ill have to keep up and make sure I read it now and then. Its always nice to read about ongoings of other artists.

    I was thinking about joining YGallerys, just havnt got round to it as ive been busy with trades and such.

    Anyway, keep up the great artwork :)


  5. Hey There,

    MJR CHARLIE, That is a real bum rap you got there. Though I have never seen any of your work (and I would like to)I recon you were just too good for their sight anyway.

    If you can let me know where I can look at your work I’ll be there with legs in the air!

    I have to say though the pics you posted Patrick are nice, The first one of the Vampire boy is very Britdoodz and I do have a thing for cowboys – plenty of real life ones in Australia very sexy and as dumb as a plank of wood!

    Though I don’t know anything about the Y, It would be wrong for me to make a comment about it.

    But what I will say is that you have an eye for selcting the pics you post.

    And again to mjr charlie – I woulld really love to see your work.


  6. Charvolth says

    I’ve only been a member of Y!Gallery for a month, so I won’t take sides on the Furry issue, but it has allowed me to see some great artists.
    It has also exposed me to some pretty dark material, be warned to those who venture there.

  7. Alls I have to say is you were definetely right about being on there for hours. I’ve totally neglected everything else I should be doing. There could have been a nuclear explosion just now and I woulndt have cared because I was so wrapped up in that site. Thanx, man!

  8. Hello there,

    mjr_charlie – I am sad to hear that and I got the same impression of their website-admins. It’s a – forgive my wording – stupid move because although I don’t consider myself a true “furry fan”, there was loads of just amazing artwork at Y!-hosting.

    Nevertheless, I myself am a pretty “happy bunny” (=)) about the galleries themselves. I even got one of my olde pictures uploaded and received some feedback and made friends. That being said – it’s the community itself that sticks together, their administration seems a little strange at times.

    I have been registered there for about 8 or 9 months (dunno exactly) and I enjoy each and every visit there. Here is my profile

    Sorry for the shitty quality in my picture, I made it with crayons (right word??) and it’s ages old…

  9. MJR Charlie says

    Aww thats sweet Manny, thank you.

    You can find my work on ‘’.
    I think the search in disabled for a time, but if you manage to, find my profile ‘Kimahri45k’.
    (You have to make sure your own profile displays the right age or you can’t view adult content).

    Sorry if this seems like advertising Patrick. But I will recommend Furaffinity for any furry fan.

  10. Regarding the pics Patrick posted: Uhhhhhhnnnnng!

    Translation: G-man like! :)

  11. Hi Patrick!

    First post here and let me start off by saying what a huge fan I am.

    Y! is great. It’s almost like a treasure hunt of yaoi and gay art and also a great way of meeting friends. I have an account there myself (Hiroke) but have taken most of my work down ad I am currently redoing some of my stuff.

    I have to admit though that I do get jealous when I see some of the brilliant art. Just makes me realise how bad my art is! :-)

  12. Hello Folks…

    Wow… what door have I opened? LOL! I had no idea that this was going to be such a controversial issue, and though I try the best I can to make like the Watcher and only observe the goings on around me, I do have some thoughts on this particular matter.

    Charlie, I am very sorry for what happened to you at the Y!Gallery. I think it is truly a shame that they are no longer accepting Furry art, and the way you were dismissed after making a donation to the gallery seems very inappropriate to me. I truly feel horrible about what you went through. I do not know all the details, but I think you took the high road, and I congratulate you on your strength and on the manner you chose to handle the situation. You found another outlet for your art, and that is a wonderful thing. I had a look today at the Furry Affinity galleries, and had a very nice visit! It seems to be a very welcoming and encouraging environment for Furry artists and enthusiasts.

    I must admit however that I am somewhat confused. What constitutes Furry art? Forgive my ignorance in this case… I am simply not very familiar with this form of art. My understanding is that Furry art is the depiction of characters having animal heads but humanoid bodies. Is this correct? I ask because I have come across what I personally would consider Furry art on the Y!Gallery, as recently as this morning. So I am not certain if their decision was all inclusive or based upon a series of criteria that certain artists met.

    Whatever the case, it is unfortunate that you can no longer post your art there as you are quite talented, and all artists should be able to show their work. Good for you for overcoming this hurdle in the manner you did.

    Despite the unpleasantness of the Furry issue, I think it is important to note that the Y!Gallery nevertheless offers a wonderful service to a great many artists, some of who may not have the opportunity or the means to post their work otherwise. As several readers pointed out, it is a great place to discover said artists and their works, and for that, one cannot help but be grateful to the Y!Gallery’s operators for the service that they provide.

    As someone who loves discovering new talent, the Y!Gallery is like is a real treat because it houses the art of sooooo many gifted people.

    Gene Gray… Welcome to my modest little Blog. Glad you could stop by and say hello! Thanks you so much for the kind words! I am thrilled you enjoyed the posting on the Y!Gallery.

    I am a huge fan of Ice Man’s art and it was a real pleasure to feature his beautiful He-Man image on a cover. I checked out your site, and you are verrrry good yourself! I see we are fellow MOTU fans! HA! HA! HA! Keep up the great work, my friend. I look forward to seeing more of your art in the near future!

    Spiritraptor… A great big welcome to BTM to you as well! Your kind compliments were much appreciated! I hope you keep on checking back frequently. I really do try ot give you guys a little something new to have fun with on a daily basis! :oD

    Glad to hear that you have been enjoying the features so far! Take care and thanks again!

    Manny, you are too sweet! I really enjoy making the artwork selections for the articles I post, so I am thrilled to hear that you think I am doing a good job at it! HA! HA! HA!

    And yes, Cowboys… Mmmmmm! There is just something about a cowboy…especially the one that Absolutblue drew stripping on the stage. I dunno what it is about htat image, but I think it is way HOT! Keep smiling my friend!

    Charvolth… I know what you mean about the “dark material”. Some of the art there can get pretty extreme. I don’t mind looking and discovering, but sometimes, I just kinda skip over certain things. Again, I try not to judge, but some of the art isn’t always my cup of tea. But still, for every one of those artists I encounter, there are like 4000 that are really cool and whose work I adore! Thanks for the comment my friend!

    JC… I just hope your boyfriend doesn’t come after me for introducing you to the site! HA! HA! HA! Be sure to come up for air once in a while! LOL!!! Thanks for the comment, dude!

    Phrog… I am really happy you enjoyed the post, even if your dealings with the Y!Gallery admin folks was along the same lines as Charlie’s.

    Thank you for giving us the link to your gallery, my friend! It was lots of fun to see your wicked work. Let us know when you add more of your artwork. I will be sure to check it out again! Thanks for the comment my friend!

    Charlie… recommend away. This Blog is all about sharing artwork with one another, and giving people links to art sites is a great way to do that! I am glad you posted the link and I encourage everyone here to check it out! Thanks again for the posts, my friend!

    G-Man… HA! HA! HA! I will take the moaning and grunting as a good sign that you appreciated the artistic prowess of the artists whose work I posted along with the article! LOL!!!

    Hiroke… Great to hear from you. I am glad you could drop by and comment. My friend, I always say that as artists, we truly are our own worst critics. It is very important to keep on being positive about your work, but even artists who have been doing their art for years and are established in their own rights still have something to learn. You never know it all, and that is ultimately what makes it so fun. I think it is great that you are doing your art, and I hope you will continue to do so! You never know where it may lead! All the best to you, and please do keep me posted!

    Thank you all for taking the time to comment on this particular issue. I know for some of you it was not the most welcome site I have ever discussed, while for others it was a great discovery filled with cool art. I thank you all for your open-mindedness and appreciate your opinions and accounts.

    Much love to you all!
    Patrick XOXOX

  13. MJR Charlie says

    Thanks Patrick.

    In no way would I tell other artists to not look at Y!, because despite the rules the site moderators made, their are many great artists who’s work should be viewed.

    Now, Furrys, people have some different idea’s of what a furry is, so have even sadly confused it with bestiality, but its nothing like that.

    Its to do with characters, in this case male, who are furry and may have animal ferartures, like a lion guy with a human body. Think of Beast from x-men. Or Liono and the thundercats, they were classic furries.

    Its mostly characters who possess animal like qualities, but still are humaniod in appearance.

    One last thing, what they actully set up was a rule that people are no longer allowed to post characters that have things like Tails, Pointy ears, Muzzles, padded feet and claws. So this excludes almost all furries from the site.
    They did say that they would leave the furry work thats already on the site up, but no longer take any donations of furry art. Instead, they would put all the furry art into the ‘extra’s folder, like something needing to be quarantined.

    Its a shame cause I loved that site.

  14. There’s a lot of argument over “what constitutes a furry”. I don’t consider Beast of X-Men a furry, because even though he’s covered in blue hair, he’s still a human being. In fact, if anyone knows their X-Men, Beast was born without the fur and looked quite human in the early part of his life.

    The rule at Y!Gallery was made to exclude characters with traits like snouts/muzzles instead of a face, a sheathed knotted animal penis, or paws/hoofs instead of hands. Some “furry” characters are almost indistinguishable from animals, go about on all fours, and the artist usually employs distinct vocabulary when talking about them: “pawing off” for masturbation, “mounting” or “mating” and the ubiquitous “yiffing” for intercourse.

    Other characters may only have a few animal characteristics on a human body, such as the ever-popular cat boys. Either way, there are many “degrees” of furry and everyone has their own comfort level when it comes to dealing with erotic art featuring these kinds of characters.

    I have an idea, Patrick: Why not browse through FurAffinity and VCL and find some great Furry artists to showcase on your blog? The Furry community produces a huge volume of gay erotica and many people get a lot of enjoyment out of it.

  15. MJR Charlie says

    You know Patrick, although he’s humanoid in form, Camili cat does possess several aspects of what makes a furry, the tail, the muzzle, pointy ears.

    Make no mistake, Beast is a furry, countless Furry arftists would argue the point, myself being one.

  16. Hiya Charlie and Spubba…

    Thanks for the clarification on Furries. One thing is for certain, it really seems like the term Furry is up for personal interpretation. I respect both of your opinions, but have to confess that as Cam’s creator, I have never thought of him as a Furry. To me he is just a character of alien descent. I have no problem with him being regarded as a Furry by some, but I simply do not do so myself. Maybe it is just a case of the Furry art worl being still relatively new to me.

    Meanwhile, your suggestion on doing a posting of Furry art is well taken, Spubba. I will certainly do this in the very near future.

    Much love to you both, and thanks again for your wonderful comments!
    Hugz + Kisses

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