BOYTOONS MAGAZINE #12 – The Hot Men Of Street Fighter!

Well rounded and developed characters don’t just happen in comic books or on the big screen. They often happen in video games. From such rich mythologies, comics and movies often follow. Many a summer blockbuster has been spawned from universes we have often experienced first hand through the magic of our Xbox, Game Cube or Playstation consoles. We all have our favorites, but one thing is certain, a video game is NOTHING without characters rich in…well, character!

Allow me to discuss one of my two favorite games of all time: Street Fighter, by Capcom! Not only is this game the grandfather of all fighting games, but it has managed to endure and become a rich and captivating series in the past 15 years. In a world where soooo many video games promises greatness only to be gforgotten 2 seconds later, this is quite the accomplishment.

Most of us know the core characters from Street Fighter, Ryu, Chun Li, Ken and Blanka, to name but a few. And yet, all these years of playing the game, we have longed to know more about them. Certainly, the games do provide glimpses into the past of our heroes, and offer some insight into their varying personas, but nothing definitive seemed to really be available… or at least, EASILY available. Happily, over the past few years, a Japanese TV series was created and dubbed for North America, and several direct to DVD films have been released. But what has really been a wonderful addition to the world of Street Fighter is the comics, recently and brilliantly created by Udon Comics.

For those of you hungering to learn more about your favorite fighters, they are the best place to start! The art is always breathtaking, and seems to be created to have the look and overall feel of all the Street Fighter cartoons I have seen. The stories tend to dwell on the main core of characters, and big fans of Ryu and Ken will no doubt be thrilled at the attention these 2 have received in the comics. But second bananas are always afforded a look. For example, of the female characters, I have always favored Rose. Though her story has been brief to date, they have shed more light on the character. Of the male characters, I have always wondered about Charlie’s past. It was a real pleasure to find the first few issues of the series devoted to uncovering his origins.

All in all, great reading fun… but let’s be honest! The great characters are NOT the only reason we appreciate Street Fighter! These are a bunch of wonderfully designed and extremely SEXY players! The boys are always soooooooo hot! Who doesn’t like a Boytoon rippling with muscle and drenched in sweat!

I am always amazed at how much Street Fighter Slash one can find on the internet, or how much fan art depicts our heroes in the buff, often enjoying one another. And no matter how raunchy or extreme those depictions can be, there remains an underlying fact between each and every piece: the absolute love of these characters.

So while Street Fighter has yet to officially spawn an officially Gay character (to the best of my knowledge), we are all able to fantasize with depictions of Alex VS Ryu…or Cody VS Ken, if not in the original sense of the game! HADOUKEN!

PS — For you die-hard fans, check out the wicked cool GAMETAP site! This week is their official Street Fighter week! Get free comics and a whole buch of other stuff!

PPS — Our sexy pics of Ryu and Alex are by some of my fave unofficial Street Fighter artists, FMX and B.D.! Check out their sexy wares on their official website: Muscle Workshop! Our illustrations of Remy and Charlie are from the Capcom website!


  1. My brother has been a Street Fighter fan as long as I can remember. Those shots are awesome. My favorite was always Charlie (Nash), butthere were hot(!) ones. Zangeif’s bulge alone. M. Bison, Sagat, Gil, Urien. Just hot are.

  2. Lol, god this place is nostalgic!

    I definitely grew up on videogames like Street Fighter and the one thing I always hated was losing. Not overly competitive or anything, I just hated seeing Ken’s gorgeous face all bloodied up in the little post-fight sequence. Vega too.

    I’ve seen so many people suggest a Street Fighter vs Mortal Kombat game so they can finally settle the Ryu/Ken vs Sub-Zero/Scorpion debate, but I’ve always been more interested in a little Ken on Cage action, lol! Nothing beats seeing the characters you love finally getting a little love.

  3. Yikes, me fail English? That’s unpossible. LOL, I can’t type today.

  4. Charvolth says

    I remember many an afternoon lost to playing street fighter II during high school. I generally liked characters I could use well, fighting games were not my strong suit.
    I took to Cammy when the champion edition came out, not that her being so bouncy was a draw.
    I was also drawn to Vega, now that you could play him in that edition as well. I liked his depiction from the film even more because they made him more broad shouldered and muscular.

  5. SF has always come in at a close second to X-Men when it comes to my favorite fictional series. (You can only imagine my excitement when they actually came out with X-Men vs. Street Fighter!) But yeah, nothing comes even remotely close to the ingenius character designs of the Street Fighter series. It’s just such a shame 2D gaming has gone down the tubes. :(

    And also– I think the reason why there’s so much slash for SF (and other fighting games) is becasue I think the creators intentionally promote it. I mean– they never really deny it. I feel like they leave it open to interpretation because they know how huge their gay male fan base is. Take a look at this animated gif of Dudley’s bulge if you don’t believe me.

  6. Hiya Boys! Thanks for the great comments!

    It’s so cool to see that I am FAR from being the only SF fan out there, and I am really glad you all liked my little article!

    Yikes, Gymtwin! HA! HA! HA! Try typing with your fingers instead of your toes! I hear that helps! LOL!!!! ;) Meanwhile, it sounds like we both favor the same SF boys…. LOVE that Charlie!

    TJ, I agree with you that losing was always so hard on the SF games. I also did not like messing up all those pretty faces! I especially loved winning while playing with Remy, because some times he would strip off his jacket after he’d win! Mmmmmmmm….Remy….. ?

    Also, you’re right that it would be very cool to settle the whole Street Fighter/ Mortal Combat debate…although, I have to confess that for me there is no contest! LOL!

    Charvolth, Cammy rocks! I had a great time teaming her up with Storm in the Marvel VS Capcom games. She was a great heavy hitter and fast. So I’d use her to do a whack of sequential moves, and then when my opponents were almost done, I’d bring Storm in and WHAM!!! Typhoon! That’d do it every time!

    JC, my man! I hear ya! SF VS X-Men… wet dream come true for guys like us! Now if only UDON and Marvel would get together and do a comic version of that…. Ooohhhhh yeaaaahhhhh baby! LOL!!!

    And Dudley’s bulge…. Verrrry nice! You are totally correct! Stuff like that is done on purpose! God bless our Capcom friends! ;)

    Much love, fellas!
    Patrick XOXOX

  7. JodyPSchaeffer says

    Glad to see you love SF so much, Patrick. I always had a soft spot for Alex personally. :)

  8. Hiya Jodypschaeffer…

    Thanks for dropping by! Alex has always been one of the sexiest SF characters in my humble opinion. I think it’s the way he wears his overalls…verrrry HOT!

    Glad you enjoyed the post!

    Hugz + Kisses
    Patrick XOXO

  9. MJR Charlie says

    I loved SF when growing up, still love it today, I love to replay all the old games and next Gen street fighters. My fav characters have always been Guile, Blanka and T-Hawk, and I did always hope for the underlining chance that Guile and Charlie might be more then just war buddies.

    I also loved Rose, her crazy hair and pyschic powers and high shoes, I just loved playing as her.

  10. Good morning Charlie!

    Thanks for your comment! It’s cool to hear from another Rose fan…although how she ever managed to do battle in heels that high is beyond me! HA! HA! HA!

    Also LOVE Blanka! There was always such a cool comedic touch to that character…especially when he would get KO’d! Poor guy! LOL!

    Also, about Guile and Charlie… I am so with you there. If you check the links I provided with my post, you will see that there is a site that reviewed the top 10 most ambiguously gay video game characters ever. Looks like we’re not the only ones who think that Guile and Charlie might have had a thing going!

    Have a great day, my friend!
    Patrick XOXO

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