A Night out at the Movies!

Last night, Fraser and I took our friends Steven and Tamara up on an offer to accompany them to the remake of THE OMEN! I don’t know what was scarier: The film or the sheer amount of morons in the audience? That settles it! From now on, I am waiting for things to come out on DVD to view them. That way, no white trash can kick the back of my couch the entire time I am trying to enjoy the movie! Sometimes, humanity is a sorry beast! An audience can add to the success of a film, or detract from it! Sigh…

Back to the movie! Okay, I didn’t mind it, Fraser hated it! I think the highlight of the film for me is the part where the wonderful Mia Farrow goes postal, and runs around kicking and screaming like a banshee and wielding what appears to be a sledge hammer! Now THAT was satisfying… as was her death scene! SPOILER ALERT!!! She goes bouncing off the hood of a car like a bat outta Hell and lands, rather unceremoniously face down in the mud! SPLAT! CLASSIC horror goods! Not terribly lady like on Mia’s part, but terribly effective!

As you know I am a huge Horror flick fan. Now as far as scary stuff goes, the previous Omen films always left me somewhat sleepy, yet I always found the underlying themes to be quite frightening! Pitty our newest little Damien is such a Ham! The only thing that dreadful kid is bound to scare up is an onslaught of nasty reviews.

So the film ends, and after a brief but tasty stop at our local Tim Horton’s Doughnuts, Fraser and I returned home and were feeling quite wide-awake. Soooo…please get your minds OUT of the gutter… I decided to pick up my brand new Nightcrawler “The Devil Inside” graphic novel.

It would appear that demons were to be a part of my evening for still some time to come. It turns out that Nightcrawler has something in common with the lovely Linda Blair. Both of them have fought Pazuzu (and for those of you not familiar with Pazuzu, he’s a demon, not a European sportscar!)

I was completely enthralled by Kurts’ battle to save an innocent boy from being torn apart by the vile Pazuzu, as it tries to claw itself free from the confines of the poor kid’s body! WHAT?!?! No pea soup???

The art by Darick Robertson was wonderful. I was especially pleased to see that the artist had made an effort to illustrate Pazuzu in the likeness of the version depicted in the Exorcist films. I love it when Pop culture does a cross over! And plus, Pazuzu’s been working out! Gotta love that! ;)

The story written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa was great fun, and a nice departure from your typical X-tale. By the end of the final chapter of that particular story arc, I was satisfied that I had had quite enough demonic activity for one evening!

Content, I set Kurt down on my nightstand. I happily drifted to sleep and was plagued by awful nightmares, in which some redneck slob is chasing me around with a bucket of oily popcorn and an upside down crucifix. In the end though, Mia Farrow saved me by taking out the trash with her sledge hammer! Oy! I think it is best I not try to interpret that one too deeply!

Happy Saturday folks!


  1. Charvolth says

    I’ve learned its best to wait till after opening night to go see horror flicks, way too many noisy teenagers. However, you’ll still find some real stupid people at the movies, like the family who brings their three young children all under six to see ‘Land of the Dead’, ironically the kids were quiet, the adults weren’t.
    However, noting can top seeing films that are visual spectacles at a theatre.
    I’ve been curious to see how good the re-make of ‘the Omen’ was, I liked the original and the sequel with William Holden. I’ll probably wait till it hits a second run theatre, which will be a few weeks or days before being released on DVD.

  2. Hey Patrick!

    You are so right about wether an audience makes a movie a succses or not. But between you me and the cyberspace brickwall, if I like the movie as fas as I’m concerned it is a succses.

    People in the audience though are another issue. When I went and saw Detroit Rock City a few years back, a couple were having a very loud “quiet conversation” this was getting rather annoying until the boyfreind of the girl yelled out on top of his lungs, “You bitch! You’ve given me a dose of the crabs!” And got up and walked out scratching his crotch! Needless to say I pissed my laughing at that one.

    But the worst thing at the movies is when someone “Cut’s the cheese” or “Drops their guts” or to get straight to the point “Farts!” Now, I am known for laughing my balls of with a good fart joke, but there is a fine line between a fart joke and actually inhaling the vapourous fumes of one’s festering intestinal contents….

    All I can say is thank God for DVD’s!

    Licks & Chews!

  3. Hiya Guys…

    Well, yes. The lure of those really dazzling visual effects films will always be powerful. Certainly, X-MEN 3 was a MUST on the theatre screen! I guess some things we will just have to learn to deal with for the sake of a really great flick…Grumble…Grumble… ;)

    The Omen was fun so far as I was concerned, Carvolth. I think it is worth seeing. I too am a fan of the originals, and this one is certainly by the book… But I agree with you, kids under six do NOT belong at a screening of Land of the Dead! Can you say THERAPY BILLS later on in life?!?!?

    And Manny…the movie-goers you described are just… Ewww!

    Hugz + Kisses to you both!

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