NOT QUITE a BOYTOON…b-u-u-u-t… PART 2!

A few nights ago, I posted my illustration of Shaak Ti and a lot of you seemed to really enjoy her, despite the fact that she is obviously NOT a BOYtoon! Well, I suppose that is the beauty of running your own Blog… the fact that you can post whatever the HECK you like!

In the comments Phrog posted about my Shaak Ti entry, he mentioned that he is working on a site about the actress that portrays her, Ms. Orli Shoshan. He also mentioned that he would love to see Shaak Ti and a few other Jedi Babes in action…GOODNESS! These GIRLTOON fantasies! LOL!!! LOVE you Bi-Boys! HA! HA! HA!

Ironically, I was sifting through archived comic illustrations I have saved from the internet, and what do I happen across?!? An image of PHROG’s wet dream (or one of them at least!), created by the amazing Adam Hughes as a gift for his Yahoo Group members.

I am certain Mr. Hughes would not mind my posting this wonderful and very funny image here for all of you to enjoy!


  1. Beautiful image..but I’m laughing so ahrd at it. I love it.

  2. Good morning Patrick,

    thank You so much for posting that awesome picture of AH! He’s one of the most gifted artists on the planet when it comes to beautiful and buxxom babes =D

    Just to think of Yoda dreaming of these hot Jedi-Chicks makes me feel posting the now-infamous and still-legendary blog from lennongirl (I feel nerdy this morning again).

    My favorite quote:
    Obi-Wan: ‘Dear diary: Council today, boring as usual. But at least we got eye candy now. Mmh, Anakin.’


  3. I need to find a support group for that one! LOL

  4. Hello Nick, Phrog and Manny!

    How are you boys doing this morning?

    I am so pleased you liked the Jedi Women post! I ADORE Adam Hughes, despite the fact that he rarely draws men. But who can resist the mans’ talent and beautiful images. He certainly did my favorite Jedi justice in this image! :o) Plus, it’s really very funny! Great art and great humor! Great combo! HA! HA! HA!

    And Phrog, LOVED the link you gave us! Thanks so much! And the quote from Obi-Wan’s journal was HILARIOUS…and soooooo true! ;)

    Thanks again you guys!
    Patrick XOXO

  5. Hi Patrick,

    thank You so much for Your very kind words. I like that lennongirl-blog ever since she posted it and You’re right: Anakin is SUCH a babe =D =D

    Maybe a future combo? Cam and Locus trapped by Darth Vader who gets convinced by Locus’ cocksize to go to the gay side of the Force? =D =D

    Thanks again! You keep on rocking and scoring!! =D

  6. Charvolth says

    That was a cool pic, makes me think of the classic yoda line, “Size matters not…” Of the jedi-babes, I was more interested in the one who was the same race as that dancing girl who Jabba fed to the rankor in Ret of the Jedi, the one with the weird two tentacles off her head. The girls they got for those aliens had a great sensual quality, of course being a bit full figured and wearing low riding pants helped.

  7. Hiya Phrog…

    HA! HA! HA! The Gay side of the force! I LOVE that! :oD Thanks for the comment, Phrog! Glad you liked the pic!

    Hello Charvolth…

    I think that you are referring to Aayla Secura. She is actually present in the image, but the way AH drew her, with her head tentacle thingies wrapped up on top of her head, she’s just a wee bit tricky to recognize!

    Anyhow, I’m glad you enjoyed the image as well! And thanks for the great Yoda quote. It’s almost a Gay as Vader’s “I have felt him, my master!” HA!HA!HA!

    Hugz + kisses to you both!
    Patrick XOXO

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