So, here I am between panels on a page, needing a break from inking BIG TIME! So I figure I will check my email, and what do I see…?!?!

ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL RENDITIONS OF CAM EVER!!!! Accompanied by a very thoughtful message!

As you will recall, the fabulously talented Mike and his Boytoons were featured on the cover of BTM issue #6. He whipped this image of Cam up as thanks for the write-up I did on him and his work!

Look at the sheer BRILLIANCE this illustration was done with. The colors, the lines, the attention to detail is amazing! You can practically feel Cam writing around in pleasure…and HAPPINESS…

In his message, Mike wrote “The symbol to the left of Cam is the Japanese character for Happiness. I thought it was appropriate since your kind words filled me with happiness and Cam is obviously in a happy place.”

The man is a real sweetheart! :o)

Mike, you have made my day with this touching and thoughtful gift! I am so moved that you would take the time out of your busy schedule to draw a picture of Cam for me! I love my new kitty! Thank you soooooo much!

I hope you guys will love this image of Cam as much as I do, and if you haven’t already done so, check out Mike’s site! I’m telling you! HE IS FANTASTIC!

TEE! HEE! HEE! I am so giddy! ;) More from me shortly! XOXO


  1. Hi Patrick!

    This is HOT!

    One of the best renditions of Cam I have ever seen (apart from yours of course!)Mikeman – You know your stuff and you know how to please!!!!

    What I would give to be greated by Cam in that position everyday when I walk through the door – I love the look on his face, it just screams, “Yeah, you know you want it!”

    I have to tell you, this blog is taking up so much of my day, it’s almost like an addiction, I hate not checking every hour or so because I don’t want to miss a thing.

    BTW – Another parcel arrived for me in the mail today. In it was my “Eyes of Diablo” Black T shirt, Incubus coffee mug, Incubus tile box & Incubus coaster.

    I Officialy decalre that the first week of June every year to be “Boytoons Week!”

    I just can’t get enough of this stuff and I doubt I ever will! It can only get better from here.

    Bigger Licks & Harder Chews!

    Manny (_o_)

  2. Hey manny and good morning Patrick!

    Concerning Your post above mine: It’s damn addictive!! This blog, that is!! Youre right, it’s awesome to spend some time here – the art is more than precious and gorgeous, the folks here a incredibly cool and I get to hang out with my fave artist EVA!

    Fanboi alert? Damn right! =D

    On Mikemans Cam-rendition: IT’S SO PERFECT THAT I NEED TO WRITE IN CAPITAL LETTERS! Sorry, I had to get that off my chest… Seriously, Mikeman, this picture leaves me speechless. The pose is so perfectly depicted and the colors are incredibly gorgeous!

    Thanks for posting Patrick,
    thanks for drawing Mikeman!

  3. Hey Phrog!

    How’s things going?

    Yeah, it is great hanging out in here, chatting to each other and in a way hanging out with Patrick. He really is a special guy.

    When I discovered Patricks work a while back, I was in a real rutt. I didn’t like myself very much, I stopped drawing, didn’t believe in myself at all. I was surrounding myself with people who just bought me down, told me I was worthless and just basically used me for their gain. Then one day I did a google search for gay comics and stumbled accross Patricks work. What set his work apart from everyone else’s work was the fact that each character had a story behind them and they showed “humanity” on their faces. I read all the character bios, then I read Patrick’s bio. That wasn’t enough for me so I went and bought all the comics from a gay book shop in Sydney. I feel in love with each character Patrick brought to life. I found that while this was happening, I began to fall in love with myself again.

    Patrick & his work is very responsible for the healing process I had to go through and still am going through. I am a 36 year gay man. I was doing bars and clubs since I was 14, I saw all my friends die from A.I.D.S. I had no one left. I was lost and very alone. I plucked up the courage to move away from all of that, move away from the people who bought me down and made myself believe I was and never will be nothing. When I felt low, all I had to do was pick up a Guardians Of The Cube, or jump on Patricks website and it made me feel like me again. Patricks work reignighted the kid in me again, something that I thought I had lost forever, but now that I have it back, I know it’s something that no one can ever take away from me.

    I’ve started to draw again, I started to write again, I’ve started to love myself again, I’ve started to love again.

    I know this seems very deep and personal to share with people who read this blog, but I feel safe in here, I feel that like Patrick’s characters, I’ll find my way again. And I am finding my way again. But most of all I feel that I can share this with you all, because we wouldn’t be on this blog all the time if Patrick didn’t mean anything to us. Though I have never met Patrick, Fraz or Alexis, I consider them friends, and I hope that all the “Blog Buddies” can one day all consider each other friends.


  4. Hi Manny! Hi Phrog!

    You guys, thank you so much for the beautiful comments. I am so glad you feel comfortable here and that you enjoy sharing with myself and the other readers! :o)

    The Cam image just blew me away, and it moved me so deeply because it really was a gift from the heart from Mike. I was so proud to share it with all of you!

    Manny, I refuse to take all the credit for your inner strength! You are a REAL TROOPER, my friend! Good for you! I am very proud to know someone with your kind of courage! :o) XOXO Also, I like your official declaration! Thank you so much! It’s very fun! HA! HA! HA!

    And please, guys…no worries, okay! We are ALL fanboys here! I think that is why we all get along so well!

    Much love to you both!
    Patrick XOXO

  5. Dear manny,

    Your post shows that You’re a very gorgeous and a very brave person. I can honestly say I am deeply moved because of the things You wish to share with us and because of the wish itself to share these personal things with us.

    I feel deeply honored and I can seriously say I am moved. Thanks for considering me a “blog friend” and thanks for letting me/us share this personal moment.

    Patrick, You see, this is what happens with Your art: It brings people together and this is for a reason: It’s not only perfectly drawn and gorgeous, but Your drawings have also a very deep emotional side to them and we all love this perfect combination very much.
    So thank You for being awesome and for being who You are.

    You guys all rock my boat. Thanks for having me here.

  6. I love being on the ride with you Phrog, I’m sure it’s going to be a LOT of fun!


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