CAM’S big BLUE debut!!!

Issue #63 of Blue Magazine is coming out soon, and it has a little surprise inside for all you Camili-Cat fans. The publishers of Blue magazine contacted me a few weeks back and will be running my “Cam on the Beach” illustration!

I couldn’t be more pleased because Blue magazine is such a classy publication. It is an honor to have an illustration included in one of their issues… ESPECIALLY this one! I am thrilled because it is an image of Cam of course, but mostly it is because this image reminds me of my amazing trip to Jamaica many years ago. This has always been one of my favorite Cam’s, so needless to say I can’t wait for the issue to hit the newsstands. There are 2 different versions of the image. In one Cam is wearing a white bikini swimsuit, and in the other a blue one with white and gray flowers on it (shown here). I can’t say for certain which one the publishers will choose, but I’m happy with either!

The issue should hit the stores by the end of this summer.


  1. Hey Patrick!

    First: Congratulations on your Cam feature in Blue. We have a Blue magazine in Australia, I’m not sure if the 2 are tied in with each other though. Me thinks I will investigate! Without doubt, Cam WILL be a huge hit.

    You know, in a way Cam reminds me a little of Neelix in Star Trek Voyager, always searching for his own kind. And I guess he reminds us a little of ourselves, looking for someone to relate to. I guess that’s why so many people have taken him to heart because we know where he is coming from in that respect.

    Another admirable quality in Cam, is his boyish way of having fun. There was no rule book for him and he had to make it up along the way, another thing that reminds me that we all learn from experiences, Cam has certainly had more than his fair share. This represenation of Cam is a classic example of his fun ways and his eagerness to fit in, you have to love that about him, I know I do.

    You know what would be fun! Is to put together a list of Actors who would be perfect in playing out the Boytoon cast in a movie. Who would make the perfect N.J, who is devilish enough to be Incubus and father figure enough to play Diablo. etc.. Wouldn’t that be a blast to see them all up on the big screen?? The possibilites would be endless. My only concern is who would play School Girl? “EEEEKKKKKKK”

    I’m sure that Cam is going to be a huge hit in Blue, let’s hope that this is the first of many apprearances of the Boytoons Cast in
    this publication.


    Licks & Chews

  2. Hey Manny…

    You are too sweet! And you are also correct! The Blue magazine I am referring to is the one produced in Australia! BEAUTIFUL publication! :o)

    I liked your description of Cam, the way you talk about him searching for himself as much as for his kinsmen! You are right, many of us go through this sort of self-definition and I love portraying that in my comics. I feel it makes them something that perhaps readers can identify with a little more. As for Cam, I certainly feel it has helped to make him more “human” in many ways. Although, that boy needs to find the fun in a big bad way!

    Meanwhile, your suggestion of coming up with the ideal actors to play my characters is something I’ve toyed with before, but never seriously. I think I will have to rectify that in the next little while! It sounds like a great challenge for the Blog! To be continued!

    Thanks again for all your support!
    Hugz + Kisses
    Patrick XOXO

  3. Hello Patrick,

    here my 30 Cents: The reason I love Cam is simple: He’s a catboi and he looks marvelous! =D Sorry, I really am that simple!!

    I was watching the Flashmovies in Your portfolio over there at and I was wondering: My favorite picture of Cam must be the “Boy Pussy” one. He’s so innocent, stunningly beautiful and, thus, awesomely sexy in that picture. I really hope there’s gonna be a wallpaper with that pic in it… *bitschlaps greedy phroq!*
    But – after I saw the “Glam Pussy”-one, I figured that Cam must have gotten not only one (bellybutton) piercing but another one in his right nipple.
    Will we ever get to see him all pierced!?!?!

    As You must have figured out by now, I’m in nerd-mode today!

    All the best!

  4. Hey Patrick,

    Another great pic of Cam. This guy just looks like sex on legs no matter how you draw him.

    I’ve gotta admit though, all my favourite Cam pictures are from the 1-page strips you do. Not really sure why, it’s just the hottest I ever see him.

  5. Hey you guys!

    Thanks for the wonderful Cam appreciation-fest! LOVE IT!!! And so does CAM! LOL!!!

    Phrog, my friend…there really is no need to bitchslap yourself! I pride myself on being able to take requests… provided they are reasonable of course…and yours totally is! I’ll see what I can do about a BOY PUSSY wallpaper for you in the next little while! :o)

    Interesting thing about Cam, is that his peircings are magnetic, so they look good without actually going through the flesh! He has this thing about putting holes in his body…unlike Diablo or Incubus who like them real, and who’s motto is “the more (piercings) the better! LOL!!!

    TJ, it is so sweet of you to bring up the one-page strips! For me they are one of my favorite things to draw. They are kind of a quick Cam fix! LOL!!! Plus they never involve crazy plotting or hours of scripting. I just sort of let myself go “okay, what silly fun can I have today?”

    Fraser and I have discussed the possibility of collection the one-pagers into a book at some point, when there are enough of them, that is! I’ve also toyed with the idea of doing one-pagers with other characters at some point…so we’ll see!

    Would you believe the inspiration behind these strips is the old Hostess Fruit Pie ads from the comics I used to read growing up! The muse is a funny lady! LOL!!!

    Hugz + kisses
    Patrick XOXOX

  6. Oh my god, I totally missed out on this particular post, Patrick! Thanks for being awesome once again and taking my request seriously! =D =D =D

    All the best!
    Love & peace!

  7. My pleasure, Phrog!
    Patrick XOXO

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