And speaking of green…or SOON TO BE green….

I finished the inks on this Locus pin-up this afternoon, and boy I can’t wait to see it in color. The inks are very simple bu the color will really flesh him out! I’ll be sure to post it for you when it’s complete!

For those of you who do not know Locus yet, he’s a character I created back in 1992, for a series I was drawing at the time called Affinity. It was in Affinity that Locus met Cam, and well, you can imagine how the sparks… and, well…the man-goo flew.

When I concluded the Affinity series, I set Locus aside for a little while, and it wasn’t until Rapture #1 that I decided to bring him back. I have never seen a character endear himself to the readers of my comics as quickly as Locus has. In a single 10-page story, Locus warmed his way into the hearts of the fans! He had truly made a come back!

Fraser and I have often tried to figure out what makes certain characters more appealing to our readers than others. I think that in Locus’ case, it is that he is such a drastically different personality from our other Boytoons. He is gorgeous and Hot, and he knows it, and likes to remind people of this…A LOT! But in his narcissism, there is something so sweet and tender about him, and I think this is what makes him so desirable.

In any event, it is safe to say that Locus will be around for A LONG BLOODY time, and that I have many a sexy adventure planned for him in issues to come! In the meantime, enjoy the Inked version.


  1. Geez, so many updates today, lol!

    Awesome work again. One of the sexiest things about your work is the way all the characters just seem to be oozing pre-cum 24/7. It’s just so hot!

    On another note, I don’t know about everyone else, but I’ve been *really* impressed by the amount of time you’ve put into this blog since you started it. Aside from the frequent updates, the way you actually respond to all the comments from your fans (and the speed you respond with) just shows how dedicated you really are to your work, so thanks.

    Looking forward to the future installments of Heroes in Peril too (yum!)

  2. Good morning Patrick,

    this must be one of the best Locus-pics I have seen from You. By now, he has grown on me (no pun! Really!) and I totally adore and love him.
    Believe it or not – I love the look on his face the most! =D

    Oh, and what tj posted about the amount of time that You spend on this very cool blog in person: He’s right, we are all very, very grateful that You take time off from Your surely busy and hectic schedule to post here along with us.


  3. Green or not, Locus has such an innocent boyish look on his face that makes you just wanna take him under your wing and give him a huge bear hug. And he & Cam always look HOT together.

    Again, I agree with tj & phrog, When a person replies to your comments, such as Patrick does, I know from myside of the fence and so far away in another country, it makes me want to whatever I can to help see him keep his dream alive and well. He will ALWAYS have my uncondtional freindship and support.

    Big Licks & Chews!

    Sydney, Australia

  4. Patrick, ditto what the others have said in this thread regarding the impressive extent to which you’ve posted replies.

    In addition, the very fact that you’ve taken the time to post an in-progress image of yours such as this Locus one is proof of how much effort you’re putting into this blog.

    Thanks. :)

  5. Ooo, Locus always struck me as a sensual fellow. I love how you render his facial expressions when he’s in action! I love that mean, lean, green sex machine!

    Also, just to let you know, my website,, is finally operational… on 6-6-06! I just love that. XD

  6. Hiya TJ, Phrog, Manny, G-Man and Spubba…

    You guys, I am REALLY moved! You are just the freakin’ BEST! SERIOUSLY!

    You know, I think this Blog has been one of the most and rewarding things I’ve done in a long time. Sure it is a blast preparing the posts and creating some images exclusively for the Blog. It’s also great fun to feature some of my very favorite artists. But what REALLY makes this whole Blogging thing THE BEST is YOU! I don’t mean to sound corny, but it’s completely true. First thing I do in the morning is check my Blog because I love to hear from all of you. It starts my day off on such a positive and energized note…and it helps me to get into my work, big time!

    You have all been so warm and welcoming, and that means so much to me. It’s like I have discovered a bunch of new friends. I don’t know if you guys can ever really know how much it means to me that my art and characters are so well received by all of you! You are sharing in something that is as important to me as breathing, and for that I will always be very grateful!

    Some few years back, I had a NASTY and pretty SCARY run-in with a psycho fan. That kinda left needing to retreat for a while. I felt a need to remain in the background and just let my Boytoons do the talking.

    But this is another great thing you’ve all done for me. You’ve shown me that not everyone is a freak stalker and that I can come out and play and that it can be alright to do so!

    PLUS, it’s freakin’ cool to get to play together, isn’t it? I feel kinda like a kid chatting superheroes and stuff with all his pals! It’s bloody wicked! :D

    As for the amount of posts, well, I have to confess that it is also very healthy for me to take a few minutes throughout the day away from drawing or writing scripts, and come up with stuff I think you would all enjoy!

    You all have MY UNDYING LOVE and thanks!
    Hugz + Kisses
    Patrick XOXO

  7. Hiya Again TJ, Phrog, Manny, G-Man and Spubba…

    On a little PS kinda note,,, I am so glad you all enjoyed the Locus post in particular! I have mentioned before, Locus is one of my favorite characters, and I just find him soooooooo damn hot! I can’t wait for this image to be colored so I can share the final version with you all!

    I don’t want to come across as a big perv… (unless I’ve already done THAT of course!)…but one of my favorite physical aspects on Locus is his penis head! LOL!!! When I redesigned him for his big debut in Rapture #1, I wanted to give him a willy that was REALLY distinctive from the other Boytoons. Since he’s an alien, I thought, why not make it a bit on the elongated side. I find it makes him look alien but is still sexy enough to keep him from being ICKY! Maybe I am WAY TOO Pleased with this, but I have to tell you, when your job is drawing men’s privates all day, it’s a nice bonus to come up with ways to make them a all unique and different! HA! HA! HA!

    And TJ, about the pre-cum thing… HA! HA! HA! I love that you picked up on that! I think it’s pretty hot to see Boytoons dripping everywhere too…and it’s kinda become my thing now, that no matter who I’m drawing, or when or where, if his bits are showing, they should be dripping! LOL!!!

    It’s wonderful to read that Locus has so many admirers. Now it’s all going to go to his already inflated head… the one on his shoulders that is… but that is why we love him!

    Thanks again for your posts, guys! You ALL rock!
    Much Love,
    Patrick XOXOX

    PS – I’ve decided to re-work the inked version before the final colors are done. His nipples are bugging the crap outta me! It’s like the one on the right is all saggy and too low or something! That simply WON’T do!

  8. Hello Patrick,

    I fail to describe how I feel about Your enthusiasm concerning your fans’ views on Your more than awesome stuff. Being a Star Wars and Star Trek Nerd for a billion years by now and having visited alot of SW/ST-Conventions I most certainly know and understand how You feel about freaky fans, trust me. Things is, stalkers kinda destroy good relations for every following and honest fan, so these peeps kinda p$$$ me off although I’m not a celebrity.

    Well, this is my personal view: getting in kinda “direct” contact with my absolute favorite artist ever is the highlight of my day. I work as programmer and this work can get tedious at times, so checking in at Your blog is more than a great kickoff for me, too.

    Thanks again for being the most awesomest artist/guy ever.

    PS: Locus is Cam’s lover, so he simply CANNOT fail in terms of attraction! =D

  9. Hiya Phrog…

    You’re absolutely right! There are a LOT of freaks out there, but there are also really great people who are just passionate about thier love of something, and as you said, are good, honest fans!

    The Blog has been a great and comfortable way for me to get in touch with everyone. Email can be tricky, BECAUSE it can be very time consuming. I love the Blog format because as you said, I can add a little something new every day, and then you (and myself included) can all benefit from the posts and the interaction! I LOVE that!

    You guys ALL made me realize that 1 lousy FREAK shouldn’t keep me form being in touch with all of you good, honest people out there. I thanks you for that, from the bottom of my heart! :)

    So my fellow Star Wars and Star Trek Geek…have yourself a great day at work! And I am sure we will chat again soon!

    Hugz + Kisses
    Patrick XOXO

  10. Thank You so very much for this awesome website. I love it to death already!

    Can’t await Your next posting(s)! Have an awesome day and all the best (again)!!

  11. Charvolth says

    Finally got to see the pic, it was coming out as a ‘red x’, Locus has grown on me as well. I’m guessing his race is insectoid, but he also reminds me of a Falcon model decked out as a classic 50’s martian.
    I’ve voted for him a bit on the poll on the online store because I think he also has great potential as a solo character, his background and portrayal make him seem to have a dynamic enough personality for it.
    I’m very intrigued about the story in the new issue of Rapture

  12. Evenin’ Chavolth and Phrog…

    Thanks again for all the great comments. They are always much appreciated! :o)

    Charvolth, I loved your description of Locus! HA! HA! HA! I think you are pretty bang on! I think his attitude is probably what gives him that “Falcon stud” look.

    Also, it’s really great to hear that you voted for Locus on the recent Class Comics poll. As you can see by the percentage of the votes, for such a recent character, he seems to be quite popular.

    The story in Rapture #2 is one of my favorites in a long while because it sets Locus off on his own destiny. Before he seemed really tied to Cam’s past, but finally, I think he is starting to come into his own. Sure he still has ties to Cam…I mean they love each other…but the story in Rapture #2 really sets Locus up for a pretty big adventure of his very own! You’ll just have to wait and see of course… (I am SUCH a tease… ;) but I think it will be well worth the wait!

    Talk to you soon, boys!
    Big Kisses
    Patrick XOXO

  13. Hey,

    I’ve loved your work for ages now so it’s really nice to actually be able to talk to you about all your characters. You’re definitely not the only one who’s glad you started the blog, lol!

    Sorry to hear about that crazy fan too. When I was a kid my soccer coach had a pretty scary run-in with a stalker and her whole family just packed up left. Haven’t seen them since, so I can definitely understand how much an incident like that could just screw up your entire life. But you’ve kept going and your stuff just keeps getting better and better, so at least you didn’t let the guy win.

  14. Hey TJ…

    It’s wonderful to hear that we are all having fun when we come here. That was the definitely the point of starting this Blog! :o)

    Sorry to hear about your teacher. :o( It sounds like her experience went more out of control than mine did. Still, it was pretty scary, and I am really glad it is all behind me now! I appreciate your kind words and support!

    BIG Hugz + Kisses

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