I have been a HUGE fan of Nightcrawler ever since I first laid eyes on him. My family had just moved to British Columbia from my native Quebec, and we were staying with my Aunt Nicole and Uncle Mario for a bit, while my folks looked for a house to rent. One day my aunt Nicole gave me some pop bottles and told me to go over to the local corner store and exchange the pop bottles for some money. She said I could use it to buy candy. So off I went, and I think I got a whole 75 cents for my empties.

Just as I was about to go for the jujubes, I noticed a rack of what looked to me like illustrated magazines. Believe this or not, I had NEVER seen a comic book until then.

It was X-Men #160 that first caught my eye. I was 6 years old at the time, and I did not speak a word of English. On the cover was Nightcrawler and Storm, fighting alongside the other X-Men against the demonic Belasco! Immediately Nigthcrawler and Storm had me under their spell. Storm I admired from a personal Heroine point of view…but Nightcrawler…well, there was something about him that I only really started to understand when I got a wee bit older. Yummy! :o)

Still, Storm and Nightcrawler helped me to learn English. I wanted so badly to know what they were saying that it motivated me to learn to read in English almost twice as quickly as it might otherwise have happened. And they comics are trash!

To this day, Nightcrawler remains one of my favorite X-Man, and a character which I think is beautiful inside and out. Kurt, you are a heckova sexy Mutie!

Don’t you all love the cover to our second issue? Craig Hamilton is a fantastic artist. There is so much love in how he renders his GORGEOUS illustrations. He drew the image of my beloved Nightcrawler on the cover of Boytoons #2. Mr. Hamilton has a profile on the Prism Comics website and there you can get a little more info on this gifted artist, as well as see more of his amazing artwork. He also has some original artwork for sale for those of you interested.

Now if only I could get him to draw a Camili-Cat or Naked Justice….. ;)


  1. Ismael Álvarez says

    wow, awesome and hottie Nigthcrawler!!!!!!!, I’m very impressed!, i love it :). He’s and marvellous artist :).

    Take care sweetie :)

  2. Hey Ismi…

    I’m really glad you liked the Nightcrawler. Craig is an amazing artist! His stuff is certainly worth checking out!

    Kisses — Patrick XOXO

  3. Yeah, Kurt is a hottie– I had actually seen that drawing on his Prism page already– but had forgotten how much I liked it. Kinda peeved that they left Nightcrawler out of X-Men 3…

  4. An excellent rendering of Nightcrawler, to be sure. Very photorealistic.

    Speaking of X-Men 3 — which I found to be pleasantly surprising; I was really worried that the film would fall apart without Bryan Singer’s guidance — does anyone know why Nightcrawler was left out? I figured it was a combination of the filmmakers having too many new characters to deal with and the fact that Kitty Pryde’s abilities are very similar to Nightcrawler’s.

  5. Hiya JC and G-Man…

    I also LOVED X-Men 3 (MUCH more than I ever expected to!). Mostly I loved that Storm actually got to fly, and do some REALLY COOL stuff like throw lightning and look all powerful and menacing! It was awesome. I am no Halle Berry fan, and I’ve always said Angela Bassett would be my ULTIMATE movie-Storm, but Ms. Berry did a very nice job in this film. Plus she had some dialog that was actually intelligent…so I liked.

    Nightcrawler’s absence was odd, but if you want to know why he wasn’t in the movie, you can check out the official X-Men 3 video game that has just been released for every platform out there. The game was created by Activision and written by Zak Penn, Screenwriter of X3, and Chris Claremont. You can play as Nightcrawler, Iceman or Wolvie, and apparently the game serves to explain why Kurt didn’t appear in the film.

    I have not had the opportunity to play it yet (mostly ’cause you CAN’T play as STORM — BAD move on the creator’s part!) but I would be curious to get the Nightcrawler scoop!

    Hope this helps!
    Much love,
    Patrick XOXO

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