WOW! I thought that adding new posts would be fun, but you really have to check out the comments left for each post. It’s a whole other dimension to Blogging, and really cool!

Seems we have a few Naked Justice fans and some fans of Camili-Cat and Felicia as well…so here is a little gift for all of you!


  1. Thanks for showing the pictures. You’re so popular already. I <3 Naked Justice so much, did you see my drawing of him yet?

  2. MJR Charlie says

    Ooooooh, Thanks Patrick.
    The pic of Naked J having his nut sac twisted is fun, but the one pic/page I loved was that one for Guardians #3 where Ghost boy and Felix are finally having sex and Ghostboy is pulling on Felix’s balls well sucking him… Wow, amazing!

    The twist at the end of the last guardians plot really surprised me, after almost throwing up at the school girl scene of her focing Felix into her, and then… well, I won’t spoil it for anyone, its just the last scene that surprised me, and I hope Felix and Ghost boy find a way to fix it!

  3. Ismael Álvarez says

    Heeeeeeeeeeeeey Patrick!!!!!,

    awesome blog, my friend!!!!!!! :). I put a link on my weblog to you!: http://www.ismaelalvarez.com/diario

    By the way, i will send a mail about the refference illustrations ;). Chek please!


  4. Hey you guys! Thanks so much for the support! You all rock!

    Spubba: I just saw your page samples…and HOLY CRAP!!! You are amazing! The Naked Justice image is STUNNING!!! But gee…what a surprise! I mean you drew it after all and all your stuff is ALWAYS wicked! I can’t wait to see the final product.

    For all of you reading this wondering what the Hell I am gushing about, let me explain. Spubba has just joined us here at Class Comics and is currently working on an Incubus story for Rapture #2. And it is looking AMAZING…

    Thanks again for all your hard work, Spub…and for the warm welcome! :o)

    Charlie: I am so sorry, my friend. I really did not mean to make you toss your cookies! But if it is any consolation, Fraser tossed his too when he saw that page completed! LOL!! Although personally, I think it was about time that good ol’ Schoolgirl got herself laid! A girl has needs you know! And who better than to Naked Justice to fill them! Personally I ADORE the Schoolgirl. I think she is a really fun character…who will sadly only ever be appreciated by me from the looks of things! HA! HA! HA!

    But seriously, tough times are ahead for NJ and Ghsotboy… I can’t reveal too much but I think it will make for some interesting story telling. I hope they can survive it!

    Glad you liked the pics! :o)

    Ismael: Hiya sweetie! Thanks so much for the link! I really appreciate it!

    Sucks about the reference, though. I sent that a while ago! Sometimes I hate technology… email specifically! It feels like we send stuff off into the ether and just hope it gets to where it is supposed to get! BLAH!

    No worries, my friend. I will re-send today!

    Meanwhile, thanks again for the lovely message! Much love to you!

    Hugz + Kisses
    Patrick XOXO

  5. MJR Charlie says

    Can I ask something about your guys Patrick, cause your men are so arousing to look at, Naked J, Camili, Deimos, Diablo, their all so sexy it drives me crazy.
    What I’ve always wanted to ask is, how come when most of your guys are so smooth, Naked Justice has vertully no body hair, even his pubs are bare (which I like), how come if they have no public hair then they have thick armpit hair?

    Its just a curious thing I noticed, cause it goes with any guy, why do they have smooth bodies, smooth pubs, but thick underarm hair.
    I remember in satisfaction guaranteed, Dane was captured by the leather men, and had his whole body shaved except for his armpits. Do you like men with hairy pits? I’m just curious.

    Love. Charlie.

  6. Hey Charlie…

    HA! HA! HA! I love your question, my friend! :P

    Okay, so I think armpits are really sexy! I also find them really masculine. It’s kind of how I exaggerate the pecs, nipples, butts and of course, the penises. Armpits just have that erogenous zone thing going, so I like to make them more pronounced. Over the years, bushy armpits have just become a part of my drawing style.

    I love that you have such a sharp eye! Thanks again for your comments!

    Hugz and kisses,
    Patrick XOXO

  7. That image of NJ having his balls twisted up over the top of his cock is one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen. Thanks for re-posting it here, Patrick. :)

  8. Hey G-Man…

    There’s a very special NJ issue coming out soon…and lemme tell ya, his poor nuts and bolts get QUITE the work out on the back cover of that! Mwah-Ha! Ha!

    I can’t help it! I have this thing for the “Hero in peril” scenario! It is SOOOOOO damn sexy!

    You’ll see verrrrry soon! :o)

    Patrick XOXO

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